A/N: I wrote this ages ago and lost it in the mess that is my computer. It's set during the episode surrounding Grace's Bat Mitzvah and, of course, it has homosexual overtones.

I'll be down in a minute,' Grace said to her father's retreating back.

I watched her delve into the pocket of her jeans on the floor, pulling out the beautiful necklace her mom had given her in the clothes store.

She looked at me hesitantly.

'Do you want me to..?'


'Okay.' I took the necklace from her. 'Okay.'

Carefully, I placed it around her neck, staring along with her. What was staring back at me was one of the most beautiful sights I'd ever seen.

It wasn't just because of what she was wearing. She seemed... different in my eyes.

'You're staring at me, dude.'

'I know.'

She shifted but didn't move. 'I don't like it.'

'Don't lie.' I paused. 'Luke's gonna love you in this.'

'Yeah.' She touched the necklace. 'This feels right.'

'It's supposed to. The 'becoming a woman' thing and all...' The look on her face stopped me. 'You didn't mean that.'

'Maybe I did.'


She turned to face me. 'This feels right.'

My throat was dry as the true meaning of her words set in. The first thought that popped into my head was the trusty escape route, the door was right behind me. Except my feet wouldn't move.

The second thought that whooshed through my brain involved Adam. My boyfriend, that Adam. He was the sweetest guy I knew, the most caring. And he'd always been there. Wait, that wasn't entirely true. What about the time I'd wrecked his work and he wouldn't talk to me for weeks? The only person I'd had then was... Grace.

Third thought? Luke. Self-explanatory.

As I gulped I looked back to the mirror. A face other than my own was looking back at me, God in his most recognisable form. He shrugged. Then He smiled.

What did that mean exactly?

'Girardi?' Grace prompted.

'Er, feels right how?'

'I don't know.'

Was I digging the wrong hole? All I could think about was the rising blush in my cheeks. 'Oh.'

'Dude, are you blushing?'

'No! I have an... illness.'

'Think we've got that one figured,' she muttered.

I brushed away a hair from her shoulder. 'You better get going.'

'Yep.' She moved past me opening the door. 'You coming?'

'In a minute.' Once she left I looked at my own reflection, though my words weren't directed at me. 'Oh, very funny! As if I don't have enough crap going on in my life at the moment, you have to stick this on me! Isn't there some kind of law against this anyway?'

'I don't make laws, Joan.'

I swivelled to the portable tv that had switched itself on. God as newsman again. 'Oh, yeah? What about The Ten Commandments?'

'Fundamentals. They're different.'

'Then why do you forbid gay couples getting married, huh? Answer me that!'

He smiled. 'I don't. I influenced the Bible but I didn't write it. Man did.'

'So what are you saying? Me and Grace, we...'

'Don't dismiss it out of hand. Follow the options you've got, listen to your heart. And turn around.'

'Wha..?' I did anyway. 'Oh, Grace.'

She looked at me uncertainly. 'Were you talking to the tv?'

I glanced back, commercials had come up. 'I hate that news guy.'

'Okay. Whatever.'

Composing myself, I walked to the door. 'We have options.'

'The news guy tell you that?'

'Actually, yeah.'