I dedicate this chapter to my beautiful necie Riley Pagie Renee (Rye-Rye) and my baby bro Jonah Michael (JoJo) both are 3 years old and inspired me to write all the cute little things said by the twins (who are 3). This is the last chapter enjoy. There is a lot of picking on Dean just because it is fun and easy to pick on him and I love picking on him. lol.

A Good Time

Sam walked into the house covered in dirt. He was just returning from a hunt with John and Dean. "Uncle Sam" A little girl came running in. Sam opened his arm and caught the girl as she jumped to him.

"Hey Rye-Rye" He said kissing her on the cheek. "Can I get a kiss now?" He asked her. She shook her head no and grinned "Please" he gave her puppy dog eyes. She laughed at the face and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Aww isn't that just the cutest thing?" Dean said sarcastically as he walked in be behind His father.

"Hey, pepa and uncle poopie head" Riley said reaching out to John. John took her from Sam.

"How's my little girl?" He asked her giving her a hug.

"I good pepa" she replied kissing him on the cheek.

Dean walked in front of his brother and father tired of being behind them. As soon as he did so a small boy bounced into the hall way. "Uncle Dean." He called out. Dean caught the boy and held him to his side. "Gosh boy what has my sister been feeding you?" Dean asked as he tried to hold the boy with his new found weight.

"Food" the boy replied with a smile.

"Yeah it must be junk food" Dean said finally having to boy down. "All right I need my fives Wy." Dean put his hand down and Wyatt slapped his against it "way ago dude your getting better." Dean smiled. Wyatt smiled back.

"Guys I just gave them a bath and now their all dirty again." Amber had walked in to find her dirt covered father and brothers picking up and holding her kids covering them with dirt as well "Couldn't you guys have cleaned up a little before playing with." She crossed her arms obviously annoyed with them.

"Now what kind of brothers would we be if we didn't cause trouble for our little sis?" Dean joked smiling at his sister.

"Well now it your problem cause unless you get cleaned and have my children cleaned in the next hour you three will not be having dinner." Amber said "And Abby and Jess are going to be with me on this so you aren't going to get food from them either so I suggested you do what I said." Amber smiled and walked back to the kitchen.

Riley and Wyatt were no longer in the hands of the men. The two children left the room laughing. "Hey get back here, you two." Dean called out to them as he chased after them. John followed suit.

"No we no want to take bath." The kids ran from them.

Sam laughed and went to shower. He knew how to get them to get them to take a bath, but he was enjoying the struggle that Dean and his father were going through. After Sam got out of the shower he dressed and found the bribe in his was going to use. He found John and Dean outside the door to the twins' room trying to pick the lock.

"Here guys let a professional handle this." Sam pushed them away. "Hey Wyatt, Riley can I come in I promise I would make you take a bath."

"Sam" Dean whispered sternly to his brother. He really wanted to eat and if they couldn't get the twins into the bath they couldn't get food.

"Shh…I know what I am doing." He whispered back "go take a shower yourselves ok." Dean sighed with aggravation and left his brother to work his magic. John followed his oldest son and both men went to separate bathrooms and took quick showers.

"You promnise, Uncle Sam?" came a small voice from the other side of the door.

"Cross my heart" Sam replied. He was greeted a minute later with the sound of the unlocking door. Sam entered the room. "Hey guys you want to play a game?" Sam asked them bending down to their level.

"What kind game?" Riley asked with a questioning look.

"The washing game" Sam answered

"No you promnised, you said no bath." Wyatt said now pouting.

"No you don't have to take a bath to play the washing game." Sam replied.

"Then how you play?" Riley asked

"Well see there are two parts first you have to get a wet wash cloth and then you rub it all over your face and arms and legs. And then you wash you hands ok." The twins nodded "It's a race the first one to finish the job gets this." Sam pulled out a Hershey chocolate bar.

The twins' eyes widen in excitement. "Then what next uncle Sam?" Wyatt asked bouncing up and down.

"Then you come back to this room and you have to change as fast as you can." Sam answered "And the winner of this race gets this." Sam pulled out a long package of Reece's peanut butter cups.

Their eyes opened wider "ok, ok we play we play," the twins bounced with excitement.

"Alright let's go." Sam led the kids to the bathroom which Dean had now abandoned. The twins wet a cloth and wiped themselves clean. Wyatt finished first and got the Hershey. They raced to their room and changed clothes. Riley finished first and got the Reece's.

"That was fun uncle Sam." Wyatt said with a big smile.

"Yeah I goin' play again some time." Riley said with a smile just as big as her brother's.

Sam laughed and smiled back at them. "Good I'm glad you liked the game."

Dean and John entered the room cleaned and saw that Sam had gotten them clean.

"Wow…how did you get them to take a bath?" Dean asked.

"We no take bath" They said at the same time and ran from the room with a smile.

"What did they mean by that" John asked with a puzzled look on his face.

"I can't tell you that dad it would ruin the fun." Sam smiled and left the room. John and Dean looked at each other and shrugged their shoulder. Then didn't know how Sam had gotten the kids to get clean, but they were happy that they were going to be able to eat.

The family was gathered around the table enjoying a good meal. Dean and John were talking about a new gig that John had found.

"The town…"

"Hey boy's no talking about work at the dinner table we eat and enjoy the moment not talk about work." Amber had thrown a green bean at her father and told him off.

John shrugged his shoulders and took a bite of his food.

"So dad what was it that you were saying?" Dean asked ignoring Amber's command because he was older and didn't need to listen to his little sister. He was then hit with a small glob of mash potatoes. "Hey…" Dean wiped off the mess on his cheek. Everyone was laughing. "…who threw that?"

"My beautiful baby boy over there" Amber smiled and pointed to Wyatt. He was holding up his spoon in triumph.

"Bad boy, Uncle Dean, bad boy, you no weisten to mommy, that bad" Wyatt told Dean.

John smiled at Dean "You know Dean I think he's going to be a good shot." He chuckled

Dean opened his mouth to reply and was hit by another glob of mash potatoes.

Amber kept laughing she couldn't help it. "Now Rye-Rye we can let him talk ok." She smiled at her little girl who smiled back.

"Yeah dad and so will she" Dean replied wiping off the newly thrown mess. Everyone laughed.

And the meal went on with no more mention of work. Only laughter and play entered at this time. Things were coming for the family, bad things, but now they didn't worry about it. Right now they just enjoyed the good time.