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Supernatural : Agnus Dei – Hunted by your sins ( it's not the translation) just the title.

Summary: Dean is being hunted. He becomes the prey of something he never learned how to deal with. Sam is dragged along trying to save him and try to figure this one out.

Sam walked back into their motel room, in his hands; there were two coffees and some M&M's.

He opened the door and immediately placed the coffees on the table in a hurry and ran to Dean.

He was lying on the floor unconscious.

" Dean!" Sam said in panic putting his brother's head on his lap trying to wake him up.

The last hunt had not been that great. They were after a couple of vampires. The bastards got the smarts.

Eve though they had went after them well prepared; the vampires were able to put up a hell of fight. After all, they had some upper hand.

After turning the female vampire into ashes, the male one was more than pissed and that was never good.

Needless to say the boys had a pretty hard time to take him down. Sam succeeded in sending the vampire's sorry ass back to wherever he belonged. Dean didn't have the same luck, when Sam turned to check on Dean and brag about his victory, he found his brother knocked to the floor, not moving.

He called 911 and did his best until the ambulance arrived and quickly took him to the hospital.

He was not in a good shape. The doctors worked on him for hours as Dean's heart stopped for a few minutes. The thing had been worse than Sam thought.

Luckily, Dean was a stubborn asshole, and no vampires would make him say good bye to this world easily. Soon, Dean was back and his hearting was beating once again.

The doctors gave Sam the news and explained to him all they had to do, and that his condition was not the best, but he'd would be just fine, as long as he rested and gave himself time to heal. Sam smiled and thanked the doctor before he asked for permission to get in and see Dean.

Sam opened the door slowly and spotted Dean, still asleep on his bed. Making a move inside the room he also spotted something unexpected There was an old woman sitting on a chair. The woman was a nun, she had her head hung down, her hands together and eyes closed, as if she was in deep concentration. When she heard the door being opened she looked at Sam offering him a smile.

" Sorry, I am always in the hospital, praying for the poor souls who end up here. This is a strong one." She said getting up and heading to Sam.

" It's alright. It's just the first time I walk into a room a see a nun praying for my brother" Sam revealed his surprised as he expected a hot nurse to be taking care of Dean or something like that.

" I suppose you want to be alone with him. I am going to leave you two alone".

" Thanks" He said watching the old lady exit the room and close the door.

He pulled a chair close to Dean's bed and waited. Thank God he was stubborn.

Several hours had passed by, and Sam fell asleep on his chair. Some nurses came by and checked on him. They were very nice, always offering Sam coffee and other things. The doctor explained Dean was probably taking a while to wake up, due all the process he'd been through.

When Dean woke, he smiled, as the first thing he saw was his brother's asleep by the bed.

" Rise and shine sleep beauty" Dean said touching Sam's shoulder.

Sam took a few seconds to wake up and remember where he was. He saw his brother, looking at him with a grin.

" Hey, how are you feeling?" Sam asked taking a good look at Dean.

" Like if I was knocked out… Oh wait, wait, I was knocked out. That must be why" Dean said giving his best smile.

" It was a little worse big bro, your heart stopped for a few minutes, you scared the crap out of the doctors and me as well".

" Hey, I am the hero, we don't die so easily. Besides, I wouldn't give you the pleasure of getting rid of me".

Sam let out a laugh. " Right, I am glad you are ok though."

" That was cute Sammy!" Dean said making fun. " Did we at least get the bastards?"

" Yeah, they are no longer a problem"

" Good, cause they were getting on my nerves"

After this incident, Sam decided to let Dean heal first before heading to another gig, so he rented a decent motel room and tried to keep Dean as quiet as possible. Which he knew, was not piece of cake thing o do.

Two days had passed, and Dean had been acting a little weird from time to time. Sam didn't care much, after all, It was Dean he was talking about, he was weird and he had been close to death so… why bother?

That morning he left his brother sleeping on his bed and went for coffee. Things were normal when he left, so, he didn't expect to find Dean lying on the floor like that when he got back.

" Dean, come on man!" Sam tried some slaps on Dean's face. " Wake up…don't make me take you back to the hospital".

Sam hated those situations, he knew what to do in emergencies, of course, the pressure bothered him a lot. To have someone's life depending on his actions made him more nervous than any supernatural shit they had handled.

" Dean?" Sam asked when his brother slightly began opening his eyes. " That's right, take it easy"

" Sam" He whispered looking around, scared. He still was in their room…

" What happened?" Sam asked helping his brother stand up.

" Not sure" His eyes were quickly double checking the whole room, as if he wanted to make sure there was none else there.

" Are you feeling ok? Should I call your doctor?"

" No, I am fine, it's just… I thought I might have seen someone or something here"

" What was it? A ghost?"

" It looked a lot like… like me" Dean was still confused and kinda mumbling.

" You sure? The pain killers are pretty strong Dean, could have been just your imagination" Sam reached for the bag to check the pill's jar.

" I know what I saw ok? I didn't even take those".

" You should have, the doctor said it'd help."

" Bigger picture here! Something was in this room and I have no idea of what happened!"

Sam put the jar back and reached for the EMF. The signal was low, but definitely getting something.

" Something was here indeed, it has left now. Could have been another shape shifter".

Dean shook his head and checked the EMF signal.

" No, it was something else. The eyes were not glowing. It sent chills down my spine alright?"

" If that wasn't a shape shifter than, what was it? And why does it have your looks… again?"

" Beats me! These things are getting quite personal. This one seems to have issues with me".

" You have a natural gift to piss things and people off". Dean rolled his eyes and sat on the bed.

" Explain what happened ok? We gotta start somewhere". Sam asked opening his laptop.

" There isn't much to say. I woke up with a noise, thought it was you. I got up, called your name a couple of times and when I turned my back… there it was… looking just like me. He just looked deeply into my eyes, not moving, not making a sound…suddenly I feel dizzy, breathless and my heart was tight… and my head was heavy… that's all I can remember".

" Great, just great. Have you seen anything similar to this in dad's journal?"

" No, not a single case".

" I guess we have to wait then. We don't have a start point".

" I don't wanna wait, what if it shows up again? I'll be defenceless, you will be as well".

" Ok, let's check for medical records of people who had the same symptoms you did. It's a start".

Sam took his laptop and started hacking into medical systems looking for similarities.

" There were a few cases Dean, the only problem is… they happened in different places… Chicago, Miami, Colorado…those aren't exactly supernatural symptoms".

" Says you college boy". Dean reached for the coffee Sam brought and right after he took his keys.

" Where are you going?" Sam asked also drinking his coffee.

" For a drive, I am sick of staying stuck in this room."

" You are supposed to be resting Dean, besides, what if thing decides to go after you?" Sam blocked the door.

" I'll be quick, just need to get some fresh air Sammy. Keep looking for local medical records alright?"

He pushed Sam aside and headed to the Impala. Sam lets out a sigh and returns to the laptop. Why all the Winchesters have to be stubborn? Sam thought watching his brother drive away.

Dean put on some Led Zeppelin's song, stairway to heaven and sang along.

He was recalling what he felt when he saw himself looking at him disappointed, how weird it was to see your own disappointed expression, judging you.

His heart, tight as it was, like if it was broken. Few times he felt his heart broken like that. When his mom died, when Sammy got hurt, when he fell in love for the first time, when he couldn't help someone.

Few times indeed, considering his age at least.

He was brought back to reality, when he looked his mirror and saw someone sitting on the back seat of his car. It was him again. Through the mirror he could see his big smile, a superior smile, and superior look. Dean wanted to look back and see if the thing was really there, yet he was frozen by the image on his mirror.

" We have scores to settle… Dean" The thing said calmly and coldly before disappearing.

Dean stopped the car harshly and got the guts to look back. It was not there anymore… or had it even been there?

Dean rubbed his eyes and looked again.

" Shit" Was all he could say. What was happening to him?

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