Title: How To Learn To Shred
Author: Dana-chaaan.
Information: Anime - Naruto - LeeXGaara

Summary: blahblahblah (can't remember. haha)

Author's Note: Thanks for all the suggestions. They really did help. But, I'll give you the reasons as to why I chose this person for the skateboard instructor AT THE BOTTOM. Bwahaha. :D


"Hey, guys," said a brunette as she walked into the house. Under her arm was a skateboard, which instantly caught Lee's attention. She had short brown hair that ended strictly in the middle of her neck. Her eyes were a dark brown, and her features were sharp yet round. Her skin tone was tanner than Gaara's, but lighter than Lee's, and she dressed like someone from the Sound Village.

Temari stepped out from behind the door, grinning like the Cheshire cat, "Lee, this is Seshuna Kai," Her arm gesture to the girl, "Kai, this is Rock Lee," he motioned to the leotard-clad boy. Suddenly, Lee felt embarrassed under the girl's soft gaze.

Brushing that aside, he threw on a youthful grin and bounded forward, thrusting a hand in front of him, "Pleased to meet you, Kai!"

"Likewise, Lee," she laughed lightly at the other boy before turning to the redhead in the room, fear flickering in her eyes before they darted towards her blonde friend and covered the emotion. Of course, Gaara had seen it, but he was used to it by now.

Unexpectedly, another brunet came bounding down the hall, almost tripping over his own feet, "Kai, haha, hi!" Kankurou greeted the girl.

Kai snorted at the guy, "Hey Kankurou."

"Yup, he's just like a lovesick puppy." At this, Temari and Kai only seemed to bark in laughter, Kankurou blushing in embarrassment slightly.

Lee nervously tried to stuck up for the brother, "Well uhm.. Kai, is it alright for you to teach me how to skateboard?" he asked with uncertainty.

"Ever the polite one, Lee," Temari said, motioning to the still open door for everyone to exit. "C'mon, if everyone's coming along, then we have to do this outside," she explained quickly, stepping out behind Kai.

Happily, Lee started to bound out of the house when he realized his red-haired friend was heading in the opposite direction. "Gaara," he called out, "Aren't you coming along?"

Simply put, "No," Gaara answered, not turning around and only continuing down the hall to the stairs to go to his room.

He heard the other's footsteps close in behind him and paused in his steps. Slowly, although he knew he shouldn't have, he turned around to face the Green Beast of Konoha. Lee pleaded, "Please? C'mon, Gaara, it'll be fun! Please?"

The redhead glared mercilessly at the other before pivoting right back around and heading to his room. "No." He said firmly, knowing he wouldn't be followed this time.

Lee looked at the backside of his friend with sad eyes. Immediately, albeit, he picked himself up and smiled joyously. After he learned to skateboard, he'd be sure to grasp Gaara's interest once again. Besides, maybe the redhead just wanted some time alone or something? Yeah, that had to be it, Lee reasoned. The vessel just must've wanted to be in his solitude, and Lee wouldn't disrupt that.

Smile overwhelming his face, he left the house quickly, closing the door behind him and catching up to the group. They hadn't gone far, just a little bit past the front door and to a desert plain that was vacant at this time of day.

"Alright, Lee, c'mere," the instructor said, gesturing for him to get himself near her. Doing so obediently, with his skateboard under his arm, he neared her and awaited further instructions.

"Okay, so put your skateboard down," he did so, "and we're gonna see which side's the tip." Lee watched as she scrutinized the board for a moment, wondering what the heck she was looking for. "Okay, so the more pointy side is the front of the board, while the more round is the back." She gestured to one end, "This is the front."

He nodded his head in understanding, "Now what?"

She smirked, "Now we found out whether or not you're normal or goofy."

"Normal or goofy?" He blinked in confusion. "What's that have to do with skateboarding?"

"Basically, if you're normal, you use your right leg to push off the ground. If you're goofy, you use your left." She stood on one side of the board, "So, first, get on the board, your feet about shoulder-distance apart, with your left foot near the front of the board." He did as he was told and felt hands on his hips steady him. "Now, with your back foot, just gently push yourself forward."

Doing so, he had to move his front foot to point forward, and felt pretty comfortable like that. "So," he heard the female's voice, "Did that feel good or weird?"

"Good," Lee said, stopping himself, "It felt pretty good."

"Alright, then, I guess you're normal."

"Whoever would've guessed," Temari spoke out, smirking at the leaf-nin.

Time proceeded forward, Kai instructing Lee the basics and helping him every step of the way. Lee was grateful for the girl's help, really he was, but he always felt slightly uncomfortable when someone touched him repeatedly. Maybe because the only physical contact he was used to was fighting and Gai's hugs and comforting or proud gestures. Other than that, he'd never really been touched, and Kai would hold his wrist of one hip or his back or something to make sure he didn't lose his balance and fall.

Honestly, the ebony-haired didn't mind the contact because it was purely platonic and only meant in the most kind, friendly way. But, he still felt a tad strange when the girl's fingers lightly brushed his green spandex.

The pale blue sky had turned to an array of colors, then to a dark brown illusion. The stars twinkled unwillingly as the moon dangled unhappily. Lee had gotten down the basics as well as he could managed. He had learn to do a simple manual, only on the back wheels though, but he couldn't keep himself on only those two for very long. He was capable of riding straight and stopping himself without hurting anything, which was progress.

"Lee, you're doing good," Kai had complimented, watching him riding straight, then stop, turn the board around, and ride back. He did that a couple of times, trying to get his power in the push-away nice and steady.

"Thanks!" He exclaimed, unable to multi-task at the moment and leaning to one side too much and swerving a bit unexpectedly. The unfamiliar girl laughed a little at the boy's strange behavior before walking over and offering a hand to the spandex-clad ninja plopped on his butt.

"I think you should stop for a while," she recommended, helping him up and walking over to where Kankurou and Temari were. She looked to her blonde friend with an apologetic expression, "I'm sorry we weren't able to do anything, Temari."

Temari physically waved it away, "Don't worry about it. Lee needs more help that I do."

"That's for sure," Kankurou mumbled, thankfully unheard by Lee who was just barely walking himself over to the group.

Kai laughed, "Don't be too hard on the guy." She waited until the ebony-haired leaf-nin got to the group before starting to walk away and calling over her shoulder with a wave, "I'll see you guys tomorrow!"

"Tomorrow, okay!" Temari announced back. "C'mon guys, let's get inside."

"Yosh!" Lee pumped, following them happily to their home and into the large building.

Once they got inside, Temari headed for her bedroom saying she wanted to get some sleep in tonight while Kankurou chose to lounging on the couch. Lee decided upon dropping his skateboard by the front door and walking through the house to where he knew was Gaara's room. His dry knuckles rasped on the wood, expression clear as he waited to hear any voice.

Twisting the knob and opening the door, he looked inside, "Gaara?" only to be greeted by an empty room and an open window.


Author's Note: Alright, the reason I decided to make up a girl was because of the following reasons... I can't take someone from Konoha, because that's an awful long distance to travel each night, don'tcha think? Secondly, I don't really know of any Suna girls, so I couldn't pick an already made character. So... I made one up. She's different, not stereotypical, but she plays two roles currently. (1)Teach skateboarding, and (2)make Lee comfortable/Gaara jealous. Haha. :D