As the Darkness Closes In... - Prologue

This chick was hot. Hot with a captial "Ouch that hurt.". She sat at the bar, 4 inch heels hooked over the cross-bar of her stool. Cute white pants hid her legs from view whilst a little blue top revealed all when she leant forward on the bar-top. Her eyes were a glacial blue, bright and sparkling - pronounced by the gloss of her lipstick. She chatted to the bartender, her laughter light and full of youth, causing her shoulders to shake slightly and her hair to fall in ringlets around her face. She looked to her right as a freshman took the chair beside her, her warm, sensual smile encouraging him as they ordered their drinks. They talked for hours, she hung on his every word while he enjoyed her undivided attention.
They were the only clubbers left when the caretaker politely asked them to get their asses in gear so he could close up for the night. The newly formed couple wandered out onto the steets, the moon's light casting an eerie glow over LA's rainwashed sidewalks. Taking his arm and smiling suggestively, the firl led him to the nearest alley.
He swallowed a little nervously as she undid his top few buttons and pulled him closer. She kissed him deeply and smiled as he got the hang of it and slowly began to kiss her neck. Gently he eased her around, pressing her against the wall. Ready for action, she smiled seductively and looked at him. Her expression changed from that of youthful lust to pure horror as he raised his head, his face disfigured and completely inhuman.
His ravenous snarls masked her cries of fear and pain as she was brutally savaged, all blood lost to the guy with the cute smile. The mutilated body slumped against the wall - cute, white pants now stained red and torn to shreds, the little blue top ripped and bloodsoaked.

Angel stood at the back of the alley, watching every horrific moment. He watched as the 'freshman' reverted back to his human form and joined his friends across the street. Angel shut his eyes tight - he could have saved her. Opening them again, the vampire turned his eyes to the exit of the alley as the darkness stirred inside him.

He was hungry.