Summary: Dean and Sam feel the wrath of their father, then Amber comes along and things change until her mother dies. Then all feel the wrath of their father. What has to happen to make John Winchester stop? My attempt to add a sister into the brother's life while showing what if Dean and Sam had Max's : I own nothing expect for the characters that I created and the plot. The WB owns everything else.

Fear of Daddy

The heavy footsteps of John Winchester could be heard through the small one story house by the two boys that sat in the living room. "Dean, Samuel what are the two of you still doing up?" The menacing yet quiet voice called out from the entrance of the room. In his left hand he held a brown glass bottle.

The small three year Sam, who was lying on the floor coloring, jumped up into a sitting position as fear ran through him when his father spook. The seven year Dean, on the other hand, did a small twitch of fear in his sat on the end of the couch. He then replied "It is only eight, daddy." He didn't even look up from his homework paper to look at his father when he said this.

"Get to bed now, both of you." John's voice still had the menacing tone, but this time it was a little louder then before.

"But daddy bed time isn' 'til nine" Sam said as he went to a standing position.

John looked at his youngest son with a look of anger then he walked over to him and slapped him across the face with his free right hand. "DON'T YOU TALK BACK TO ME, SON!" John yelled. The force of the slap had knocked Sam off his feet.

Dean looked up when he heard the sound of the slap. He looked at his three year old brother on the floor then at his father and the brown bottle he held in his hand. It was then that Dean realized what was happening. His father was drunk again. And this time he wasn't hurting Dean. This time he was hurting his little brother.

"Now clean up your mess and get to bed." John said in a fierce voice. The small boy crawled over to his coloring materials and quickly picked them up. With tears streaming down his face Sam ran around the corner into the hallway waiting for Dean.


Dean slowly got off the couch with his belongings and slowly began to move toward the hallway. "Dad I haven't finished my homework."

This statement earned him a slap across the face. The slap he received was not enough to knock him off his feet, but was strong enough for Dean to get the point. So we walked faster to his room.

After Sam had heard the slap he ran to his room as fast as his shorted legs would carry him. As soon as he reached his room the cries erupted from inside him. This was the day that Sammy learned the rage of his daddy. He learned the fear of daddy that would remain for a long while.