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(BB's POV)

I sat down on the sofa and looked over to the city. The city was beautifully lit for this time of the year. It was Valentine's Day. There were couples all over the city and love is in the air. But I was alone. Yes, alone in the tower and it was very boring.

Why was I alone? Simple, because the others were out. Not out to fight crimes, but to date. Robin and Starfire were of course dating(Robin claimed that they were just going out together because he wanted Starfire to get used to Earth's customs). Even though both of them don't speak much of their so called unusual "friendship", they show it too often. The twinkle in Starfire's eyes when she looks at Robin and the gentleness in Robin's voice when he called out her name. It sends shiver down my spine, yet it makes me green with envy. I laugh at that thought

'I am green, with or without envy.' I told myself, looking down at my ungloved hands. Maybe that is why I don't get girls. Girls don't like green guys do they? Who would want to choose a green boyfriend when there are normal ones out there?

Luckily on one is at home, or else they would tease me if they knew I stayed home alone on this special occasion, especially Cyborg. I had boasted to him, telling him I had a hot date tonight.

(3 hours ago)

"Yo BB who is the unlucky girl that is going out with you tonight?" Cyborg teased.

"You are just jealous that I have a hot date and you haven't."

"Oh yeah, who is that hot babe you are dating?"

"Her name is Rindy, we met online and she is dating me tonight." I came up with a stupid lie, not wanting to admit no one wants me.

"Oh really? Bet you didn't send her your photo did you?"

"Unlike you, all girls adore me. I guess you will be alone tonight won't you?"

"Wrong BB. The girl I am dating is the hottest chick around. I am going to have the best Valentine's one could ever have."

"Tell me Cy, who is the mysterious girl you have been dating?"

"It is a secret, both of us wish to keep it a low profile."

"Maybe you just made it all up, why would girls wanna hang out with you?"

"Because unlike you, I am matured and I have a strong build." Cyborg replied, flexing his arms.

I looked at my arms and then my body. My arms are skinny and my body looks flat, but I guess I am different now. My shoulders are broader and I am taller now. That is why puberty is great, it makes me feel more like a man. Even though my body does not have bulging muscles, the muscles in my body are now firmer and well-toned. Guess working out in the gym with Robin does help. I don't know why I had the sudden urge to work out. Like Raven said, I do not need to train to get stronger, I just have to morph.

Raven. She was out but I wasn't sure if she has got a date. She told us that she would be going to her favourite café to listen to people recite poetry. Not that I doubt that guys would like her, but she is always so self-restrained and doesn't like others to get near her. I have to admit that she has beautiful legs and I doubt any guys would ever miss that. She has such a beautiful body, with breasts and hips so perfect, accompanied by a tiny waist. Her uniform accentuates her curves, making her look so hot and sexy.

I shook my head to clear these thoughts. How can I see Raven in this way? She is just a team mate, nothing more except for a good friend. It must have been the animal instincts inside me.

I took out the DVD which I just rented, Fright of the Night. I played it and watched, hiding behind a cushion occasionally. It was about a girl who was raped and then brutally murdered by her boyfriend in the graveyard. Some men have claimed that they saw a girl in white singing in the graveyard and her voice was beautiful. Women have claimed that their husbands seemed to be in a trance when they passed the graveyard at night.

Men that have been found dead in the graveyard suffer from unnatural death. Priests and monks say that the spirit lures men to her and drains their blood before sucking out their souls. The spirit cannot be gotten rid of because the betrayal of her boyfriend causes her hatred for men to be very strong, making her powerful.

Finally it ended. I lay down on the sofa after switching off the tv. The movie had a bad plot, but the effects were horrifying and it was even better than Wicked Scary. I closed my eyes and thought of the haunted house Raven created after we watched Wicked Scary. It was the scariest experience I ever had, except for the first time I went into Raven's magic mirror. The look on Raven's face was so funny when she was scared, it looked cute.

I always love to see her feel, which is why I like to tell her silly jokes. When she feels, it makes her so human, even when she is angry. The way her eyes glowed with a tint of red and the way her lips were pressed tightly together. The way she taps her foot and places her hand on her hips, waiting patiently for an apology. And especially the way her chest heaves up and down when she is fuming.

'How can I be so perverted?' I slapped myself on the forehead. Why am I always thinking about Raven? Can't I just get her off my mind? I tried to think about other things but the only other thing that came to my mind was Terra. She betrayed us and nearly killed us, but in the end she saved the city and sacrificed herself.

Sometimes I wonder if the reason she came back to our side was because she felt guilty to us or was it because she didn't want to be alone. Is it really for us, or is it for herself? I was sure I loved her, but did she really love me? If she really did, why did she betray me? She did not change her mind even when I begged her, but why do I still love her and why can't I just forget her?

My pointed ears twitched as they picked up sounds. Someone was singing, it was a girl and her voice is beautiful. I opened my eyes and sat up to find out who it was. I froze when I saw her in the kitchen. She was wearing a white robe and seemed to be looking for something. I could not see her face because I turned off all the lights to create the spooky atmosphere for the movie.

Who could it be? No one is at home and no outsiders would get through the security systems easily without my notice. Even if someone really did, no burglar would wear a white robe to steal something from the kitchen. I thought for a moment and found the answer.

'It is the spirit from the movie.' I told myself and tried to run, but she kept on singing and her voice drew me towards her. I wanted to know who she is and I wanted badly to have a look at her face. I felt my legs starting to move my body towards the kitchen as my curiosity took over.

'This must be the trance the spirit puts men under.' I continued walking to the kitchen but I tripped over the gamestation controller's wire and fell face down onto the floor.

'Now I am going to die.' I thought desperately and closed my eyes tightly, waiting for her to drain my blood and suck my soul out. Shivers surged through my body as her cold hand clamped onto my right shoulder…

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