Chapter 1

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Wow, life really throws you sometimes. Me and David were just sitting there watching TV when we saw it.


" Shocking news from the White House. Thepresident has just been severely injured in another assassination attempt.The presidentwas arriving at a press conference to talk about the recent riots in Washington D.C when he recieved 3 bullet wounds to the chest. We'll update you as we know more."

"OH MY GOD!" I shrieked, which brought Theresa, Rebecca, and Lucy running

"What, What?" Rebecca asked.

"The president has just been shot!" I yelled.

"Nombre Des Dios!" Theresa screeched.

"Oh my God!" Lucy said.

I looked over at David, who had gone completely pale. He had a vice-like grip on the couch, and he was staring straight ahead. I reached out and touched his arm and he jumped, like he just noticed I was there.

"We have to go to the hospital!"


When we arrived to the hospital we showed them our I.D and went on through. As we walked down the hall, we saw David's mom, the First Lady, sitting in a plastic chair, head in her hands.

"Mom!" David called and ran down the hall to her. When he reached her, she looked up, and, without a word, swept him into her arms and fell apart.

"It's all my fault." she sobbed into his shoulder."If I hadn't had pressed him into going to that conference..." her voice trailed away, and she just cried.

"Mrs. First Lady." a shy doctor came up and said, "we have some news about your husband.


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