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Okay so it's been a long time since I thought about this story, but the other day I suddenly remembered it and I felt curious so I came here and read it again. I realize now all the grammar mistakes I made and how some sentences just didn't make any sense … but I wrote this nearly three years ago when I was fourteen and English isn't my first language so … I wasn't that bad.

I feel like writing the end in just three lines, don't know why, maybe I'm just bored.

So here it goes:

When Alicia said goodbye to Elisabeth she was not planning on killing Alan. She just wanted to leave Hogwarts to travel around the world like Voldemort and learn about the dark arts, except that she didn't want to use it for evil, she just wanted to satisfy her curiosity. The dark arts used to be sacred and people only feared them because so many wizards had abused of the dark arts to do evil. Since Alicia was a very selfish person she didn't really think how hurt her parents would be to hear that she ran away, she only thought of herself and the new discoveries she would make.

But before she left, she felt like she had to humiliate Alan somehow. She hadn't forgotten the way he had manipulated her into going out with him. Even though she was starting too actually like him she was a proud girl and she could not let Alan get away with what he did to her. So she decided to make him believe that she wanted to sleep with him, only to break up with him when he showed up that night. She only wanted to laugh at his face and tell him that he had been foolish to think that he would actually have her.

When Alan came she did not find the will to make fun of him because she really did like him (in a strange kind of way since part of her hated him as well). Instead the break-up was a typical one. She struggled to find the words to explain herself and he looked miserable and begged her to think about it once she had made herself clear.

After she had managed to make him understand that there was no way she would take him back she followed her original plan and took her bag and broom and flew away to say goodbye to Mitch, the guy she really loved. She had not planned to kiss him or to look so scared, but she failed to stay in control since she was still a bit confused by her break-up with Alan.

She was also a bit shaken up in her goodbye with Mitch because she was slowly starting to realize the gravity of what she was doing. She did not try to say goodbye to her family because she knew they would stop her. She didn't even know about Alan's death until the next day when an owl came to her with a letter from Elisabeth, informing her that she was the prime suspect.

That's when Alicia panicked, and instead of doing the right thing and going to the police, she ran away and began her trip around the world just like she had planned. There she learned a lot of magic and became the powerful witch that she is in the end of this story.

Unfortunately she was not as discreet as she wished to be and people started to recognize her and to guess the places she wanted to visit since they were the exact same ones that Voldemort had visited in his youth. So she realized that she could no longer live like this. It was too late to go to the police now, she would be immediately put in jail, so she decided to create herself a new identity. With the powerful magic she now possessed she altered her appearance, her DNA, etc … For a reason no one could explain, Alicia and Emma were linked together. Emma was non-magical at the beginning of her life because Alicia was occupying all the magic they had between them. But once Alicia changed her DNA, she broke the link and Emma could slowly start to practice magic.

After working for a few years as a waitress in a muggle bar, Alicia began to miss her old life and wanted it back. To do that however, she had to clear her name. So she started to search for work in the police department of the Ministry of Magic and slowly she climbed the ladder and even seduced a few men to become the Head of the Criminal Search Department. There she had all the information about Alan's death and even got paid to search for it. However, it wasn't as easy as she thought and soon she realized that she was doomed because she could find no culprit. She was trapped in her life as Anastasia Wilford. She decided to make the most of it and forget about Alicia Potter.

Meanwhile in the first couple of years that followed Alicia's disappearance Elisabeth kept trying to clear her name but she too failed in this. Slowly she started to forget about her childhood friend and move on, although from time to time she wondered what had happened to Alicia.

She became a very social girl, always going out and meeting new people, and everybody loved her and enjoyed her presence. She met Jerry Milton, a man she did not really love but who offered her security so she married him.

Alan's family, the Smiths, however were still seeking for revenge and one day they came knocking on Elisabeth's door, convinced that she knew Alicia's whereabouts. When she admitted that she didn't, Alan's brothers got angry and a fight broke out. The Smith brothers said that she had helped in Alan's murder. Jerry Milton tried to defend his wife but they quickly shut him up. They told him that if he whispered a word about this to the police they would come back for him, and then they dragged Elisabeth out of the house and into the woods where she would later be found. Jerry wasn't a brave person and love had not been part of his relationship with Elisabeth so he did not try to help her. Elisabeth was tortured in the forest by the Smith brothers until she became insane. She was found by a wizard who was walking his dog and taken to the mental institution where years later Alicia and Emma would come to visit her.

When Alicia visited her friend, Elisabeth told her to search for the Smiths brothers because they had the antidote to the spell they had put on her that was making her insane. The Smith brothers cunningly knew that Alicia cared about Elisabeth and that she would one day try to help her, and come to them to ask for the cure. However Elisabeth did not mention the Smith's name so Alicia had to begin her research to find them. She found them pretty quickly thanks to the skills she had acquired as Head of the Criminal Search Department.

Once she found them, their prize was clear. They would give her the potion if she gave her life to them. Alicia tried to explain that she had done no harm to Alan but they refused to listen and stood their ground. They didn't try to kill Alicia on the spot because they could see that she was too powerful for them. Alicia agreed to their plan because she was the reason why Elisabeth was in this state in the first place.

During this whole adventure Alicia had no idea that she was being watched by her ex co-worker William Jones. The reason why William watched over her was because he was none other than Mitchell Perkins, the guy from next door who she loved. When Alicia said goodbye to him all those years ago he had never stopped obsessing about her. He had become friends with Emma when she grew up and Emma had let it slip out that they were wizards. That's how Mitch became familiar with the magical world. He then started a career in the police because since Alicia had disappeared he had become obsessed with research and all types of investigation, so it seemed like the natural career for him.

He became so good at his job that he quickly got promoted and when the magical world contacted him and asked if he would work on their team he accepted on the spot. Once he started to work there he realized immediately who Anastasia Wilford was. Instead of being shocked, he only felt relief that she was alive. He decided not to speak about it in case he was mistaken and slowly he fell in love with her for the second time in his life. Alicia on the other hand never realized who he really was and thought that the second love of her life was a different man from her first.

Mitchell used Emma to watch on Alicia for him since Emma was in regular contact with her older sister. But one day they stopped receiving news from her. Emma went to Mitch to tell him and together they tried to think where Alicia might be. Emma then explained how Alicia had discovered that the Smith had been the ones to torture Elisabeth. So they went to the Smith's house as fast as they could. But they arrived too late. Alicia was already dead and the youngest of the Smith's brother handed Emma a bottle with a greenish liquid inside and explained that this would cure Elisabeth Malfoy. And then the Smith family ran and escaped to a different country.

The green potion was a success and only two hours after taking it Elisabeth became normal again. Years later, when Mitch, Elisabeth and Emma reunited to honor Alicia's memory, they would wonder whether she really had killed Alan. Elisabeth and Mitch always insisted that she hadn't but Emma wasn't as sure. "We will never know" they said and indeed they never would.

Years later, a little boy called Lucas Potter, son of Emma Potter, grandson of the great Harry Potter, was walking into the forbidden forest with a group of friends, because everything that is forbidden is extremely attractive, and daring each other to go further. Since Lucas Potter was the bravest of all the little boys he walked right to the middle of the forbidden forest and soon lost himself because the others had not managed to keep up. Exhausted from the long walk he then sat down against a tree and waited.

That's where he met Morla the snake, who spoke of vengeance and of a girl who had tried to kill her but who had failed because a single spell was not strong enough, and how she, the great Morla, had taken her revenge and killed the girl's friend…

And the little Lucas listened obediently.