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Title: Gordon, Waffle, and Mr. Blik meet Arnold, SpongeBob, and Otto

Chapter 1: Working and Arguing

In the Catscratch house, Gordon, Waffle, and Mr. Blik were working on a portal.

Mr. Blik: Gordon, why are we doing this?

Gordon: Because, Waffle wanted to see the land of newts, I wanted to see Scotland, and you want to see the land of money.

Blik: No, seriously.

Waffle: I love newts!

Blik: Be quiet!

Waffle: Don't tell me to be quiet!

Blik: Don't back-sass me, you pudding filled sock puppet!

Gordon: Guys, stop fighting!

Blik: Why should I!

Waffle: Yeah, why!

Gordon: Because, it's not right!

Blik: Oh, who needs you?

The three keep fighting and arguing plus knocking down priceless, expensive stuff. Also with that, they spilt water on the portal, making it work and go in separate directions if you go inside.

Mr. Blik: You know, I never want to see you guys ever again!

Waffle: That goes double for me!

Gordon: Fine then!

Suddenly, the rich cats trip on a wire and are now sent into the vortex.

What happens next? Chapter 2: Blik Shores, next! NO INSULTS OR FLAMES PLEASE and write great reviews. Sorry if this is so short, too.