Epilogue – One month later:

Booth, Brennan, Hodgins and Zach were all sitting in Booth's car in a parking lot, just within view of the Lincoln Memorial. Angela had been so happy when she had mentioned that she and Hawk had made plans to meet at the Lincoln Memorial one month later. She hadn't heard from him at all in the past month but she was certain that he would show up.

"There she is." Hodgins said stretching his arm between Brennan and Booth in the front seat.

Angela was walking up the steps and looking around her. She wore a flowered print summer dress and a black lacy shawl. Her hair was loose and hung over her shoulders in delicate ringlets.

"She looks pretty." Zach muttered from beside Hodgins.

"Women do that when they go on dates." Hodgins replied.

"I've been on dates." Zach said tensely.

Hodgins merely looked at Zach with arched eyebrows. "Sure you have."

"I have!"

"Kids!" Booth cried. "Don't make me turn this car around."

Two hours later Angela was sitting on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial with her head in her hands staring out into the darkening sky.

"He probably got held up somewhere." Zach said.

"He's not coming." Hodgins replied. "I told you he wouldn't come."

"It's possible he might have gotten slowed down at customs."

"He has a diplomatic passport!" Hodgins said, exasperated.

Booth suddenly turned in his seat. "If you two don't stop arguing, I'll shoot you both." As Booth turned to face the front again, he said to Brennan. "How do you deal with them all day?"

"It's a big lab." Brennan replied absently, her eyes fixed on Angela, silently giving strength to her friend.

By the fourth hour Angela was wandering around the steps to stretch her legs. It was dark now, and the light had come on to illuminate the massive statue of Lincoln.

"Maybe he's waiting for a more romantic setting to make his entrance." Zach muttered.

Booth reached for his gun.

Zach held up his hands. "Sorry."

Suddenly Angela fell to her knees on the top of the stairs and started crying.

Brennan was out of the car in a flash and racing up the steps to Angela. The three men followed behind, but knew that Brennan had to get there first.

When Booth arrived Angela had buried her face in Brennan's shoulder, who was gently stroking her head. Brennan looked up at Booth and smiled sadly.

"I'm such an idiot!" Angela was saying. She looked up and saw the others standing there looking down at her, their faces a mixture of sadness and concern. "You all knew he was wrong didn't you?"

"We had our … Ooooff" Zach started, but Hodgins elbowed him hard in the side.

"You did what you felt was right." Hodgins said. "That's good."

Booth smiled. "You think with your heart, Angela. That's a very rare thing, and it makes you very special." Booth crouched down and placed one of his strong hands on Angela's shoulder. "It's people like you that keep faith in the world. And faith is the most powerful thing in the world."

Angela smiled up at Booth ad whispered, "Thank you."

Hodgins frowned at Booth, "A romantic? I never would have pegged you as a romantic, Big Guy."

Booth frowned at Hodgins and reached for his gun.

Hodgins quickly raised both hands. "Not arguing, just an observation!"

Angela giggled.

Booth looked down at her. "How 'bout some food? I've been cooped up in my car with Hodgins for way too long."

Angela nodded and Booth helped her and Brennan up. Brennan looked at Booth and smiled, pulling him away from the others.

"Thank you." Brennan said. "For helping with Angela."

Booth shrugged. "Just helping a friend. A friend once helped me, just repaying the kindness." Booth wrapped an arm around Brennan and pulled her close. "That's what friends do, Bones."

Hawk stood and watched as the five people walked back to their cars. He was just about to rush forward when he saw Dr. Brennan running to Angela after she had started crying. Hawk's eyes were green now and he sported a beard, and extensions had been placed in his hair, which now hung down past his shoulders.

Hawk watched as they got into the cars and drove away. He stood from where he was crouching in the bushes beside the Memorial and slowly walked back to his car. After he got back in he noticed that his Blackberry was flashing. Another mission, he thought. Another country, another name.

Smiling to himself, he leaned back and pictured Angela in his mind's eye. He was glad he chose this mission to use his real name. At least he hadn't lied about that.