Ama awoke to the sounds of loud clanking coming from the kitchen. Groaning, she rolled and looked at the illuminated clock sitting quietly on her nightstand. It read 8:17am. Frowning, the woman would stand and realized she'd fallen asleep in yesterday's clothes. Inhaling deeply Ama trudged out of her room and down the hall. "What the Fuck are you doing up this early?" She cried out, looking at the tall, bulky figure of her brother. "Good morning to you too" He said with a chipper demeanor. Narrowing her eyes, ama grunted loudly and stood stock still glaring restlessly. "I just wanted to get up early" He said, looking a bit disgruntled at her furious gaze

"Couldn't you be a bit less loud, you know I like to sleep in on my days off" she replied, sliding into a chair at the kitchen table while rancer cooked.

A comfortable silence followed, while Ama forced herself to wake, large yellow eyes trying to focus. The breakfast nook overlooked the back end of their property, which was around 10 acres. Rancer had inherited the land when their mother had passed not 5 years earlier. It already had a nice 2 bedroom house, and several old junk storage sheds, which no one had entered in decades.

She sighed deeply, head cupped casually in her hand, which was propped on the table supported by her elbow. Letting a long yawn escape, Ama stood.

"I'm going to get dressed" Without a reply she once again retreated to her room. Picking out a flimsy outfit of jeans, a red t-shirt, and matching flip flops, she sat back down on her bed. Ama let the thoughts of that voice run through her head, like a bad case of the flu, she knew it would just take time to get rid off. He hadn't contacted her in so long, and how she wished he'd forgotten. Ama almost had.

But, it seems, this was not the case.

Holding her hand out in front of her, the girl would inhale deeply. Her skin began to feel hot, and very clammy. The breath let out slowly, and with focused energy, the air several inches above her palm ignited into a small bought of flame. Watching it with a heavy indicted passion, Ama let a soft grin tug at pale pink lips.

This was her comfort. This self admitted flame, these self admitted powers. They were her reason it seemed. Her reason for hiding… at least.

After eating breakfast, which consisted of healthy French toast and syrup drenched pancakes, Ama gathered the dishes and set them aside. Rancer would succeed to his room and get dressed for work while she would fill the day with lazy book reading and internet surfing.

First though, there were a few things that needed tending too.

Once the house had been picked up, and rancer sent off, Ama headed outside and into the woods. A Well traveled path could be seen, as she took it everyday. Humming softly, a timely old melody, she traveled for what seemed at least 20 minutes before reaching a clearing. Once their, Ama would gaze around, intent on finding what she had come for.

Placing her hands upon cocked hips, the woman would huff loudly. "Either you're going to come out Or I'm going to throw these moon peaches away." She called loudly, holding up a large plastic bag, filled with robust, round fruits.

Suddenly, the earth around her began to quiver, and a large bison looking beast leapt from the woods with a mighty grunt-like cry. "There you are Typhu" Ama said with a huge grin leaping onto the animal's giant forehead.

He was a mighty beast, a cousin to the old air temples flying bison. Supported on only 4 legs, he had deep, rich red fur and gentle obsidian eyes. Large cloven hooves would stamp impatiently as raven nostrils blew out a long winded snort.

The most captivating thing about this beast though, was the elk-like antlers that sat atop his large, square head. Sometimes, when he would help her do chores, Ama would hang her laundry out to dry, even though she had a dryer. Typhu liked to feel needed, and with Ama in hiding, because bending had been outlawed her entire life, a large bison like this would also be recruited, and used for the military.

Sighing deeply, ama brushed aside the tendrils of red fur that hung over typhu's eyes. Smiling softly, as she fed him the few peaches she'd managed to buy, the girl would lean against his cheeks. The beast towered over her, but she knew he would never hurt a fly.

"Alright boy, I've got to go back to the house for a day of doing absolutely nothing." He replied with a long, elusive belch. "Nice" She grimaced, and sent him off.

A long gust of wind followed as he trotted, or merely lumbered to the center of his clearing to rest, the earth trembling underneath him. Typhu was in fact an air bender, and often made soft breezes during the hottest part of the day. He could also do something just as fascinating.

He could fly.

His flat, beaver like tail was used as a giant rudder, and with his bending skills the bison could bend the air around him and lift off into the sky.

Ama told him however, that it was forbidden. Typhu was the only link she had to stability. To her bending. And she would loose everything if she lost him.

Smiling, the woman would turn and head back to the house leaving her beast to softly blow the breeze that followed her home.