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Chapter 12 - Hope you like it!

As Dean had already been through hell with his captor, he was quite sure that thing was capable of blowing Sam's brain, meaning that joking time was over.

He had never felt so uncomfortable before, so defenseless. There wasn't much he could do for Sam right now, unless obey his instincts and do what his captor wished. Great back up plan Dean…do the obvious. There was no back up plan and no way out, he didn't really have the strength anyway.

" I told you…I'll say…whatever…you want ok?". Dean agreed.

Sam had something a whirlwind of emotions going on within him. That had to be over, quickly. He could barely stare at Dean. His brother was in a terrible shape. Sam couldn't remember the last time he saw Dean so fragile like that. It just wasn't like him to give the guy what they wanted. Yet, he knew Dean would make the craziest decision if Sam's life was involved. That's what Sam was afraid of.

" What would you do for your brother Dean?" The thing asked always keeping the gun aimed at Sam.

That question, he didn't even hesitate to answer. " I'd do anything… for him, but you already…already… know that". Dean assured. Dean's body was still freezing and shivering.

" Dean shut up". Sam said calmly. The thing waved the shock device in front of Sam's eyes one more time. " Quiet Sammy". He said in a threatening way. " Your brother isn't made of steel…this thing hurts like hell". He finished the sentence making Sam rethink his attitude.

" We've had a long chat about your bad decisions Dean…now I ask you..." The thing makes a short pause and continues. " Would you be able to carry your brother's death on your shoulders for the rest of your life?"

Oh God, not that one! Sam thought. Was that the last resource? Blaming Dean for Sam's death? Such a low blow…

" No". Dean answered dryly. " I'd never …be able…to…forgive…myself". Sam had some drops of tears held in his eyes. He'd never be able to carry the responsibility of Dean's death either. It was just too much. Jessica's death had already been too much.

" I figured as much. So…if I tell you that, the only way for your baby brother to get out of here alive is, for you to give up on your life…what would you say?".

" Don't you dare answering that!" Sam shouted totally forgetting about the gun aimed to his brain and the shock device.

The thing shook his head. " I've had it with you Sammy! Quiet means quiet!" The thing shouted approaching Dean, still aiming at Sam.

He pressed the device on Dean's abdomen, just for a couple of seconds this time, in order to warn Sam. Dean greeted his teeth and was only able to let out a painful though kinda loud moan.

Sam had to hold his despair not to cause more pain for his brother. It was automatic for the brothers to be taken by the impulse when they desperately wanted to easy each other's sorrow. He felt like running toward Dean and getting him out there.

" Damn it! I'd say yes! Just…do…do it already!" Dean shouted back angry answering the previous question he'd been asked.

" Calm down Dean". The thing stepped away from him and approached Sam again. " I guess you're a lucky guy Sam, you brother prefers to die…in order to save you. Isn't that just sweet?"

Sam felt his blood boil.

" No!". Sam shouted again. Now he was the one who had had it. The situation was getting carried away. Dean wasn't getting the whole point. Screw the gun and everything else. Dean had to understand.

I'm sorry Dean. Sam thought. But I can't let you do this. He decided.

" Listen to me damn it! I don't blame you for a darn thing, dad doesn't either! So stop this 'protecting me' shit and get over your fucking guilt! It's the only way!" he said at the top of his voice.

Both Dean and his captor looked at Sam in disbelief. The only reason why Dean didn't get so surprised at his brother's rage was probably because lately, Sam had shown it a lot more often. Especially when his dad was around. He had been raising his voice and putting out all his emotions, not keeping his thoughts to himself in any situation.

Dean's pleas for Sam to be quiet and stop asking so many questions when John gave them an order were totally in vain. Dean also knew Sam was willing to give up a lot if he could send some evil demons back to where they belonged; obviously, he was willing give up anything to save Dean's ass.

The only way. Those words echoed inside Dean's mind. He had gotten the message. All his captor had used so far to get to him was his guilt, therefore, no guilt, no captor. Can't believe I didn't figure this out before! He laughed quietly at himself.

The gun his captor had previously given to him, after that nightmare with the coffins and the church, wouldn't do any harm to this freak, that's why, he was so calm about it.

" You shouldn't have said that Sam". The thing said placing his finger to the trigger.

" Wait!" Dean screamed getting his captor's attention a second before he'd squeeze that trigger. " We have…a deal...I said yes". Dean had to buy some time to let Sam words sink in…Sam didn't blame him for anything, his dad didn't blame him either. He had to get attached to those words. It was the only way indeed.

" My brother lives…I give up my life…am I right?" Dean said with some difficulties, trying to put himself together after the last shock, plus the cold. " You can't…kill Sam".

The gun was put down. " You're right Dean, you did say yes…we have a deal". He gave Sam a dirty look. " You're really lucky Sammy". The thing said teasing him.

" Am I allowed to… say goodbye, at least?" Dean asked, trying to turn his words into a plea, making it sound believable.

Sam gave his brother a confused look.

The captor let out a sigh. " God, this sounds like a soap opera! What a drama!"

" Please". Dean said again. " You got what you wanted". He finished.

Every word that came out of Sam's mouth seemed to become a tragic consequence, so Dean managed a way for them to talk, without guns being aimed or shock devices being used. A goodbye wouldn't be denied.

" Fine, but be quick". His captor said.

" Dean, please, we can get out of."

" Sam listen". Dean cut him off before he finished his sentence. " I'm sorry for you not having the… innocence a child should have had…and…I'm sorry…for leaving you alone…when we were kids…I wish I could have…have given you the…most normal…childhood …as possible". They don't blame me. Dean kept that in mind while he talked.

Sam was getting to Dean's point now. That was not a goodbye; Dean was dealing with his guilt. To open himself up like that was a major effort for him.

Sam would see Dean hurt; bleeding, dying and he wouldn't care. But to see his vulnerability was never in his plans.

He knew Dean would need some assurance when he gotten through his issues. Assurance that he was forgiven. Sam's eyes begged Dean to go on. He was on track.

" I wish I could've saved…the people who died out of a bad decision I made…and…".

His captor suddenly felt a great lack of strength. Then he realized what his victim had planned. He had been cheated.

" Enough! I won't let you go through this". He said going aggressively toward Dean.

" You have saved a lot more than you lost Dean. Think about them. Families that will live happily because of us; because of you". Sam said in a hurry.

The captor freed Dean's hands from the cuffs making him fall on the floor on his knees, not being strong enough to deal with his weight. The gun was placed close to him. He wanted Dean to end his life.

" Your life…for Sam's life" His captor could barely say the words out of weakness. He certainly hadn't seen that coming. " Now!".

Dean slowly felt his broken fingers getting back to normal. As he only felt them breaking, when his captor began losing his power over Dean, all the damage was being undone.

" You forgive me… Sam?" Dean asked staring the floor, not wanting to pick up the gun. He pleaded his mind not to betray him on more time. He had to get over the guilt, faster than any human being had ever tried before.

" I never blamed you…but if you need forgiveness…than yes. Of course I forgive you and I want you to forgive me too, for everything". Sam said already smiling in victory. The captor was fading away little by little.

" No!" The captor grabbed the gun, using all his remaining strength. " You broke…our deal Dean". The he aimed the gun at Sam. " You just killed…your…brother".

Sam squeezed his eyes shut waiting for the shot…a shot that never came. When he opened his eyes again, few seconds later, all he saw was the gun and Dean's weak body still kneeling on the floor. Nothing else. His brother's captor was gone. Back to where he belonged.

With Sam's last statement, Dean felt a real relief… he retrieved an incredible peace of mind. A peace he hadn't tasted in years. When this sensation took Dean over, his evil side, his torturer; just vanished away.

Dean started laughing and crawled close to his brother.

" You scared me there for a second". Sam said helping Dean to his feet.

" You underestimate me little brother". He put his arms around Sam. " One Dean is enough around here, that freak wasn't as handsome anyway".

" Yeah, whatever you say". Sam led his brother outside the house.

Fortunately, Dean 's captor had driven them to the house and the Impala was parked in front of it.

" So umm, do you really feel all that mess of guilt Dean?" Sam wondered.

" Oh God, I had enough of this talk, not you Sam". Dean sat on the passenger's seat. Driving was out of question now.

Sam closed the door and started the car. " I was just wondering…I mean…a lot of the things you feel guilty for, is not even your fault".

" Dean picked a new jacket and put on to contain his cold. " I was feeling guilty ok? That thing made me recall all the crap I worked hard to forget". Then he grabbed the box with his cassette tapes. " But I don't feel guilty now…not anymore…thanks to you".

He put on 'Black in black' from ACDC and smiled at Sam. " Now drop it, before I go crazy and ask you for a hug". He finished with a grin.

" Alright…jerk".

" Bitch". Dean answered. Things were finally over and getting back to normal.

" Do I take you to the hospital?" Sam asked seeing his brother's condition.

Dean smirked. " Nah…I just need a bed… and a couple of beers". He turned the music up and sang along. Sam could help but laugh. His brother would always be the same old Dean, no matter what.

The end.

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