File Number 867-0132

Name: Ricardo Carlos Mañoso (Ranger)

Age: ---

Rank: Ranger, SEAL/ARMY

Location: East Coast

Status: Temp. Civilian

Current Occupation: Business owner/Manager

Team Members: LB(867-9965), Tank(867-1543), Brown(867-0032), Santos(867-4432), Dart(867-5643), Das(867-9376)


RangeMan HQ. Scary place to those who don't wish to be there. All of those beefed up; testosterone filled mountains of men who work there can scare anyone "shitless." For Stephanie Plum it was a perfectly normal part of her day. Every weekday she would run searches and files for the guys, who were now like brothers to her, and every so often she would see the impressed and slightly skeptical faces of future clients.

Today was one of those odd days, where she got to sit in on the meetings discussing what services RangeMan can and would offer. She tried to look alert and interested but she couldn't help but get bored almost right off the bat. She was doodling on her little notepad and nearly jumped out of her skin when there was a knock on the door.

She looked up to see Hal pop his head in the door. "Sorry to interrupt but there is a very important phone call that can't wait, sir." If Ranger were from the burg he would have sighed and rolled his eyes. But seeing that his isn't he nodded, said his apologies and left. Steph soon found all the eyes focus on her. She gave everyone a small professional smile and went back to doodling on her notepad.

She ignored the men in the room for about ten minutes until the got her attention. "This is hardly impressive, leaving us here for so long. Can you continue?" Steph didn't bother to get out of her chair. She shook her head,

"I am not privileged to come to agreements with potential clients. I will, however, say that Mr., Mañoso does not leave anything incomplete for long. The delay, I assure you, is for a very practical and important reason." Having stunned the men with her little speech she went back to her pad but this time questioning the particle reason. She didn't have to wait too long because Hal soon returned motioning for Steph to join him.

"What's up?" She asked him once the doors were closed.

"Ranger, Tank, Lester, and Bobby have an emergency meeting they need to get to. I have strict instructions that you are not to leave the building at any time until he says other wise." Hal said.

Steph sighed but nodded. Hall looked taken aback. "Can I at least know why?"

Hal watched her for a moment. "One of our skips, one you did a nasty distraction to get, has gotten a hold of yours, Rangers and companies information. They've pulled a revenge tact and they have had to meet a contact for more information on the situation. This could get pretty bad."

This was more then Steph expected to get out of Hal but wasn't upset with the outcome. She nodded and headed back for the board room. Before she entered she asked, "And should they reschedule or will we call them back?"

"Give them one of our cards and say we have had an incident with a fellow client that needed our attention. If they want they can call but most likely we'll be the ones calling them." She nodded and relayed the message. The men didn't take it very well.

"I don't think a problem with another client is a good impression to send us. This is defiantly not what we had hoped for. We'll call tomorrow when this whole ordeal is over and reschedule." Steph just nodded and shunned them out. Once she was done with that see went into Ranger's apartment, which he was allowing her to use, to wash up and change.

Now that she was on lock down she would have to send someone for her clothes. There was no way she was going to live off of the three sets she had with her.


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