As far as the three of them were concerned, they were staring at a psychopath, easily one of the most dangerous individuals they'd ever seen. One would even go so far as to say he outdid Slade.

They had walked into a living hell not more than two hours ago. The interior of the apartment looked as if a human grenade had gone off inside of it—blood, brains, and bits of skull and bone were strewn all over the walls and ceiling…and the smell. Oh, dear Christ, the smell.

But that wasn't even the worst of it. In the middle of all this lay the nearly unrecognizable corpse of what was once a human being, possibly a male. The upper part of the body from the head to the midway part of the sternum had been completely ripped away, leaving a frayed, torn mess of gore. The lower part of the body was missing its reproductive organs, and closer inspection revealed that not only were they gone, they had been physically torn off. The corpse's left foot had a massive puncture wound, and according to Cyborg's scan, the instrument used had been driven nearly all the way through the bone.

How in the hell did he...?

Robin opened his mouth to ask that question, but before he could say anything, he was cut off by Cyborg screaming, "OH...OH GOD! ROBIN, GET OVER HERE!"

Cyborg had righted an end table that had fallen in the massacre, and below it, he found the organs, a recently fired handgun, and a bloody screwdriver. Raven, the corpse's intended victim, was sitting on the bed, hands cuffed behind her, a removed tape gag dangling around her neck, staring at the scene in dumbfounded shock. Starfire was doing her best to comfort her, to no avail.

In the midst of all this, knocked unconscious by Cyborg's stun cannon, laid the one who had caused this unholy carnage. It was someone not even the Teen Titans could have guessed would be capable of doing something like this. He'd always been so upbeat, so (relatively) calm in the face of danger, so…happy all of the time, that they never even thought twice about the animal lurking beneath the surface. He had promised after the last time that he could keep it under control, but the control must have broken.

Clearly, in this apartment building, in front of one of his closest friends, the animal had been unleashed.

The animal had killed a man.

The animal was Beast Boy.

Garfield Logan was sitting across from Cyborg, Robin and Starfire in the interrogation room in Titans Tower. Up until now, they never had any reason to use the room, but now it only seemed appropriate. The silence between the four was deafening.

The bullet wound in his shoulder had been treated and bandaged, but his hands were shackled to the armrests of the chair he sat in, and heavy chain was wrapped around his torso and legs, lest he try to escape and do them harm. He had been given a shot of tranquilizer to calm him down as well.

He didn't understand why they were doing this. Barry Hamilton, the man the press had dubbed the Trenchcoat Rapist, was dead. Robin's promise had been fulfilled, Raven was safe, and the residents of Jump City could sleep at night. In his mind, he was a hero. To his three friends, however, he was a murderer and a threat to everyone around him, and they wanted to get to the bottom of why their normally peaceful, humorous compatriot had snapped. Beast Boy's protest broke the silence:

"Guys, I really don't think this chain is necessary."

Starfire looked him in the eyes and said, "Beast Boy, we do not wish to cause you any harm. I can only hope you do not intend to cause us any harm as well."

"Star, that's ridiculous. Why would I want to hurt you guys?"

"We saw what you did, B.B.," Cyborg replied. "I've never seen anything that horrible before."

"You killed someone," Robin said. "You slaughtered someone. What we saw in there is something we'll never be able to forget, and I'm sure Raven won't be forgetting it anytime soon either. What I don't understand is why you're so upbeat after all of this."

"Dude, I killed a serial rapist. The son of a bitch had it coming."

"That might be true, but you were completely out of control in there," Cyborg said. "If Rancid hadn't led us to the place, we wouldn't have been able to stop you."

"Stop me? From what?" Beast Boy asked. A deafening silence was his teammates' initial reply, and their lack of response caused Gar to lean forward as far as he could and repeat the question, this time with more force. "Stop me from what?"

"Killing Raven," Robin said bluntly.

"THAT'S BULLSHIT!" Gar screamed, nearly lunging out of the chair. "Why would I kill her?!"

"You started walking towards her right after you killed Hamilton," Cyborg explained. "I couldn't run the risk of you hurting her, either on purpose or on accident."

"I was gonna untie her! If you guys think I'd ever hurt you, you're insane!"

"Cyborg did what he had to do," Starfire added. "While I do believe you, we concluded that rendering you unconscious was the proper course of action."

Gar frowned and leaned forward against his restraints. "Where's Raven?"

"She's asleep in her room," Robin answered.

"Can I see her?"

"Do you really think I'm gonna answer 'yes' to that question?"

"I saved her life, Robin! At least let me see proof that she's okay!"

"I can't do that. We're not here to talk about Raven. We're here to talk about what you did."

"You all saw what I did! I stopped that sick son of a bitch before he could rape anyone else! You guys should be thanking me!"

"Thanking you?! You should have held him off! You should have waited for us!"

"Waiting wouldn't have done a damn thing! If I'd waited, Raven would be dead right now! I had to act!"

"You ripped off his genitals and tore him apart! You call that acting?!"

"I call that karma!"

"Well, I call it excessive! If you'd done what I ordered you to do, he'd still be alive!"

Gar rolled his eyes and let out a bitter chuckle. "You wanted to bring him in alive. That's hilarious."

Cyborg and Starfire cringed as Robin slammed his fist into the desk. "Don't you EVER speak to me that way, Beast Boy," he growled. "You disobeyed an order! You put yourself and the whole team at risk! You-"

"I killed him and you didn't." Gar's statement ground the proceedings to a halt as Robin's harangue died on his lips. The shapeshifter continued: "That's what this is about. You wanted to be the one to bring him down. You wanted to be the one who saved the day. The bastard's life should've been ended by you." It was all Robin could do not to leap over the desk and strangle him as Beast Boy's harsh rebuttal began to pick up steam. "I don't know where the fuck you've been the past few days, but you're not the only one who's been affected by all this! What Cyborg and I saw in Steel City was an absolute nightmare! From what I heard on my communicator, Star didn't get her powers back until you were chasing Rancid! If that son of a bitch had pulled the trigger, she'd be dead! And don't even get me started on Raven!" Robin narrowed his eyes at Beast Boy and stood up, seemingly to say something in his defense. But, to everyone's surprise, he turned around and began to leave the room. Sarcasm dripped off of Gar's words as a cocky grin spread across his face. "What's the matter, o fearless leader? Did I touch a nerve?"

"Knock it off, bro!" Cyborg snapped. "That's enough!"

"Agreed," Starfire added. "There is no more reason for you to behave in such a manner!"

"You guys made your point! Now untie me!"

"Not until you calm-"

Robin shut the door, muffling the trio's voices. He let out a heavy sigh and leaned back against the wall, sliding down until he was sitting on the floor. Beast Boy's rebuttal echoed in his head as he began to retrace the events of the past three days. It didn't take long for realization to kick in, and when it did, Robin let out a small gasp and buried his face in his hands. The old saying had been proven true once again: it had all started at the top. It had all started with him.

I never should have shown them that video.