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Final Epilog - Hiei and Kurama's Happy Ending

The negotiations had been long and tiring but finally after three days they were over. Kurama had accompanied Yomi to mediate an important treaty between two feuding demon clans in his territory. Ever since Yusuke's introduction of the Makai tournament decades ago the leaders of Makai had dedicated themselves to peace in their world.

They had traveled back together as far as a tavern bordering Yomi and Mukuro's territories. There Kurama had suggested a drink to celebrate a successful trip before they went their separate ways. They paid little attention to the other patrons as they talked until a heavy set green haired demon made a loud ruckus. "I don't give a damn what you want bitch, get your ass upstairs!"

Held tightly in the demon's grip was a stunningly beautiful Youko with long brown hair and rich golden highlights. The creature looked terrified as it tried to pull away from the demon. "No, please! You hurt me last time!"

Before Kurama could react Yomi had stepped into their path. "That's no way to treat a such a lovely creature. She doesn't want to go with you so I suggest you let her go."

Yomi didn't seem to hear Kurama snicker behind him as the green haired demon glared up at the tall demon lord. "I paid two gold coins for this little piece of ass and I intend to have it."

Yomi calmly pulled out a bag of coins tossing them at the demon who had to release the Youko to catch them. "Consider that a refund."

The pretty Youko wasted no time rushing into Yomi's arms to cling to his chest. The demon lord's attention remained on the demon as he put an arm around the Youko.

Taking one last look at the Youko the demon shrugged and walked off with the bag of coins. The creature against Yomi's chest squealed and jumped into his arms. Yomi shivered as the Youko's husky voice caressed his ear. "Thank you so much! I'm sure the pub owner won't mind the switch since he's already been paid."

When Yomi stiffened Kurama stood. "I'll take care of it old friend, you two get better acquainted."

At the table Yomi looked surprised when the Youko happily sat in his lap rather than the empty chair. "My you sure are handsome. I wish I had met you under different circumstances but I'm stuck here for the time being. My uncle, or so he called himself, sold me to the pub owner and he says it will be a while before I work off what I owe him. It's really degrading to have to go upstairs with most of the demons that buy me but once in a while I get someone nice, like you, and I pretend the others don't exist. What's your name? Oh, I didn't tell you mine, it's Miya."

Just then Kurama rejoined them. He couldn't help but laugh at the look of confusion that crossed Yomi's face. Quickly he explained to the other Youko. "You'll have to excuse my friend Miya, I think he was expecting your name to mean Princess, not Prince."

Miya's deep blue eyes sparkled as he giggled. "That's alright, I get mistaken for a female all the time. It happens a lot to Youko's since we're so pretty. I'll bet it happens to Kurama too. You are Yoko Kurama aren't you? I heard you lived around here. Your handsome friend here still hasn't told me his name. I know he thought I was female but I hope he likes males too. It would break my heart to lose such a sexy, virile lover because I'm male."

Kurama was trying hard not to laugh himself right off his chair. "Oh I assure you, Lord Yomi likes male lovers just fine. In fact I have it on good authority that Youko's are his favorite."

Miya looked at Kurama alarmed. "I'm not treading on your territory am I? I'll back off if he's yours or maybe he bought me for both of you. Is he really Lord Yomi? I've heard such wonderful things about him."

Yomi who had remained silent through all this finally spoke. "Lord Hiei would definitely object to his mate taking a lover, especially if it was me. Now, Kurama, have you fixed things with the pub owner?"

Kurama nodded. "Once I reminded him that it's a crime in your territory to keep a slave or force anyone into prostitution he immediately discharged any remaining dept Miya owes him. He was also more than willing to release his ward into your capable hands. Miya, I hope it's alright that Lord Yomi is now your guardian."

Both Kurama and Yomi were surprised when the usually over exuberant Miya seemed frozen in place. Looking at Yomi he spoke as if he were afraid saying the words would make them untrue. "I'm really free? I don't have to go upstairs with any more creeps? Can I really go home with you? I'll be good, I promise. I'll do anything you want. Please take me with you, I don't have anywhere else to go."

By the time he finished Miya looked ready to cry. Sensing this, Yomi pulled him into a hug and kissed his brow. "We'd better get going then, it'll be dark soon."

Miya threw his arms around Yomi and kissed him square on the mouth. Kurama smiled as he watched his old friend bury a hand in Miya's soft hair and deepen the kiss. After a moment Yomi collected himself and pulled back with a blush and a grin. "Alright Princess, enough of that, let's go home."

Jumping up Miya laughed at the nickname as he pulled Yomi to his feet. "I will happily be your Princess, My Lord. When we get home can I have a bath before you make love to me? I want to wash my hair so I can be pretty for you. It was nice meeting you Kurama."

Miya was already dancing his way out the door and Kurama laughed as he and Yomi followed. "Well old friend, looks like you've got your hands full. You know he's perfect for you. He's a gorgeous, seductive, male, Youko who's part man, part child. I have no doubt your Princess will charm the pants of you before midnight. Have fun you old goat."

Yomi wasn't able to do more than wave before Miya slipped an arm around him and cuddled against him as they walked away. Kurama grinned all the way home thinking about Yomi and his Youko Princess.

It was Father's Day in the Ningenkai and, being raised with a human father, Jax, Rami, Kira and Ryu always celebrated the day with their parents. Just as they had when they were little they woke Hiei and Kurama with breakfast in bed. They had brought a feast and the six of them sat on the bed eating and talking.

Kurama turned his big green eyes on Jax with a pout. "Where are my beautiful granddaughters? Shouldn't they be here with Uta?"

Jax shook his head. "Sorry Papa, they were here with us last year. It was Uta's turn to take them to see Uncle Yusuke and Uncle Kuwa for Father's Day this year."

With a smirk Hiei snatched the cinnamon roll off of Ryu's plate. "Hey! Dad, that was the last one."

Hiei shrugged. "You're getting slow working for Koenma. You should come and train more often."

Ryu grinned at his father. "I wish I could Dad but you know how hard I've been working. Uncle Koenma finally managed to calm King Enma down about Reine marrying a demon by convincing him it was beneficial having a spirit detective in the family especially one who's part demon and part human. Between the two of them and my wife I've been pretty busy."

Kurama looked at Rami. "How is Shi? I'll bet she's anxious have that baby by now."

Rami couldn't contain his proud grin. "She's good Papa, she's never been more beautiful. She's still refusing to allow Aunt Yukina to tell us if it's a Youko or if it's twins or not."

Hiei frowned. "That overgrown oaf isn't having a problem with Yukina delivering the baby is he?"

Rami laughed. "No Dad. The past is forgotten and they have all become good friends again. Even Uncle Yusuke's not getting jealous anymore."

Looking at Kira, Kurama laughed. "Angel I'm sorry Shura had to work today, I haven't seen him in weeks. So, how are Yomi and his Princess doing?"

Laughing Kira shook her head. "Daddy, that's so mean that you guys call Uncle Miya Princess, even if he does seem to like it. They're doing fine, I've never seen Uncle Yomi so happy. Uncle Miya may be a bit hyper but there is no doubt he loves Uncle Yomi more than anything."

Hiei grunted. "Hn! It's a good thing he already has Shura as his heir. If he'd waited until he mated and somehow bred with that Princess of his he'd have a fruitcake inheriting his kingdom."

Everyone laughed. Jax looked at his parents. "You guys should try talking to Uncle Miya. I know he seems pretty flighty but I was more than a little surprised to find out how smart he was. He has a lot of good ideas and he's even taken over the orphan program in Uncle Yomi's territory."

Kira laughed. "He and Uncle Yomi are just too cute sometimes. Every now and then they talk about adopting but in the end they agree it's a bad idea. Uncle Miya doesn't want Uncle Yomi spoiling anyone but him and Uncle Yomi doesn't want to have to share Uncle Miya."

Again they all laughed. At the odd look on Ryu's face Kurama's eyebrow rose. "Something bothering you Dragon?"

Green eyes met green with a smile. "I thought it was only Dad who could read minds. Nothing's really wrong Papa. It's just that Reine and I can't seem to agree on when we should start our family. When she suggests that it might be time I think we should wait. Then just when I think we're ready she says not yet."

Hiei smirked. "Ryu when the time is right it will happen. Isn't that right Kira?"

Surprised, the vixen's eyes flew to Hiei's. After a moment she blushed and grinned. "Daddy! I was going to wait and do this with Shura. Oh well, I'm sure he'll understand. Yes Daddy, we're going to have a baby."

The Youko was immediately pounced by her brothers. It took Kurama a minute to get to his daughter but he finally pulled her away from his sons. "Oh Angel, I'm so happy for you. I was beginning to think you were going to make us wait forever. You always said you wanted to wait, are you sure four years was long enough?"

She giggled. " I sure hope so Papa because it's too late now."

Rami couldn't resist teasing his little sister. "It had better be a boy Kira. Both here and at Gandura you're used to being queen bee, surrounded by only males. I'm not sure you'll like sharing your men with another female."

Hiei smirked. "She learned to share with Yomi's Princess just fine."

Laughing, the family visited a while longer before Rami announced he had to leave. "I don't like leaving Shi for too long this close to the end of her pregnancy so I'd better get back to Tourin."

Kira stood and began cleaning up. "I have to get home too. I promised to help Uncle Miya with a surprise he's planning for Uncle Yomi."

Ryu was helping Kira clean up. "That means me too. I'm taking Kira home before going on an assignment."

Hiei looked at Jax. "What's your excuse Son?"

Jax smiled. "I promised Rose and Lyn that we could go see Grandma and Grandpa for Father's Day. Papa didn't you have something you wanted me to take?"

Kurama, still in his robe, jumped up. "I'm so glad you remembered. I got father a new cane, it's hand carved from a Makai pine. Mother says that he really hates the one the doctor wants him to use so I thought if he had a nice one he could show off that he might not mind as much."

When Kurama brought out the cane his sons all marveled at the intricate carvings. It was like a family portrait with foxes, dragons and lightning bolts telling their family story along it's length.

Lots of hugs and kisses were exchanged and before long Jax, Rami, Kira and Ryu all waved goodbye. After they left Kurama slipped out of his robe and crawled back in bed to cuddle into Hiei. The two lay quiet for some time before Kurama spoke. "It feels strange having our children all grown, mated and having babies of their own."

Hiei stroked Kurama's red hair. "They've been grown for some time now Baby. Why don't you tell what's really bothering you?"

Long fingers trailed across Hiei's chest as Kurama shrugged. "I don't know Koi, I've just been feeling a bit restless lately."

The fingers in Kurama's hair tightened as Hiei pulled his mate back to meet his eyes. "Let's go away for a while Foxie, just you and me. Not just for a few days though, but a few months."

Green eyes started to sparkle but they soon faded with doubt. "Koi, Shi's about to have her baby, then there's Kira…"

When the fingers in his hair tightened Kurama yelped. "Shi's baby is due any day now and Kira won't need us for several months. We'll go in-between babies Fox."

The sparkle returned to Kurama's eyes as he slowly began to grin. "Can we check in on mother periodically?"

Hiei's fingers caressed the back of Kurama's head. "Of course Baby. We'll go tell her about Rami and Shi's baby then go from one of your dens to the next until we've made love in every one. We'll fight a few demons and even steal you a few new treasures."

Kurama pounced, straddling Hiei as he kissed him excitedly. His little grin had become the beautiful smile Kurama reserved only for Hiei. "Oh Dragon-Heart, I can't imagine anything more wonderful than time alone with you."

The two kissed and touched as they rolled on the bed in a half-hearted struggle for dominance. It wasn't long before Kurama, shivering with excitement, willingly surrendered when Hiei growled in his ear. "On your knees Foxie, I need you now!"

Some time later their cries of pleasure could be heard all the way down the hall. Mukuro looked and Chen, her latest lover, and shook her head. "You'd think they were teenagers the way they go at it."

Leading the demoness to her room Chen smiled as he slid his hand down her back to caress her behind. "Sounds like fun to me. Let's see if I can make you scream like that."

Kneeling in the grass under the trees in the forest Kurama screamed his release into the Makai sky. Beneath him Hiei did the same. Long silver hair surrounded Hiei as his lover bent to kiss the back of his neck before gently lowering them both into the grass. "Gods Koi, that was incredible!"

Hiei smirked as Kurama wrapped him tightly in his arms. "This trip has been good for you Fox. You've been an animal this last week and I love it!"

Kurama laughed happily at his mate's description of his lovemaking. "I do aim to please Koibito."

Snuggling into the Youko's embrace Hiei turned so he could nibble on his lover's chest. "You always please me quite thoroughly Sweetheart. As soon as I can walk I'm going to chase you into the den and return the favor. I'd stay right here and love you but when I'm done I don't think either of us will be able to walk and I'm not sleeping on the ground when there's a bed a few feet away."

Kurama laughed. "It wasn't that many years ago when you would rather have slept on the ground or in a tree than in a bed. I used to have to practically drag you in my window so I could seduce you."

Hiei smirked. "Hn! I was just playing hard to get. Your ego was big enough without knowing all you had to do was smile to have anything you wanted from me."

Kurama looked at Hiei seriously. "Can I still have anything I want from you Dragon-Heart?"

Without hesitation Hiei answered. "Until the day I die I will always try to give you anything your heart desires Foxie."

Nervous, Kurama bit his lip before he spoke. "Even if I said I might wanted more children some day?"

Hiei grinned and shook his head. "You mean the four children we already have, along with their mates and children aren't enough for you Baby?"

Kurama shook his head and grinned. "They are for now, because I'm really enjoying having you all to myself. A few years from now though I was hoping we could do it again."

Hiei looked at Kurama questioningly. "Do you want to adopt again or have another one of our own?"

Kurama thought a moment. "I'm not sure yet. I definitely want to adopt one or two more. I'm still not sure if I want to go through another pregnancy though. There's still time for us to talk about that."

Hiei kissed Kurama before giving his answer. "Foxie, you may have as many children as you want but I agree about waiting. I want you all to myself for a while longer. Now get your sexy ass inside, if you decide you want to bare me more children I'm going to need to practice making them."

Kurama laughed as Hiei chased him into the den.

Their little vacation was almost over. They had been gone almost three months. The only contact they had with their family was through the communicators or Hiei's jagan. That is accept for Shiori, they visited her every few weeks.

They were on their journey home when Hiei said he had a surprise for Kurama. On the edge of Mukuro's territory was an old castle. The same castle that their friends and family had trapped them in so many years ago. Where Hiei had marked and claimed Kurama as his mate.

Approaching it now Kurama realized it had changed. The rough, overgrown vegetation had been cleared away and replanted with lush trees and plants. The crumbling walls had been repaired and the broken windows replaced.

Kurama looked at Hiei suspiciously as he was led inside. The interior had also had a dramatic makeover, completely renovated and decorated with new paint and furniture. Not sure what to say Kurama waited for Hiei to speak.

In the main sitting room Hiei led Kurama to a sofa then sat beside him. "I've been doing a lot of thinking lately and have made a decision about my future… our future. I don't want to be Mukuro's heir anymore."

Shocked at his statement Kurama just stared at Hiei, waiting for him to continue. "I've talked to Mukuro about this and with a little convincing she agreed. She's willing to release me and name Jax as her new heir. If all goes well she wants to step down and turn control over to Jax in five years."

Kurama had a million questions running through his mind but only voiced the most important one. "How does Jax feel about this?"

Hiei smiled. "He doesn't know that I've spoken to Mukuro and gotten her approval but I did discuss the possibility with him. He was thrilled at the prospect of being Mukuro's heir so long as I was stepping down willingly."

Kurama looked around the room. "Hiei, why are we here?"

With a shrug Hiei looked around. "It's a gift for you. Since this is where we started our life together, I thought it would be a good place for us to spend our life together."

Kurama was stunned. A moment later Hiei had a Youko in his arms kissing and licking him excitedly. "Oh Hiei, that's so romantic!"

They spent an hour roaming the castle before ending their tour in the master suite. To be precise they were in the bed in the master suite having just made love in their new home. "Hiei, I can't believe you did this. The castle, the grounds, everything is perfect. There are plenty of rooms for when the family visits and for when we decide to have more children. There's a wonderful garden just waiting for me to play in it. There's a perfect area for training in. It has everything we need."

Hiei held his redhead in his arms. "I hope you like the remodeling and decorating. The kids oversaw everything while we were gone. Jax, Rami, Ryu and even Shura saw to all the remodeling and setting up the garden and training area. Kira, Uta, Shi and Reine chose the furniture and did the decorating."

Kurama leaned up to look at Hiei. "I sensed Rami and Kira's handy-work in the garden and around the castle."

Hiei nodded. "Rami and Kira laid the grounds to protect us just like you taught them. They decided not to do much to the garden though, knowing that you'd want to play and arrange things your way. They did just enough to make it pretty when you first saw it."

Kurama snuggled back down against Hiei. "Hiei, everything is perfect, just like I said. You've made me so happy. I think I know what was wrong with me before. I think I was missing you. These last few years, since the children have been grown, you've been working more and more and I've been helping Yomi a lot. Not to mention when we go visit our children we're hardly ever together since one of us is always busy."

Hiei's hand absently stroked Kurama's red hair. "I did agree to stay on as an advisor for Mukuro and Jax but I'll make it clear that most of my time will be here with you and our new babies when we have them."

Kurama smiled. "I'll have a talk with Yomi too. I don't want to quit, I like what I do with him, but I'll tell him I won't be available as often anymore so I can spend more time with you, especially after we start our new family."

The lovers kissed and played for several minutes before Hiei pulled back. "We're going to have to put this on hold for a while Sweetheart, the kids and the rest of the family will be here soon."

Kurama sat up excitedly. "Oh Hiei, I can't wait. I wouldn't trade our time alone for anything but I missed the children so much. Rose and Lyn won't have changed much but little Aoshi's probably grown so much. Youko kits change a lot in the first few months. I hope our grandson hasn't forgotten us."

Hiei shook his head and laughed. "I'm sure he hasn't Foxie, we bonded with him before we left. Now let's go grab a shower before they get here Baby. Then we can announce my retirement and begin the next part of our life together."

Kurama melted into Hiei's arms. "That sounds so wonderful Darling. I love you so much Hiei."

"I love you too, Kurama." Hiei claimed Kurama in a passionate kiss.