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Chapter 38: Found and Lost

"How could you even consider this?" Boromir practically yelled as he paced the floor of their chamber in Minas Tirith. Ellethwen sat in a chair quietly working on her embroidery board. "Ellethwen," he said as he moved over and took the board from her and sat it on the table. She looked at him indifferently.

"Boromir, you are blowing this completely out of proportion," Ellethwen told him calmly. "She is eighteen years old. In eight months, she will be nineteen. We cannot keep her under our wings forever," Ellethwen said as she stood and took Boromir's hands in hers. The aged face of her love looked down at her and she could see the slight pain in his eyes.

"She is so young, Ellethwen," Boromir said as he squeezed his hands. "Dallin is not even married, why must our daughter begin a courtship that we both know will end in marriage?" Ellethwen smiled at him and shook her head.

"She is young, my love, but we were young once. I was only two years older than Melda when you started to court me or have you forgotten in your old age?" Ellethwen asked him softly. Boromir sighed and pulled her close.

"I have not forgotten, but she is my little girl," Boromir said in her hair.

"She is not so little anymore, Boromir," Ellethwen said into his chest. Boromir sighed again and kissed the top of his wife's head.

"I know, but I do not want to let her go." Ellethwen pulled back slightly, remaining in his arms but looked up at him.

"I do not want to let her go either, but we cannot keep her forever," she told him softly. Boromir leaned in and rested his forehead against Ellethwen's.

"But must we let her go so soon?" he asked and Ellethwen laughed softly.

"We've had her for almost nineteen years; I think it may be time to let the world see how wonderful she is." Boromir lifted his head and nodded.

"Perhaps you are right," Boromir said softly. "However, I will ensure they are chaperoned."

"We were not chaperoned," Ellethwen told him.

"True, but we had no one to chaperone us, and I knew I would do nothing to shame you," Boromir said. "Plus, Eldarion may be a prince and the son of my closest friend, but I do not trust any man with my daughter." Ellethwen laughed again and shook her head before she raised her hands to her husband's face and pulled his lips to hers. She kissed him deeply and pulled back from him.

"I love you all the more for allowing our daughter happiness," she whispered.

"Our daughter has you and those eyes I can never say 'no' to, to thank for that," he said softly before he kissed her once again.

Two years later, Ellethwen stood looking at Melda who was being hovered over by two maids who were readying her for one of the most important days of her life. The maids stepped away, bowed and quickly left the room. Melda took a deep breath and turned to look at Ellethwen.

Melda was dressed in a beautiful white and silver gown. The silk material flowed over her form beautifully and Melda seemed to glow. Her long dark hair was down and small braids were scattered about, and white ribbon had been braided into her hair.

"Mama, why am I so nervous?" Melda asked softly as her dark blue eyes met her mother's light eyes.

"Because today you become more than a lady of the court," Ellethwen told her daughter calmly. "Because today you become a princess, and you marry the man you have loved for so long." Melda gave her mother a small smile. A knock sounded and Ellethwen turned to the door. "Come in!" Ellethwen called. The door slowly opened and in walked Boromir, much older, but he still walked tall into the room, dressed in his best Gondorian uniform. He paused and smiled as he looked at Ellethwen and Melda.

"My daughter," he said slowly and Melda smiled as she rushed over to him. "You look beautiful, just like your mother," he said softly as he touched Melda's cheek. Melda blushed and met Boromir's gaze.

"Do you think Eldarion will think me as beautiful?" she asked and Boromir chuckled as he lowered his hand.

"Aye," he said softly as he glanced at Ellethwen, who was dressed in a simple dark blue gown, before he looked back at Melda. "If he is anything like I was when I was wed, the only thing in the room he shall notice will be you coming forth to stand with him. However, I ask you to remember that for as long as I draw breath on this earth, you will always be my little girl." Melda hugged her father and Boromir returned her embrace tightly. Ellethwen walked over to them and put her hand on Melda's shoulder. The pair broke apart and Melda, with tears in her eyes looked at her mother.

"It is time, my dear," Ellethwen said softly. Melda nodded and Ellethwen looked to Boromir with a smile. "Do bring her out, my love," she said softly before she kissed his cheek. "Do not try and whisk her away to be your little girl forever." Boromir smiled and caught her lips briefly as she pulled away.

"I promise I shall do my best to lead her to the main hall," Boromir said when he pulled back. Ellethwen smiled and nodded her head. With one final hug shared with Melda, Ellethwen made her way into the waiting hall.

Ellethwen laughed as Boromir led her about the dance floor to an upbeat song. Boromir chuckled and looked down at his wife with a smile. Once the music came to an end, Boromir took a deep breath and put his hand over his chest. "I think you need to get some air," she said as she linked her arm with his and led him down the corridor and to the garden where he had danced with her for the very first time all those years ago. As they stepped outside and took a deep breath of the cooling early September air. "Do you feel alright, Boromir?" she asked softly and Boromir looked down at her. She could see his grey eyes sparkle in the moonlight and he smiled.

"I feel fine," he said quietly. "Although I gave a piece of myself away today." He paused and looked out over the city that had come a long way from the crumble it had been after the war. It had been restored to its former beauty and even Pelenor seemed more lush and rich than it had before, and Ellethwen thought it was because of the blood that had been spilt on the land all those years ago. "She looked beautiful."

"She did look lovely," Ellethwen agreed as she laced her fingers with his. Boromir raised her hand to his lips and kissed her knuckles.

"I did not lie when I said she looked just like you," Boromir told her as his eyes caught hers. "Looking at her brought me back to the day I saw you walking towards me, all those years ago." Ellethwen looked up at her husband and felt tears once again well up in her eyes. He had been ill lately, and she worried that she was losing him.

"It was not that long ago, Boromir," she said softly as she raised a hand to his face. Boromir closed his eyes as her warm hand touched her face. His eyes slowly opened and he saw her smiling eyes looking up at him. He took her hand from his face and pulled both of her hands to his chest and held them close to him, over his heart.

"When I was young, I did not think I would find what I found in you, Ellethwen," Boromir told her softly, but in a firm tone. "I believe that from the first moment I saw you that I loved you." Ellethwen smiled and tilted her head.

"You mean the time you scooped me into your arms after I had collapsed from you knocking me unconscious?" Boromir chuckled and nodded his head.

"Yes, then," he said as he squeezed her hands. "From the moment your eyes met mine before you fell unconscious, I believe my heart was lost to you. You were all I thought of when I went off to battle. My driving force was no longer just the restoration of Gondor's standing, or just protecting my people. It was protecting the city and land for you, for the future I wanted to share with you, for the hope I saw whenever I looked in your eyes. You know that I will always love you, even when I join my forefathers in the beyond." Ellethwen sniffed softly and nodded her head; her emotions were on a whirlwind that day. Giving her daughter away and now standing in the garden that she had first realized that she was beginning to love the man that held onto her were bringing emotions to the surface once again.

"I know, Boromir, I know you will," she whispered and he raised her hands to his lips and kissed her knuckles again. "You are not planning to leave me, are you?" Ellethwen asked in a small voice she had not heard herself use for so long.

"No, not for many more years," Boromir said. "I just wanted to you to know that you helped me find a piece of me that I thought I would never find." Ellethwen smiled and freed her hands from his and threw her arms around him.

"And you helped me find a piece of me that I thought I would never find, Boromir," she said into his neck. "You showed me that love is a very powerful thing and that not even war and distance can break it." Boromir wrapped his arms around her and kissed her very slowly graying hair. The pair remained on the garden balcony just looking out over the city until both were too tired and retired to their room after saying good night to their children and friends.

Ellethwen sat next to her and Boromir's bed holding her ailing husband's hand. He was asleep, but she could not get herself to leave him alone. "Grandma," a tiny voice said from next to her and she looked down to see her five-year-old granddaughter, Alassiel. Alassiel was Melda and Eldarion's first child and was the perfect mixture of her mother and father.

"Come in little one," Ellethwen said letting go of Boromir's hand and taking Alassiel's hand when she was close enough.

"Is Grandfather alright?" Alassiel asked and Ellethwen gave her a sad smile.

"He is just asleep," Ellethwen said. "He did not sleep well last night. Alassiel nodded and when the swishing of skirts sounded both the older woman and little girl looked to the door.

"I'm sorry mama. She got away from Miriel and I as we walked down the corridor," Melda said as she moved in and took Alassiel's hand. Alassiel followed her mother to the door.

"Melda," Ellethwen said softly and Melda looked at her mother. "Do come back, with your brother and quickly." Melda frowned and looked at her mother with questioning eyes.

"Why?" Melda asked, and Ellethwen could hear the hitch in her daughter's voice.

"Please, my daughter, that is all I ask of you," Ellethwen said. Melda nodded her head, but her glance was long on her father before she led Alassiel from the room. Ellethwen turned her attention back to Boromir and took his hand once more. She raised his hand to her lips and kissed his palm. "It is not fair," she whispered softly as she looked at his hand in hers. "It is not fair that you are to leave me." She rested her head against the back of his hand.

"My body is too old for my soul," he said softly. Startled, Ellethwen raised her head and looked at him with tear filled eyes. "You know," he said when her eyes met his.

"I know," she whispered and sniffed softly. "I can feel you slipping away from me." Boromir sighed softly and squeezed her hand that was clinging to his. They remained silent for a time, just looking at each other. Sometimes, they never needed words. They knew each other so well, one look could say more than any words. Their silence was broken by Dallin's heavy footfalls and Melda's soft ones. Ellethwen looked to her children, Melda's eyes were red rimmed and Dallin's face seemed paled. "Come in, children, he hasn't much longer," she told them softly. Melda stifled a sob and raised her handkerchief to her nose as she walked over and kissed Boromir's forehead.

"Take care of my granddaughter," Boromir told her as she pulled back. "And that one there," he said as his eyes moved to the tiny bump that was Melda's lower stomach. Melda put her right hand over her stomach and nodded.

"I will, papa," she said gently and Boromir smiled. Melda stepped away and Dallin moved to where Melda had been standing. Dallin was his father's son, but he was currently betrothed to fellow councilman's daughter, a lovely woman that Ellethwen was looking forward to calling her daughter.

"You will keep an eye on your sister and your mother," Boromir told him. Dallin nodded his head.

"I will, father," Dallin said, his voice deep and laced with heavy emotion.

"Your mother most of all, for she will need both of you when I am gone," he told them. Dallin put a hand on Ellethwen's shoulder and Ellethwen glanced at her son before she looked to Boromir once again.

"I will let nothing happen to mother," Dallin said. "I promise you father." Boromir gave him a small smile.

"You are the only other man besides my brother and our king that I would trust those words from," Boromir said softly. Dallin bowed his head and moved to stand next to his sister who continued to cry softly. Dallin took Melda into his arms and let her weep quietly on her shoulder.

"Boromir, I will miss you," she said fighting back her tears and tightening her grip on his hand. Boromir attempted a squeeze, but only managed to put hardly any pressure on her fingers.

"I will always be with you, always. I love you, my Ellethwen," he said slowly.

"I love you too," she said. A smile came to his lips as he looked from her tear stained face to his children.

"I love you both," he said as he looked at them. "My children," he whispered before his tired looking eyes fell upon Ellethwen once more, "and my wife," he said and then with one final breath the life in his eyes went out.

Days had passed slowly for Ellethwen since Boromir's death. A week had come and she made her way to the tomb where his body laid with a single flower to place outside his tomb. She entered the cold building and laid the white flower upon the cold stone that was Boromir's tomb and put her hand on the letters that marked his grave.

"When we were courting," she said softly as she kneeled next to his grave, "I worried that I would have found you only to lose you. Even when we were bound and you went off to war once again, I worried that I had found you again and was going to lose you before I could enjoy our life together." Ellethwen sniffed, clasped her hands in her lap, and looked down at the ring Boromir had slid onto her finger the day they were bound.

"I was found that day you said you loved me. My lost soul had found a home in your arms, but now that you are gone . . . I'm lost," she finished in a whisper. She put her hand on the stone again and looked at it like it was a blockade from life saving water or food. "I will be lost until the day I can look upon your smile again," she continued in a whisper. "When my time on this earth is finished, I expect you to be waiting, my love. I expect you to be waiting with open arms so I may be found again."

Ellethwen sighed and wiped away the tears from her cheek with her free hand before she leaned in and kissed the stone. With another sigh, she stood and made her way from the tomb. The only sound that was heard was the unsure footfalls of a grieving woman with a heavy heart that was weighed down with the thoughts of seeing her love once again.

The End