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That night, at the fenton household, Danny was very silent at dinner when usually has a humorous story about Tucker and Sam.

"Um... Danny?" Jazz began, breaking the silence. "Is there something wrong? You're awfully quiet."

"I'm just not in a talkative mood right now," Danny answered, putting his plate in the sink. "I'm gonna go take a shower." He walked upstairs, turned on the shower, and went to get a towel. He came back, shut the door, and began to get the soap from under the counter when he heard a voice coming from the shower.

"Danny," it called. "I know you're there." Danny slowly moved towards the shower, jerked the curtain open, and found nothing but running water.

"I'm loosing my mind," Danny said to himself and then proceeded to undress himself. He stepped into the shower, closed the curtain, and heard the voice again.

"Danny," it said again. "Why won't you talk to me?" At first Danny tried to ignore it until he recognized the voice.

"Sam!" Danny yelled. "Where are you!...and why are you in my bathroom!" Suddenly, the water turned red and Sam began to materialize in front of him... naked. "Wow!" Danny said, covering his eyes. "Um... check downstairs, Sam!"

"Hi, Danny," Sam said softly, an echo in her voice. She leaned towards him, smiling devilishly.

"Sam, seriously!" Danbny screamed, pulling the curtain between them. Sam came closer, running her fingers through his hair and jerking him into her. Danny pushed her off, a surprised look on his face, and grinned weakly. "Sam, I'm soory," Danny said, creeping out of the shower and pulling a towel over him before she followed. "I really don't feel that way about you! I mean, no offence! You're very atractive, but I like you as a friend and I would appriciate it if you would consider... um," Danny stopped when he noticed something wierd on her neck. "What's that?" He asked, staring at her neck and she looked at him funny. She wouldn't leave the shower. Danny grabbed a towel from under the sink and turned off the water, but when he went to hand Sam the towel, she was gone.

"Danny?" his mother called from down stairs. "Are you done? Tucker's here!"

"I'm fine, mom!" Danny answered, still staring at the empty shower. "I'll be right down."

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