Your Own Daughter …

In a room, sitting on a bed, a girl was reading a history book …

Harry Potter, the boy who saved the world.

Once upon a time, there was a dark wizard in the magical world. He terrified everyone. He killed as many people as he could, gaining power every time. There was misery everywhere, people couldn't live normally, they always had to be on guard. Nobody could trust anyone. It was a very dark time for the magical world. Then, one day, a baby was born. His name was Harry Potter, son of Lily Evans Potter and James Potter. He grew in the famous school of Hogwarts once directed by Albus Dumbledore, one of the greatest wizards. And one day, that young boy, saved us all. He defeated the Dark Lord, Tom Marvolo Riddle, known in the world as 'Voldemort' …

Alicia closed the book loudly and pushed her red locks out of her deep green eyes. Her face was pale and beautiful yet, as she threw the book into a trunk laying on the floor, Alicia's face was everything but elegant. She was a small girl, eleven years old, and she was supposed to go to Hogwarts in a few days. She had received the letter with her list of books a month ago. Alicia remembered how she had groaned when she had seen that nearly every book spoke about Harry Potter.

The small girl sighed and glared at her open trunk on the floor. How she hated the thought of going to school! Her mother had told her everything about Hogwarts, including the four houses. Everyone in Alicia's family had been sorted into Gryffindor and they hoped Alicia would be put there too.

Secretly Alicia disliked the sound of Gryffindor. They all sounded so good and brave and perfect that it made her sick.

Why did she have to go to that school? In her opinion she didn't need an education and she knew everything about magic!

Alicia was a very stubborn girl. She had tried to argue with her mother. But her mother could get very nasty when she was angry. Both mother and girl had very hot tempers.

And so Alicia was forced to go to Hogwarts and read every book about Harry Potter. How she hated that!

But the real reason why Alicia didn't want to go to Hogwarts wasn't because she was lazy. No, Alicia wasn't lazy at all. When she started working on something she finished it, perfectly and often pleased her parents. She knew exactly how to use a wand, how to handle a broom and how to brew a potion. No, the truth was that Alicia was scared.

Because if there was something that Alicia Potter disliked, it was being recognised by the other students.

It wasn't easy being the kid of the boy who lived.


Alicia finished packing her trunk at the very last minute. She carefully folded her dresses, skirts and uniform. She put her wand into her pant's pocket. Her father always said you had to have it near yourself. She looked longingly at the broom, sitting in a corner of the room. That was something else she disliked about Hogwarts: she wasn't allowed to have her own broom till she was in second year.

Alicia thought that was really stupid. She was as mature as all the second and third years in Hogwarts. She could handle a broom better than any other young girl of her age. After all, hadn't been both her parents in the Gryffindor Quidditch Team?

Alicia was the sort of girl who thought a lot about herself. She was pretty, clever, brave. That was enough for Alicia to think she was way better than anyone else. But the little Potter girl wasn't an angel. She was nasty, mean, hot tempered, cunning, unkind, and felt superior to everyone. That was probably why Alicia had never had any friends.

Everyone weaker than herself weren't worthy of her attention, or so she thought.

The only children she had spoken to were the Weasley kids, her own cousins. The Weasley family was big if not enormous. Molly and Arthur Weasley, Alicia's grandparents, had twenty-one grand children.

Alicia would have liked to be Molly and Arthur's only grand child. She liked being an only child. She liked feeling special.

Yes, Alicia was very like her parents in some ways.

But in all other ways, she was nothing like a Weasley …


Alicia still had a few hours to spend in her house before she was off to get the train. She decided to have a few games of Quidditch with her father before going away for a whole year. Harry and Ginny Potter were the only people Alicia respected.

But as the young teenager climbed down the stairs, she heard whispers coming from her parent's bedroom.

Ginny and Harry were talking as quietly as they could.

Alicia smiled to herself, remembering how many times she had listened to them in secret.

It was always sweet to hear them telling "I love you" to each other over and over again.

Because even if Alicia disliked showing any sign of affection, she loved her parents very much and it thrilled her that they were so close to each other. That way she was sure they would never be separated.

And so, Alicia eavesdropped on two very brave people from the magical world, not knowing that it was going to hurt her.

"What do you mean you don't think she'll go to Gryffindor?"

Harry's voice. He sounded indignant.

"I'm just saying, Ginny said in a very patient way, don't get your hopes up. She may not be sorted in Gryffindor."

"But, honey, why not? We were in Gryffindor, my parents were in Gryffindor and your whole family has been sorted in Gryffindor! She's bound to be put there too!

"The hat thought about putting you in Slytherin."

"That was because I had some qualities that Voldemort had passed on to me! It had nothing to do with the way I am!"

"Well, have you seen our daughter show any sign of bravery?"

"No, but I'm sure she …"

"Harry, why does it even matter? She can be sorted into Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff, it won't change a thing!"



"I won't bear it if she's sorted into Slytherin."

"What makes you think she may be sorted into Slytherin?"

"Gin, haven't you noticed how she acts towards Ron's kids? And towards all other kids?"

"Well, she does think a lot about herself, I guess …"

"Ginny, our little girl is polite with us but she nearly made Hermione cry the other day. She torments her cousins just for fun. She steals their stuff, she burns their toys, and she does it everything just to see them cry, just to see them suffer!"

"She doesn't understand, she …"

"Oh stop defending her. You know exactly who acted like that as a child!"

"Don't say it, please, Harry, you can't say it. She's our little Ali, I'm sure she's not like …"


Alicia carefully stood up and climbed back into her room, without making a single sound. She had tears in her eyes. But they weren't tears of sadness. They were tears of anger.


The name rang into Alicia's head and she heard her father say this single word all over again in her mind.

Voldemort … Voldemort … Voldemort … Voldemort … Voldemort … Voldemort ...

Alicia grinned. And her young handsome face looked suddenly very terrifying.

Author's note : Okay, so did you like it? I know some of you may hate the idea that Harry's daughter is a bitch. But I kind of liked that idea. So tadam, here we are!

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