Wicked Crimes

By Nawat

Disclaimer: I don't own final fantasy 7 or any of the characters in it.

Summary: a story about murder, among other things. No set genre except maybe crime. A man (of my own creation) is killing young women and the police can't catch him so they call AVALANCHE in to get him. We'll see how it goes!



Midgar City, 2:30am

Snow drifted softly to the ground and added to the already building layer on the cobbled roads and alleyways that filled Midgar. The city was quiet and only the muffled sound of people in alleys was heard. A car whooshed silently by an unobtrusive opening at the side of a tall building. Lights winked out at the second floor from the top, an office worker working into the early morning.

A sudden piercing scream ripped through the silence, seeming loud enough to tear fog apart and break glass. A young woman running at break neck speed rushed out of the alley opening. Her long black hair tangled and wild flew behind her half naked form. Her clothes ripped and torn showing a long cut down her forearm and stomach. She stumbled on the hidden curb and one of her shoes came off. She recovered and kept running towards the opposite side of the road.


Stupid bitch, why did she have to run so fast? He would have made her death quick but now he was pissed off. He panted as he chased her. What good was it going to do her to run anyway? He could easily track her by her footsteps. It wasn't snowing hard enough to obscure her tracks. He sped up, this needed to be finished now, the longer it took, the greater chance that he would make the mistake which would trip him up with the police. They hadn't found him yet though and he loved gloating at their floundering. All of them were so incompetent; they couldn't even catch one mere killer, not that he was a mere killer. He congratulated himself on his skill and finesse, he was the best and he knew it. He rounded the corner and smiled grimly when he saw he was gaining fast.


Her breath came out as gasps as she tried to pull in enough air while running full speed. She had always been a good runner but better at the sprint than long distance. She could feel him gaining on her, hear his breathing getting louder, she knew he would catch her. 'Why me?' she thought, 'what could I possibly have done to deserve this? I lead a quiet life and don't bother anyone. It's not fair. I don't want to die!' the last thought reverberated through her head and she realised that if she had to die she would go down fighting, not running like a rabbit. She rounded the next corner and quickly crouched behind the dumpster against the wall. She heard him skid to a halt and laugh softly. She spotted a short slightly rusted rod on the ground, half buried by snow. She picked it up and tested the weight. It would have to do, she decided, as she was unlikely to find anything better in time. Her forearm stung as she hefted the rod, she winced, nothing she could do about that now either. She readied herself to spring and he appeared from around the dumpster. His eyes gleamed cold and dark in the white. She launched herself at him bringing the rod whistling down. He half blocked her arm and the blow glanced off the side of his head. He snarled and rammed the long polished sword he carried through her heart. Her vision dimmed and even as pain burst in her chest it faded.


He watched the light go from her eyes and let her body fall from his sword. He cleaned it quickly and efficiently before sliding it back into its leather sheath. He stared dispassionately at her lifeless body as her crimson blood seeped into the snow, another dead end for the police he thought, and walked away down the alleyway disappearing quickly into the falling snow.

AN: Hopeyou liked it.I know it's short but it'sjust the prologue.Just thought I'd try my hand at writing a fic after reading so many. Hopefully there will be many chapters following.