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Chapter Three: Yuki's kiss

Kyou walked down stairs and confronted the two other teens in the room. Kyou noticed Yuki looking out the front door.

"What the hell are you looking at?" Tohru went into the kitchen to start unpacking stuff.

"Why was Akito here?" There was a brief moment of silence while Kyou was thinking of a good excuse.

"Why the hell should I know? Do I look like his keeper?"

"No I was just asking you a simple question, you stupid cat." Tohru walks out of the kitchen right smack dab in the middle of the argument.

"You wanna go you damn rat?

"Is it that hard to answer a simple question?"

"Just shut up and lets go, ya damn rat!" Kyou ran toward him, fist raised and ready to hurt someone. Kyou swung and as usual missed. Yuki swiftly moved right in front of him startling Kyou and kicked the neko through the air once again. Kyou struggled to get up and ran off into the woods.

"Stupid cat will never learn." Tohru just stood there and watched with a shocked look on her face as usual. "Sorry for Kyou's ignorance Ms. Honda, I hope it didn't effect you."

"Oh no not at all…it's just…" Tohru got a sad look on her face and started to cry.

"What's wrong Ms. Honda?"

"It's just sad that you two have to fight like that and if Kyou don't win someday…that h-he'll be…" Tohru started to ball and Yuki tried to comfort her but it wasn't helping. So Yuki pulled her chin up, closed his eyes and kissed her softly on the lips. Tohru shocked but stopped crying. Yuki pulled back and stepped backwards.

"I'm sorry Ms. Honda, I-I don't know what came-" Tohru walked forward and, put her finger on his lips and told him to SHHHH. She then removed her finger and placed her lips on his. She slipped her tongue into his mouth and Yuki let her. He then slipped his tongue in her mouth as well. (Horny Tohru, ya right. But any ways back to the story) Yuki then reached down and place his hands on her waist. Tohru broke away and snatched his hand up. She dragged him into his room. She let go of his hand told him to close his and not move. She quickly removed her top and bottom clothes and left only her panties on for Yuki to remove. Yuki was quickly gaining an erection from the sounds and the thoughts running through his rat mind.

"Ok you can open your eyes now." Yuki opened his eyes to see Tohru's breast and her in her panties. His erection was a definite now. "Ok your turn." She ran over and hugged Yuki, making him transform. After about five minutes Yuki transformed back and completely naked making his boner completely visible. He blushed along with her. He walked over and kissed her again. Yuki tossed her on the bed removing her panties and went to town down there. A moan was heard from Tohru. Soon after he stated, he was done and placed his penis at the entrance of her vagina and slowly thrust forward. Tohru yelped to the pain but soon started to moan to the pleasure. Yuki went faster and Tohru requested harder. So Yuki obeyed and went harder and faster.

"M-Ms. Honda."

"Y-y-yes Yuki." Kyou walked into the door downstairs silently since he was going to try and sneak up on Yuki this time. But to the spite of the noise from Tohru that Kyou heard now. He became curious. What the hell! Kyou ran up to catch Tohru and Yuki having sex. H stood there in shock as Yuki pulled out reaching his climax cumming all over her belly. Kyou was now getting an erection too and wanted some but controlled him self and stomped of into his room. Damn Tohru! Yuki is mine but I also like Tohru. I don't know. Kyou was confused and just slammed the door of his room. Yuki quickly got dressed and grabbed a soft wash clothe too wipe his mess. But Tohru had already done so and was dressed.

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