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Chapter 5

i sat up and wiped the tears off my face 'why did he have to haunt me now of all times when i was just starting to fit in and feel welcomed why does he haunt me so'

i walked into the bathroom and washed my face i locked the bathroom door and then turned the shower on i hoped in once i had shed my clothing i let out a sigh as the hot water ran down my body relaxing me i washed my hair and the rest of me before getting out and wrapping a towel around my body and one around my hair i walked through the door into my room and dressed in a pair of baggy track pants and a long tee i pulled my hair into a loose bun and excited my room everyone turned to me

"are you ok?" i nodded at ray

"just something i would rather forget" i saw them all nod bryan was still flicking through the channels i went and sat back on spencer he placed his arm around my waist again i laid my head on his shoulder

i shivered as it had gotten colder

the sky turned a darkened grey/black thunder clouds rolled over as it started to rain ok that was a lie it started to bucket down we all stared out the window at the sudden change in the weather

"well that is really quite unexpected" someone said from the other side of the room i stood up off of spencer and walked calmly to the window transfixed on the rain

i stood at the window feeling lost i was in some sort of a trance the rain seemed to fascinate me it captured my attention i couldnt look away i idnt really know why this was happining to me or how it was happining but i felt a great surge of energy swell up in me i grabbed my head with my hands and sunk to the ground i cried out in pain

it felt like there was something pushing against my skull trying to get out the pain kept coming in waves never ceasing i thought that my skull was gunna burst i kept seeing darkness and then flashes of bright light red orange yellow weird shapes too

it was strange even though my eyes were tightly squezzed shut i could still somehow see everyone around me i could feel the slow and steady beat of my heart which made me even more confused than i already was

i screamed as everything dissapeard it was like all the lights just suddenly went out i couldnt hear anything but the beating of my heart and the slow beeping of... something?

I opened my eyes they were soon squezzed shut as bright light hit them

"urgh" i opened them again only this time more slowly i lay there blinking stupidly for a few seconds before my eyes adjusted to the light i looked to my right and saw some strange maching thing that was attached to me by a wire a turned my head to my left and saw bryan, spencer,tala and kai? Ok

i sat up slowly looking at each guy they were all asleep well except for one my eyes locked onto crimson eyes he stared back never moving only blinking

we were locked in a trance i dont know how and i dont know why i dont really care all i can see is his eyes and thats all that matters isnt it?

My head snapped to tala as he shifted slightly in the chair he was sitting in he opened his eyes and winced as the bright light hit him i had to laugh his head snapped to me he broke out into a huge grin

"your awake" he practically ran over to me and jumped onto the bed he gave me a huge bear hug by then bryan and spencer had woken too they both smiled at me

"glad to see your awake kid" i glared at bryan for calling me kid which soon turned into a frown

"what do you mean by that?" i watched as all 4 guys looked at each other

"what?" i saw bryan take a step closer and sit on the side of my bed

"you've been out for about a week now" i stared at him not believeing and waiting for them to crack a smile and yell GOTCHA!

'this cant be true there all lieing' tears formed in my eyes and i hastily brushed them away not wanting them to see me cry

"i dont believe you" just then a doctor came in

"ahh you are awake miss maddigan we were quite worried when you did not wake up after 3 days" i just stared at him not believing

"what?" i saw bryan ans spencer walk over and talk to the doctor in hushed voices i glared at them hearing my name a few times

"HEY!" they all looked over at me

"when can i go home?"the doctor picked up my chart and looked through it

"today there doesnt seem to be anything really wrong all the tests came back clear but if you have any dizzy spells or any faining you should come back here for a check up and i will see you in 6 months"

after the school had signed and the paper work we were brought back to the school i entered my dorm only to be tackled to the ground by the pink fairy floss who was crying i akwardly hugged her back she was openly sobbing on my shoulder now

i looked over to ray silently asking for help he stepped over to us and gently pried her off of me bryan helped me up and pretty much carried me to the couch

i was sat inbetween mariah and hillary i felt some strange tingling sensation in my fingers i felt my face flush

'no no please dont let me have to go back there'

as soon as it had come it had gone and i felt fine i looked at hillary out of the corner of my eyes she was sitting comfortably restind her head on her hand which was resting on the arm of the couch her gaze was directed at the TV some movie was playing i then looked out the other corner of my eye at mariah or the pink fairy floss she was in the exact same pose as hillary eyes fixated on the screen i then flicked me eyes back to hillary and then again back to mariah i felt figity for some reason i decided to see what had captivated there attention so

i turned my gaze to the tv to find that it was off i looked around at everyone else they were all staring at the blank screen

the door opened and in walked kai he stopped dead in his tracks and just stared at the scene infornt of him he walked towards the tv and stood infront of it no-one moved well accept for me

his gaze snapped to me

"whats going on?" i looked at him

"i havent the foggiest" i replied calmly abit to calmly his eyes narrowed and i saw his hands start to glow my eyes widened he must of seen my expression cause as soon as it had happened it had dissappeared and it was like i had imagined it

he walked over to me and grabbed my wrists he yanked me upwards and out of the room as soon as the door was slammed shut i snapped out of my initial shock i ripped my hands from his vice like grip

i rubbed them slowly trying to get the flow of blood back in them

"what the hell kai?" he didnt say anything just grabbed my upper arm and this time gently pulled my along to a door not his he opened the door and that was when i saw a bunch of people that had obviously passed out

i turned my attention onto kai

"what the hell is going on?" i saw him shrug i looked at him confused i had to think 'what happened its like everyones...everyones what? I feel like i dont know anyting anymore i cant think i cant concentrate' i felt my mind zoning out i didnt even fell my body hitting the ground

i felt myself rocking like i was on some boat it was getting harder and more violent i blinked and suddenly found myself looking inot kais chest i slowly raised my head and met kais crimson eyes he looked... worried? Concerned? I shook my head to clear my thoughts

i felt kais slip his hand into mine and gently pull me up off the floor i stumbled into him he barely kep his balence obviously not prepared for that

"sorry" i stated he nodded once i walked out of that room and back into my dorm i looked around to see mariah, ray, max, miriam, tala and bryan all standing in a group looking scared and confused there gazes snapped to us as we walked through the door i saw them all sigh in relief

"where were you two we woke up and found everyone like this and then we realised that you two wernt in the room and we didnt know what had happened"

i looked over to ray

"well truthfully ray we have no idea what has happened and kai was just showing me that they arnt the only ones like that" i said nodding to everyone else who was still staring at the tv screen unblinking

"uhm do you think that we could maybe get out of here thats kind of freaking me out" the others nodded as well kai led up into his dorm room i stood up

"ok we need to figure out whats going on first and then figure out why we are the only ones not in some sort of trance or unconcius"

i started to pace as i saw the others nod

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