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"Tseng, how is Yuffie doing?"

"Much better. She's no longer sick every twenty minutes."

"Good! I was so worried about her..." Elena had been a wreck ever since Yuffie had been ill. There was reason to worry, seeing as it was more serious than most doctors had encountered.

"You and I both."

"She's not pregnant, is she?" She had grabbed Tseng's sleeve, eyes wide.

"No. She just had a horrible case of the flu."

"You're so lucky, Tseng. You never get sick."

"Which is why I took a week and a half from work to stay with her."

"I know! That was so sweet of you to nurse her back to health. Are you sure she's alright by herself?"

"Yes. I told her that if she started feeling bad again to call me and I'd come home."

Yuffie had been staying in his apartment while ill, which was nothing out of the ordinary because she was there most of the time anyway. Rufus had been adamant about Tseng staying with her, as had Tifa , Elena and Seiji. He made several phone calls a day, letting them know how she was.

Tseng had never been ill a day in his life nor had he been around anyone that was ill for more than a few minutes. Seeing Yuffie so wretchedly ill made his heart fall into the pit of his stomach. He had found her in the bathroom, curled up on the rug, tears running down her face. She crawled over to where he knelt down, resting her head on his lap for a moment before rushing back to the toilet.

"Poor Yuffie. Can she eat anything yet?"

"Mostly just tea." He stopped walking for a moment, rubbing his face with one hand. "I never want to see her that ill again. Would you believe that she apologized for being sick? Apologized!"

"You didn't get mad, did you?" Elena seemed worried that he had.

"Of course not. She doesn't need someone angry at her when she's already in tears. I just don't see why she would apologize."

"I think it's a girl thing. We're supposed to be the ones taking care of the sick people, not being sick. Like we're a failure if someone has to take care of us. I'd cry if Rude had to take care of me while I was sick."

"Hmm...I suppose. It's nothing to be ashamed of." They were entering Rufus' office, and Tseng was immediately assaulted by Rufus inquiring about Yuffie's health.

"Tseng! You're back! Is Yuffie feeling better then?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Good! Now then, let's get some work done now that we're no longer worrying over our friends' illness."

Later that evening...

I'll never understand why paperwork is so tiring. Tseng was walking into his apartment, finding it surprisingly neat. Yuffie left a mess wherever she went, but she tried to keep it in check around him. In turn, he was willing to ignore the two pairs of shoes carelessly left near the door and the crumbs on his coffee table. It was a fine agreement that both of them could live easily with.

"Hey." Yuffie was on the couch, curled up in a blanket and watching television. She sat up when he walked over to her, letting him have his favorite corner seat. There had been wrestling matches over the corner seat of Tseng's couch. They usually ended up with them naked, so neither minded too much.

"Hello." He sat down, leaning back as he sand into the couch. He loved his couch. It was perfectly soft yet firm enough to keep comfortable. One arm wrapped around Yuffie as she snuggled up next to him. "Are you feeling any better?" She nodded her head against his chest. Tseng kissed her hair before looking to see what she was watching.

"You look tired."

"I am. I just don't get how paperwork makes me more tired than working out does."

"I've never done paperwork, so I'm no help there."

"Don't worry about it. Did you eat anything?"

"No. I'm vaguely sure that anything I have to chew will come right back up, and I've had my fill of praying to the porcelain god." He chuckled at that, thinking that if it really was a god, it must have had enough worshiping to last a year. Yuffie lifted her head to look at him. There were dark rings around her eyes and her skin was pale as ivory. Even her hair lacked it's usual shine.

"You didn't have to clean up, you know."

"Yeah, but it was such a mess, and you're such a neat-freak, I just wanted it to be reasonably clean when you got back."

"You should do nothing but rest. I clean this place regardless if it's clean or not, so it's not a big deal."

"You are SUCH a neat-freak." He chuckled again as she put her head back on his shoulder. "Hey, Tseng?"


"Thanks. For taking care of me. I'm a miserable cry-baby when I'm sick, and you didn't complain at all."

"Yuffie, what makes you think there is something I wouldn't do or put up with for you?" He felt her start to tremble before she started to cry. "What? What's wrong? Was it something I said?" He said, voice rising with panic at her tears. Yuffie cried quietly, not having the energy for loud sobbing. "What's wrong, Yuffie? Please tell me."

"Y-you're so good to me, and say nice things and all I can do is c-cry! WAH!"

"Are you crying because you're upset?" Her head shook 'no', and he breathed a sigh of relief. The tears didn't last long, and she was soon reaching for the box of tissues on the side table. She was sniffling pitifully while looking over at him under her eyelashes.

"Sorry. That kinda ruined the moment, huh?"

"Don't ever apologize for crying, Yuffie."

"But, you always get upset..."

"Yes, because I can't stand to see you cry. And if it's my fault, I feel like getting run over by a train a few times. That's all." She smiled a little. "Much better. Now, why did you start crying?"

"Cause..." She sniffled again before continuing. " one ever said anything like that to me before, and it made me happy, but I'm so tired and miserable I started crying."

"Are you going to cry every time I say something nice while you're sick?"

"I dunno." There was another sniffle. "Maybe." A smile appeared with another sniffle.

"Come on, time for bed. If you're not tired, I am." He turned the television off and stood up, ready to carry Yuffie to bed, but he found her standing up, still wrapped in her blanket. She followed him to bed, exchanging her blanket for crawling under the covers. He followed suit, relishing the feeling of freshly laundered sheets. "Do you feel up to finishing the chapter we started a while ago?"

"Mhmm." Tseng sighed, but pulled a book from the nightstand and opened it, ignoring the picture on the cover with all his might. "The end of this chapter is good."

"Good in a good way, or the way you consider good for this book?"

"Good for this book."

"Lord save me..." He found where they had left off several days ago and began reading aloud. "door is frozen shut," Scott told her, "and even if it could open, it's blocked by about 10 feet of snow."

"How will we survive? We have barely any food, no heat, and no water."

"We have each other," he said, pulling her closer.

Breathless, she gave in to him, feeling his body permeate with fervor and sensuality. They would nourish each other..."

"What the HELL?! 'nourish each other?' I don't care how hard you try, you can't survive on sexual fluids, dammit!"

"Hehe, it gets better..."

"Dear Lord please save me..."