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The day passed slowly and James wished he could speed it up. Nothing of event happened and worst of all, there was still no news from Sirius' end about Peter's wellbeing. He was starting to worry that something had happened to the two.

He became hopeful when by tea time, the Headmaster summoned him to his office.

Master Edmund was a tall man who held himself with an air of authority. He had dark eyes that reminded James of a hawk's; penetrating and never missing anything. Despite his calculating gaze, he was a jovial fellow, who did his best to live up to the previous Headmaster.

"Professor." James stood in the doorway to his office, announcing his presence and waiting to be invited in. The room, as he remembered it, had not changed at all. It was built in a somewhat circular manner, rows of books looking down at him from their shelves on the walls.

"Sir James, pray be seated." The offer was extended.

James did as he was told, sitting down in the middle-most chair that faced the Headmaster's oak desk.

"Would you like some wine?" Edmund offered, and James politely held his hand up to decline.

"Thank you, sir." James said. He couldn't help the note of anxiety in his voice, and Master Edmund must have heard it because he wasted no more time in making small talk. "We've received news from the Palace."

At that, James sat up straighter. "Peter…?"

Edmund shook his head. "No…the King writes with explicit instruction that his Treaty be returned to him."

Perplexed, James repeated, "His Treaty?" He gripped his armrests. "Does His Grace mean to go to war with Russia after all?"

"I don't know, my boy." The man said, as he poured two glasses of wine despite the fact that James had not wished to drink any. "He never thought to explain it to me in his letter. It merely states that in the time of emergency, he thinks it best to keep the Treaty in the Castle where it will be safe. He fears that it will be used as a device that against the Academy again." He held out a glass to James, who accepted it without a second thought.

"But his army is here – we're protected! Why let it leave the Palace in the first place if he thought it safer there?"

It didn't make any sense.

"I can only guess that is it because Sir Albus no longer heads this institute, and until he is found, we cannot risk the Treaty being in the Academy."

James demanded, "Have we made any progress in finding where he is being held?"

"I've not heard any news from the Council." Edmund reported. "We will have to be a little more patient."

James threw back his glass of wine in one swallow, angrily.

Waiting. That's all he ever did. He was tired of waiting. But if it was the King's orders, he had no choice but to comply. He had, after all, made a promise in service to the Crown. His mind worked, snagging on that empty air that he had mulled over for months. Somehow, he could not piece the puzzle together completely.

Something was missing…something was wrong

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