Well, looks like ive got my mind set on writing a long story about the avatar. I plan on making this a good one, and I wanted you guys to understand what is happened. First of all, THIS IS NOT A STORY ABOUT AANG AND HIS JOURNEY. This is COMPLETELY different, and therefore, something new and refreshing for all of you to enjoy. This may not get any support at all, or it may. Im not quite sure, but I will have you know that the first chapter has been a Joy to write, although short and to the point. This here is alittle bit of an Intro, so enjoy!

Air : The element of Life

Earth: The element of Stability

Water: The element of Healing

Fire: The element of Compassion

Each people of their element, are born to hold the quality of its superior. And although each is different, those people are very much the same.

The tale I weave is not a simple one, nor is it a happy one. But one must know the past, so as not to repeat it. The downfall of our nation was this error. At one time, an entire nation waged war on the world, and one boy had to stop it. We all have heard the sotry of the all power Avatar Aang. But those stories have since been banished, as more and more non-benders were born. Those without the gift turned jealousy into power, and turned against its own earth. Killing off almost the entire world's population of benders, the World leaders put all benders into camps, forcing them to wage battles, wars, and labor. They were allowed to breed, but only under special law, so that more slaves could be born. It is no longer a Peaceful world, nor is it civilized. But a Few fight back, a mere and unnoticeable few. Let me take you to a town. A Marvelous town, at the center of the world's largest nation. This town is the city of Omashu, having kept its name for thousands of years. In this town there is a military camp for registered benders, which in reality is a spiteful prison, but with a mothers escape, a child was born, and brought up knowing her gifts, but it was to never be revealed.

I will unfold this story…As the Story of the elements, and how once again, they rose.