Marluxia Does Not Like Bees.

The toast pops and he jumps, hurrying to get it before it gets too cool. The peanut butter doesn't melt if the toast cools before it's smeared on. He grabs a stainless steel knife and covers the two golden brown slices liberally, watching with satisfaction as, around the edges where the peanut butter is thinnest, it starts melting into creamy little puddles. His hand gropes automatically for the cupboard beneath the bench he is using and fumbles about searching for the soft plastic container of honey; his blue eyes are fixed on the slices before him.

With careful concentration, tongue sticking out of the side of his mouth, he dribbles honey over the peanut butter, first one slice, then the other. The honey came from one of those specially marked Lotus Honey packs from Wonderland, one of those ones where you send in five barcodes and receive an Organisation figure in return. Not to boast, but he'd always thought he makes a pretty spiffy figurine. He uses the scythe from his own Marluxia (TM) figure as a letter opener, himself, and he's always liked the little Axel (TM) figurines as backscratchers, with that crazy spiky plastic red hair they have. A Riku (TM) miniature stands, of course, in pride of place beside his bed on a small table.

He hears a small, irritating buzz just out the kitchen window before him, but ignores it, tongue still out and and yet another knife- his third; he doesn't like ruining each layer with parts from the section before, everybody knows the honey doesn't look very attractive with peanut butter clouding it- to wipe off the honey, leaving it smooth and slick as polished amber.

The buzz is closer. He still tries to ignore it, concentrating fiercely until something brushes his nose. Irritated, he waves it away; another lands beside his masterpiece of food.


Now he's annoyed. With a flip of his fine hand, he sends a tiny firebolt whizzing through the air. A bee goes down; three to go, by the looks of it. Tongue poking out the side of his mouth yet again- he always does it when he's focused- he summons another miniscule fireball to his fingertips and sends it streaking towards his enemies.

That's when it happens. The teamwork. These bees always get cocky. Two fly in for the slices of peanut-butter-and-honeyed bread, knowing it will distract him, and the other heads straight for his face. With a yelp, he fires off one massive ragingball of flamein the small confines of his kitchen, and suddenly, in the ensuing smoke and debris that follows, he realises; the buzzing has stopped.

His peanut-butter-and-honey sandwiches are safe.

And Marluxia does not like bees.

Written for Andy, because of how much I missed her while she was away on camp :huggles tightly: Fear the randomness. It didn't finish quite how I expected, but then, they never do :rueful grin: It can't be too bad though, can it?

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