hey shadowphoenix here with another story here is chapter 1

Chapter 1

8:00 AM bus terminal

Here I am, all by myself sitting in the bus terminal cafeteria waiting for my bus to take me away yup that's right my parents are sending me away to a different boarding school than I am at woops I should say was at you see I got expelled I swear it wasn't my fault that the principal fell down the stairs really its not my fault don't give me that look... ok so I may have given him a tinybit of a push

Flashback 1 week ago

11:00 PM

"you got everything Shadow Phoenix?"

"ten four Black Robin"

"huh" Black Robin called back a sigh was hurd through the head seats that all 4 girls were wearing

"yes Black Robin I have everything, is it all clear Super Girl?"

"yea Shadow Phoenix were all good to go"

"sweet, Black Robin, Mouse , Shadow it's show time!"

"roger that Shadow Phoenix" all three girls chorused

all four girls crept stealthily towards a large building the one named Shadow Phoenix peered around the corner of a wall and then when she saw it was all clear she ducked down and rolled across the ground and started crawling she did a forward roll and came up into a crouching position and then stood up and ran around to the back of the building were the other three girls were waiting she smirked at the others of course they couldn't see it because of the balaclava that she and the others were wearing the were also all dressed in black pants and black turtlenecks Shadow Phoenix kneeled in front of a door dragging a black bag out of the bushes that she had hidden earlier she pulled out two small picks and stuck them into the key hole and started fiddling around with it a few seconds later there was a small click and the door swung open

"oh yea go Shadow Phoenix its your birthday" Mouse said Shadow Phoenix turned around and took a small bow "showoff" muttered Shadow before pushing past Shadow Phoenix grabbing the bag and entering the building ShadowPhoenix rolled her eyes before following after Shadow the other two followed they walked quietly through the halls until they came to the main staircase they walked to the top and gathered what they needed for the job they were gonna do they had buckets and trip wires plus a couple of containers of 'nasty stuff' which consisted of the most grosist and slimiest things they could find SP took off her balaclava and addressed the other girls

"okay chikas lets get this set up and get out of here before anyone comes"

"right ShadowPhoenix"

all four girls worked quickly three of them started to string up the buckets filled with the 'nasty stuff' while trying to not get any on themselves while SP worked on hooking up the trip wires on the stairs after about 30 minutes they were all done Mouse, Black Robin and Shadow stood at the top of the stairs while ShadowPhoenix stood about 4 steps down from them she turned so she was facing the other girls she laughed not noticing the shadowy figure creeping up the stairs behind her " they are not gonna know what hit them hahahahahahaha ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she screamed as someone grabbed her shoulder she turned and without thinking she kicked out at the person his arms wind milling backwards as he tried to keep his balance "p-principal Kelly" ShadowPhoenix stuttered out, surprised to see him she instinctively reached out her hand to grab him to steady his balance but as she reached for his wrists she tripper over her foot and pushed principal Kelly down the stairs and as the rhyme goes she went tumbling after, she broke her arm and it turned out that the principal had broken his leg in 3 places

End Flashback

heh did i say tiny?

I smiled sadly as I looked at my arm which was plastered up the the elbow in a blue cast which had pictures and signatures all over from all my friends at Barkley Prepatory I sighed and stood up as I hurd the announcement for my bus I headed out with my 50 million bags ok so it was only 7 but it felt like I had a million I'm a girl what do you expect I dropped my bags to the ground as the bus driver checked my ticket I smiled at him apologetically as he started to load all my bags onto the undercarage of the bus I walked to the back of the bus and sat down I got out my ipod and turned it on to the sounds of marilyn manson I sighed and rested my head against the head rest 'this is going to be one looooong bus ride I don't even know were I'm going sigh'

I woke up with a start and looked around confused for a moment but then I remembered where I was on the fricken stupid stinky bus going to fuck knows where, where I was going to meet my doom!

I saw the bus driver making his way down towards me I sat up and took out my headphones he smiled at me kindly "this is your stop kid good luck" and with that said he left me standing in the middle of nowhere with about 50 million bags ok I lied there were only 7 bags but that's not the point, I looked around me there was absolutely nothing around just a lot of trees and a dirt road about 5 meters behind me "good luck? Yeah right you bastard what the fuck's wrong with you, you can't leave me in the middle of nowhere what the fuck am I sposed to do come back you ass wipe" I yelled at the retreating bus

"ahem" I whirled around in surprise to see 5 faces looking at me in mid-air... believe me? Didn't think so but they were all wearing dark clothes so that's what it looked like I folded my arms across my chest and bended one knee cocking my hip to the side I raised an eyebrow "what the fuck are you all looking at and what the fuck do you want?" I saw all 5 faces look at me shocked expressions on their floating heads I death glared them until they looked away well except for 1 of them he had two toned blue hair lighter in the front and darker in the back, crimson eyes and pale skin which stood out against his black clothing

the teacher cleared his throat so I turned my death glare onto him he gulped nervously and looked at the boys nodded at them and then in my direction I raised an eyebrow as a guy with bright blonde hair and baby blue eyes stepped forward he waved as if I was on the other side of a football field and no communication would be heard "hi I'm max this is Tyson" a guy with blue hair and brown eyes stepped forward and waved " this is ray" a guy with cat like features golden/yellow eyes and long raven hair strapped at the back and bangs lightly hanging in his face and a red headband with the yin-yang symbol on it stepped forward and waved "that's Kai" max said indicating the two toned guy he just 'hned' and turned his back to me muttering that this is a waste of his time I narrowed my eyes my anger rising

"a waste of your time?" I said icily he turned back to me "Ha more like a waste of my fucking time I don't wanna fucken be here I'd rather be in my hometown with my friends than in some place in the middle of fucken nowhere" I half turned from them muttering "its not my fault i pushed the principal down the stairs he shouldn't have snuck up behind me at midnight at the top of a staircase" they all stared at me "you did what?" I turned to the blue eyed blonde named max "I did what now?" I repeated calmly back he scrunched up his face all confused I turned to the teacher glad to have them not asking anymore questions "are we just gunna stand here all night or are we gunna go?"

"oh yes of course my apologies" I picked up my bags with some difficulty and followed the old guy "here let me help you" ray said trying to take some of my bags I death glared him "NO! Who the hell do you think I am? I'm not some weak pathetic girl who needs a big, strong, man to carry everything for me got it!" I stormed off after the teacher three of the guys looked at each other "geez she sounds like Kai" Tyson said
Kai glared at him and followed after the teacher and the girl.

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