Chapter 4: Danny's Challenge

As the two Dannys were fighting Vlad Plasmius who overshadowed Superman and Walker who overshadowed the Green Lantern, Danny was having some trouble fighting the two overshadowed superheroes.

"This is just wonderful" said Vlad, "I get to use Superman to waste you."

"And ditto with the Green Lantern" said Walker as he readied the Lantern's ring.

"You won't get away with this" said Danny.

"But I think we already have" said Vlad as he used Superman's red beams from his eyes to zap and destroy the second Danny clone.

Danny then fired another ghost beam at Walker and Vlad, but Walker used the Green Lantern's ring to form a shield around them. Vlad then launched his fist at Danny, sending Danny flying toward the wall of the hangar. Danny managed to recover from the attack and fired a large ghost beam at Vlad, managing to knock Vlad right into Walker as he was flying toward him. Walker then used the Lantern's ring to fire several more green beams at Danny, but Danny managed to go intangible right before the beams could hit him.

"Face it" said Danny as he became visible again, "even with overshadowing the two most powerful members of the League you still have no chance of beating me."

"That's where you're wrong Daniel" said Vlad as he signaled the overshadowed technicians to be at his side, "I have an entire army ready to take you on."

"So what?" asked Danny, "I can take these people on."

"Ah yes" replied Vlad, "but when they place their special suits on given by the League they will be quite troublesome for you."

Suddenly the technicians whom were overshadowed by Walker's henchmen had placed on their suits given by the League and were ready to battle Danny.

"This could be a problem" said Danny.

"Tear him apart" said Vlad to the overshadowed technicians.

The overshadowed technicians launched their attack against Danny. Danny tried to dodge some of the punches, but he was knocked down by one of Walker's henchmen. Danny then decided it was time to go invisible and take out two technicians from the suits they were in and fired a ghost beam at both of them knocking the two henchmen out of their bodies. Danny then got out the Fenton thermos and started to suck each of them into it. The other technicians who were overshadowed saw this and charged at Danny. Danny the used his ghostly wail against the oncoming overshadowed technicians and the shockwave damaged the suits that they were wearing. Danny then raced toward each of the overshadowed technicians and took them out of the suit and fired a ghost beam knocking Walker's henchman out of the body and sucking it into the Fenton thermos.

"This is getting old" said Danny as he floated right in front of Vlad and Walker, "I thought you two were going to do something new."

"I was punk" said Walker as he used h is ring to form a chain around Danny's waist.

Walker then used the Green Lantern's ring and started to body slam Danny right and left into the ground. Danny then went intangible and manages to free himself from Walker's grasp. He then fired a ghost beam at Walker, but Walker formed a shield around him like before. Vlad then decided it was time to throw some good punches at Danny. Danny couldn't see what was coming as Vlad gave a good punch at him, knocking him right toward the wall again. Danny felt weaker from that attack as Vlad was finally getting into feeling Superman's powers.

"This time Daniel" said Vlad, "you won't be able to harm me, and this time you shall fail in your attempt. You may have succeeded in sucking in Walker's men along with Skulcker in that thermos of yours, but you will never get me out of Superman or Walker out of the Green Lantern."

"I might be able to help" said a voice.

As Vlad turned around he noticed the Flash standing near the entrance of the hangar with two Specter Deflectors in his hand.

"It's about time" said Danny as he recovered from the attack.

"Just how is this fool going to aid you?" asked Vlad.

"Let's just say I'm as fast as Superman" replied the Flash.

"Oh really?" asked Vlad in an astonished voice, "I would like to see you try to place one of those Specter Deflectors on me. Come on, I dare you."

"Okay" said Danny to the Flash, "you heard him."

"Right back at you" said the Flash.

Before Vlad or Walker could notice, they both had Specter Deflectors around their waists and they noticed the Flash was at Danny's side. The Specter Deflectors then shocked both Vlad and Walker with great pain and they were then kicked out of Superman and the Green Lantern's bodies.

"What just happen?" asked Superman, "And what's this strange belt?"

"Yea" replied John Stewart, "I would like to know that as well."

"We'll explain things later" said Danny.

"Good thing we came here just in time" said Tucker along with Sam as he threw the ghost grabbers to Superman, "you may want to use these."

"What are these?" asked Superman as he placed them on his fists.

"For grabbing ghosts of course" replied Danny and then he pointed to Vlad and Walker, "and these two were the ones who overshadowed you and caused much damage."

"Uh" said Vlad as he and Walker were backing themselves up to a wall, "no hard feelings right?"

"Right" replied Superman.

Superman while using the ghost grabbers gave Vlad a good punch and Walker another good punch. Vlad then decided it was time to split himself into four separate Vlads. The Green Lantern then used his ring and formed a shield wall against Superman as the four Vlads began to fire ghost beams at him as he was walking toward them. The Green Lantern then used his ring and fired several green beams at the three Vlad clones, destroying each one as they attempted to come toward him.

"Oh butter biscuits" said Vlad as Superman grabbed his sleeve and raised his fist and gave Vlad a good punch sending him right out of the Watch Tower.

As for Walker, he knew his time was up, and Danny took out the thermos and sucked Walker right into it. Superman then gave the Fenton ghost grabbers back to Tucker and Sam and turned to Danny.

"So you're the new team member of the League I have been hearing about" said Superman.

"I have never seen any new member of the League take out any of Luthor's men like that" said John Stewart.

"Welcome aboard the Justice League" said Superman as he shook Danny's hand.

"The pleasure is all mine" replied Danny.