Disclaimer: I do not own Sailor Moon.

By Silver Sailor Ganymede

The Moon was dancing alone for a while, her silvery hair flying around her like rays of light, her silvery dress flapping around her legs as she twisted and turned this way and that, never ceasing in her frenzied rhythm. On and on she danced, moving to life's melody and joy. Still she danced alone, still pure and innocent of all evil.

Then the spirit came, the demon that had invaded her dreams for countless millennia before time had begun and yet she had never seen it. The spirit was as purely black as the Moon was white, its form seeming not to be corpereal but a manifistation of darkness itself. The spirit took the Moon by her hand and began to twirl her in her dance, moving her faster and faster until she became out of step. She shuddered at the spirit's embrace, nothing less than repulsed by its presence, but she had unknowingly welcomed it and called it to her and so it would not let her go. The spirit had the Moon in its grasp, and on they danced, the light fading until the darkness almost completely enveloped them.

The Moon began to fade as she danced with the spirit, her light dwindling until it had almost gone out. She was so weak and yet still she danced on, she had to; she had been going since before time began, so why stop now? But her light had faded too much and her soul had been too corrupted by the dark spirit.

The Moon fell backwards into the spirit's arms. The spirit smiled slightly, or would have if darkness itself could have smiled, and brushed the Moon's silvery hair away from her pale neck. It sank its teeth into her bare neck; she let out a muffled scream but then fell back lifeless as the spirit drained her of all her lifeblood. With that the spirit laughed and disappeared back to the lands from whence it came, leaving the Moon to drop dead to the ground. Then there was only silence and darkness; the Moon danced no more.