(Alexander Xanatos)

(Some time later...) (2111 A.D.)

It was a happy night for all of us when the U.N. made their call to mount a strike against the Prime Ruler of New Liberty. Oddly enough, there wasn't any resistance when they got to the border. When they reached the capital, they found out why. Prime Ruler Goldari Macaro Bethovich was found dead in his office, shot through the chest with a three-fifty-seven-caliber bullet. No one had dared go up there since the gargoyle attack on the building the other night. All of the Prime Ruler's council were either dead or missing.

Upon closer inspection of the capitol building's computer files, it was revealed that not only was the Prime Ruler ordering the slaughters of gargoyles, but he was also employing the use of superscience to create soldiers for this cause.

The people of New Liberty were more frightened of these turns of events than of the very creatures they came here to escape from. The people that were inside the building during the attack were particularly confused. They witnessed firsthand examples of loyalty, love, and kinship amongst the gargoyles that so valiantly fought for their lives in that building. Many refused interviews from the press, but those that took the mike recounted the evening in detail. Some said they were beginning to think that maybe, just maybe, it wasn't right to have done what they did.

Of course, there were still many who hated gargoyles, but at least now there was a lot more insight in the general population of New Liberty.

It took several days to clean up the mess in the building. It took even longer to repair the damage to the storefronts, elevators, and support pillars.

With the help of the United Nations, the people of New Liberty were able to elect themselves a new leader, this one a good and just man of proper values and good character. At least, as good a man as one can get out of a politician.

The gargoyles that attacked the capitol building had all disappeared. All of them. They returned to Jake's apartment and received a huge welcome, especially the one they had worked so hard to rescue, Gold Demona.

Terra eventually regained consciousness. She woke up with no recollection of anything that happened while she was in Professor Hojo's custody. She didn't remember the Prime Ruler or his council or any of the things they made her do while she was under their control. She barely remembered her own name and what she was. It's just as well she didn't remember what happened. She was way too young to have to carry that kind of weight on her conscience. She went back to Avalon, much to Oberon's joy.

Reno stuck around for a little while before heading back to Paradigm City. Imagine the exasperated looks on his partners' faces when he told them where he'd been and what had happened to him. Who would believe that he was locked in a dungeon high in the Prime Ruler's capitol building with a girl that was human by day and gargoyle by night?

The Crimson Pig Express and the Rescuers' Railway, having finished their job, were dismissed. They all went back to their own homes and continued with their lives as if nothing happened. All that is, except the clan that was stationed in Paradigm City.

Many of them didn't have homes to go to, having lost their original clans. And they couldn't go back to the apartment they lived in before since the Hunters ransacked it. So they went their separate ways to find their own place.

Silverbolt took Blackarachnia to Nottingham, so she could see the city he hatched and grew up in.

Boober and Red rejoined their band, Fraggle Rock, finally complete and together again. They recorded their first reunion album featuring Boober as they're long lost lead singer. The album hit platinum in the first few months.

Jigen took Gold on that world tour he promised her. They saw the world and everything in it.

Mac went back to her university in Glasgow, and took Markl and Krypto with her. There, she legally adopted Markl and became his legal guardian.

Vaala came back home to Manhattan, greeted by many happy gargoyles. Of course, she was really happy to be home, but I could tell something wasn't at all right with her. She wasn't the same cheery girl that I'd sent away almost a year ago. And I had a pretty good idea what it was that was troubling her. So I didn't hesitate to start taking action on it.

I was in my office, sorting through some papers when Vaala walked in.

"Hey, Grandpa," she greeted, "What're you doing?"

"Just looking at some real estate," I said, "I'm trying to help a friend who needs a house for her small family of gargoyles."

"Oh," she said.

"Something I can help you with, pumpkin?"

"Well, there's just been a lot of questions going through my mind lately since I got back from New Liberty."

"Like what?"

"Like at Christmas, when you sent us all those presents."

"Did everyone like them?"

"Well, yeah, they did. But I'm just curious. How did you know all their names? And what they'd like?"

"I've got eyes and ears in strange places, Vaala. Many of the fey variety."

"Is that how you found Gold? To send her to New Liberty?"

"I found Gold long before I ever thought to send anyone to New Liberty. In fact, I originally didn't have any intention of sending her to New Liberty, especially knowing her connections with the Prime Ruler."

"Wait, you knew the whole damn time?!" she blurted, "And you didn't say anything?!"

"Calm down! I never told her about it because I didn't want her to freak out about it. I mean wouldn't you freak out if you found out you were part of a madman's science project?"

"That doesn't mean she didn't have a right to know!"

"She knows now, doesn't she?"

"Yeah, and she almost killed herself!"

"But! She's not dead, is she?" I pointed out, holding my pointer finger up, and then going back to my real estate. "Everyone's fine. So why worry about it?"

She stayed quiet for a while as I flipped through house after house. She stared at me for a long while before finally speaking again. This time back to her calm tone.

"So how'd you find out about it? Her link to the Prime Ruler I mean?"

"Well, it was twenty-six and a half years ago," I started, "I was in New Liberty on business, back when it was still a state. Owen and I felt a strange magical vibe in the area, so we followed it to see where we ended up. I wound up in a laboratory belonging to a man by the name of Hojo. I looked up and found two large tubes. One had a small human male baby, and one had a brightly colored gargoyle egg in it.

"I was fortunate enough that the man at the brains of this experiment wasn't home at the moment, so I took the liberty of reading up on what he was up to. I knew he wouldn't be long in coming back, so I had to be quick. I discovered who the two small creatures were, their connection to each other, Hojo's eventual plans for them, as well as all the other creations on the mad scientist's roster. That's how I knew about Blackarachnia. She was still quite young when these two were created.

"Anyway, I couldn't just stand there and let this plan succeed. I also knew I couldn't take more than one child at the same time; otherwise I would've taken both of them out of there. So I did the next best thing. I picked one and left. I'm sure you can guess which one I took."

"The egg? Gold's egg?"


"Is that when she was dropped off at that orphanage in California?"

"Yeah, that's about when it happened. I had to drop her off someplace safe and very far away from New Liberty. So I went to Los Angeles. I knew of a charming little orphanage there with five very charming women I knew I could count on to take care of her. So I put the egg in a nice little basket, placed a note on it, and left the basket at the orphanage doorstep."

"What did the note say?"

"Oh it's been a while, but I think it was something like this:"

The child in this egg is very special. Her name is Gold Demona, and she will hatch fairly soon. Keep her hidden and safe until she can care for herself.


Her Guardian Angel

"Guardian angel?" Vaala chuckled. "Geez, grandpa. I didn't figure you to be the sappy type."

"I thought it was fitting. And it worked. They took care of her, and nobody else ever knew she was there. Well, except maybe a couple of kids here and there, but that's a story for another day."

"So what made you decide to send her to New Liberty?"

"Mostly to get her out of that orphanage. And partly to give the two of you the chance to meet each other and make friends."

"Yeah, a lot of good that does us now," she groaned. "Who knows where she and Jigen are right now?"

"Egypt, I believe."

"Mr. Xanatos," Owen called as he entered the room.

"Yes, Owen," I replied.

"The visitors you were expecting tonight have arrived. Shall I send them in here, Sir?"

"Excellent," I waved to him, "Yes, Owen, send them in right now."

"Yes, Sir."

"Who is it, Grandpa?" Vaala asked as Owen left the room.

"It's the friend I told you about," I answered, "The one with the small family of gargoyles."

I looked up at her, and she had her eyes and head tilted downward and away from me.

"You alright?" I asked.

Slowly, she looked back up at me.

"I miss them, Grandpa," she said.

"I know, Sweety," I smiled. "Maybe helping me find a home for my friend's clan will help you feel better."


She walked up and leaned down over the desk in front of me.

"So," she started as she looked down at my real estate papers, "Who are they?"

"Just one of the clans from New Liberty. I'm pretty sure you'll remember them."

"Ah'd bitar hope ye do," said my guest in a thick Scottish accent as she entered the room.

Vaala turned around to see Mac walking up behind her with Markl and Krypto running up ahead, who practically tackled her as they ran up.

"Mac!" she greeted.

"Vaala!" Markl greeted as he and Krypto plowed into her.

"Markl!" she laughed after Krypto knocked her on her butt and started licking her face. "Krypto, cut it out! Down boy!"

"Glad you could make it, Mac," I said to her, "Have you heard from the others?"

"Evrehone weth theh ixciption ohf Goold ahnd Jeggen," she answered, "Lahst Ah hird, theh jost lift Ehgypt, heddin far Frahnce."

"Ah, so he's finally gonna get around to popping the question, eh?"

"Aye, eht would sehm soo."

"Wait, you've been in contact with everyone?" Vaala asked me as she got up from Krypto's tackle.

"Ye alriddeh knoo weh war close frinds, lass," Mac replied, pointing to herself and me. "Ahnd weth evrehthen weh've ohl behn through, ye thenk weh wouldn't kehp ehn tohch weth evrehone?"

"We're a clan, aren't we?" Markl added.

"Arr! Arr!" Krypto agreed, vigorously wagging his tail.

"Wait," Vaala said and then turned to me, "So if Mac's the friend you're trying to help, then the clan you're finding the house for..."

"Is yours," I finished her sentence with a grin.

Slowly, the smile on her face grew wider and wider. When it couldn't get any wider, she leapt and wrapped her arms around an unsuspecting Mac, practically scaring the wits out of her. When Mac regained her composure, she returned the hug just before Vaala let go and bolted around the desk and wrapped her arms around me.

"Thank you, Grandpa," she whispered, though it was only because her emotions had compromised her vocal ability.

"It was all for you, Pumpkin," I replied and returned the hug. "It was all for you."

"I hope we aren't interrupting," called a deep voice as two more figures entered the room.

Vaala let go of me and ran to hug Silverbolt before he could arrive at the desk, with Blackarachnia walking beside him.

"I've missed you guys so much!"

"We all feel the same way," he replied, "That's why we're here now."

"Never thought I'd get to see the inside of the famous Eyrie Building of Xanatos Enterprises," Blackarachnia said.

"Bet you also never thought you'd get away from the Prime Ruler's shadow," another familiar voice rang out as another two figures walked in.

"Red!" Vaala called to them as she went and handed them their hugs, "Boober!"

"I thought you were recording with your band," Silverbolt said.

"We finished up early," Red replied. "Once the album hits stores, we're taking a break for a couple years. So we figured we'd stick around with you guys."

"And your clan leader doesn't mind you living with us instead of them?" Markl asked.

"Not at all," Boober said, "He was very supportive. What was it that Cantus said, Red?"

"Oh please!" she groaned and rolled her eyes, "You're actually gonna make me quote that old hippie? Ugh, alright. 'Your home is here, and your home is there. One or the other, both is where you belong. Where your heart goes, you'll go. That is where you'll stay.'"

"Wow, you actually remembered all that?" Vaala asked.

"I learned to memorize what he says so I can go find somebody to translate it for me later! The guy talks in riddles all the time, and he can somehow lead a clan talking that way!"

"Where are Jigen and Gold?" Boober asked.

"They'll join you when they're ready," I answered, "According to Mac, they're going to France."

"Good," Red replied, "Let them take all the time they want. Do we have a house yet?"

"That's what we were just deciding," I said as I pushed the real estate papers forward. "Take a look."

Mac and Silverbolt were the first to step up to them.

"This one looks good," he said as he picked up one of the papers.

Mac looked at it and nodded.

"Aye, thaht's a nice one. Thes room cahn hoose ma lahb. Ahnd the othar two for Vahlah ahnd Goold."

"Hey, it says it's close to a magic school!" Markl said as he pointed to the page they were holding. "And it has a big back yard!"

"A sturdy structure and a solid foundation," Blackarachnia added.

"Hey, Boober!" Red mocked as she looked at it, "The place comes with its own clothesline!"

"Oh stop it," he replied, "It looks like it's in a good, quiet neighborhood."

"Where we can all just be ourselves," Vaala said, "Together and happy."

"Like a clan should be," I said, looking up at the satisfied faces looking at that piece of paper, "So I take it the choice is unanimous."

"I guess it is, Grandpa," Vaala giggled as she took the sheet in her hands and looked around at her clanmates.

She then looked at me and handed me the page.

"We want this one."

(Two Week's Later...)


Grandpa, with his seemingly infinite resources, managed to get the deal done almost instantly, and we were able to start moving in immediately.

We'd just finished moving in, and it wasn't too long until sunrise. We'd just turned off our new TV and were just getting ready for everyone to go to sleep. Silverbolt was just opening the door that opened to the stairway that led to the roof. Then there was a knock on the door.

I went and opened, and there on the porch stood Jigen and Gold.

"Hey!" I greeted, "We were wondering if you were gonna show up! It's almost sunrise!"

"Sorry!" said Gold, "I wanted to stop by the Happy Lesson on the way."

"Happy Lesson?" I repeated.

"The orphanage she grew up in," Jigen explained, "We happened to be in the neighborhood, so Gold decided to show me to her uh... moms."

"Oh..." I replied, "Uh... That's great?"

"Peh!" he retorted and stepped inside, past me and into the living room to greet everyone else.

"I'm guessing it didn't go so well?"

"Uh... They kinda ran Jigen through the winger when I told them we were engaged..."

"...Do I want to know what that entails?"

"No... You really don't."

"Well, alright. Oh yeah, and congrats on the engagement, by the way."


"Hey, Gold!" Red called from inside, "Are ya gonna come in, or are ya just gonna stand on the porch forever?"

"Yeah, I'm coming!" she said and stepped inside.

"Awesome!" Red replies, "Now, the whole clan is back together."

"Seems kinda hard to believe, doesn't it?" asked Jigen.

"It's a miracle is what it is," Boober replied, "I honestly don't think I could've made it through all that without all of you there."

"And now we can always be here for each other," said Markl, "As a clan."

"Our new clan," Silverbolt said, bringing his arm around Blackarachnia's shoulder and pulling her close, "In a new home."

"Don't make it too sappy, Rover," said Blackarachnia, "I'm still trying to get used to the idea."

"Aht least yer trying, Lass," Mac said, "Thaht's the emportant theng."

"Ar! Ar!" Krypto barked as he stood by the stairs.

"We'll have to continue this tomorrow, my friends," Silverbolt said as he followed Krypto and disappeared up the stairs, "We'll have all night to ruminate about what we've all been up to since New Liberty."

"I'll be content to never talk about New Liberty again," Red said and followed suit.

"Amen to that," Jigen replied.

One by one, everyone went up the stairs and out to the roof. Everyone except myself, Gold, and Mac.

"Not gonna go up with the others?" I asked.

"Nah," Mac answered and turned to the door to her lab, "Ah've goht ma oon pless. Ah'll see ye lasses tanight."

"G'night," Gold and I said in unison as she went in and shut the door behind her.

A few moments later, Gold lurched over and leaned on me. For a brief second, I was worried, until I remembered what was happening. I held her up as her gargoyle features shrank and withered away, and her human features took over. She gave me a nervous smile as she finished.

"Sorry," she said as she straightened herself back up.

"Don't worry about it, Gold. That's what clanmates are for."