Since the beginning of time…

Mankind has worshipped many deities…

Of fire, water, wind, food, and everything…

It is sai, that the deity who contributed the most…

Contributed the most important invention of all…


Every 30 years, a significant event that rocks the entire world…

Would begin…

The great race where thousands of thousands will join…

But only 3 shall prevail…

It is in honor of the great god Carma


Chapter 1: Comet Cargos Appears! Let F-30 Grand Prix Begin!

10:30 p.m.

Onett, Eagleland…

Smash Mansion…

Ness walks out from his room and heads drowsily for the toilet. "Coming out… Must pee…"

He goes to toilet and does his stuff, and after he's done, he heads back for his room. Along the way, he notices the door to the balcony is open, and he sees Captain Falcon standing at the balcony and is looking into the night sky. Ness goes to him and asks, "What are you doing, Falcon?"

"Waiting for something to come," replies the driver. "For 30 years, I've been waiting for this."

"30 years! That's a long time!"

"But perhaps, I'm not the only one in the world waiting. I believe there are more waiting."

"What's that?"

All of a sudden, a bright flash fills the sky and Ness has to shield his eyes to avoid becoming blind. However, a grin appears on CF's face and says, "It's here…"

Ness tries to open his eyes again and he sees what looks a light a huge ball of light flying across the sky. "Wha… What is… that…?"

"It's here… At long last… My childhood dream… It's here!"

On the rooftop of the mansion, Master and Crazy Hand are watching the ball of light also. "So that comet has come… Time sure flies fast. It's as if the one that came 30 years earlier just came 30 days ago," says MH.

"Yep, it's time for some wild ride!" says CH.

"But we're not participating it. We don't really have a reason to enter it."

"I know, but I just want to have a girl to be with… Sigh…"

"And we don't really have a part in it either. It won't be too long before one of those so-called priests appear here in Onett."


The next morning, most of the people are up and Peach is making breakfast. Dr. Mario is reading the newspaper while the others eat and drink. "Hey, did anyone see the comet yesterday?" asks Dr. Mario.

"Yeah, that's Meteor Cargos," says Samus. "It marks the beginning of the F-30 Grand Prix."

"I heard of that, but I'm not exactly sure what that is," says Kirby.

CF stands up and says, "Then let me tell you about this great race that is the dream of all racers! It is the majestic race that takes place every 30 years! This race is in honor of the god Carma and it is said that the top 3 winners of the race will be granted any wish from Carma himself."

"Any wish?" Kirby begins wonder in his mind. He imagines that he has won the race and asked Carma for a mountain of delicious food. He begins to drool at the thought of this.

"Ignore him," says Link.

"I'm gonna enter the race!" says Kirby. "I have dreams that I want to come true!"

"Well, then that means we will be opponents from now on!" says CF. "Because I, too, want to join the race! The first time I saw the comet was when I was 5. Because I was too young to know how to drive, I didn't get to enter it, but my father did."

"So what happened to him?"

"Sadly enough, he didn't win… But now as his successor, I will win this race no matter what! For 30 years I have waited for this to come, and I'm gonna enter it!"


Around afternoon, Captain Falcon goes to the garage and takes a look at his car, the Blue Falcon. "What a beautiful sight my brainchild is! I'll make sure this lovely thing looks at its coolest before it goes to the race!" He brings a hose over and then goes to turn on the faucet. When he comes back to the hose, he sees Yoshi spraying water INTO the car! "HEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" CF quickly pulls the hose out and scolds Yoshi.

"I just wanted to help clean the inside," says Yoshi.

"Cars do not need cleaning inside! Now get out of here and I can take care of everything!"

"I just wanted to help… Peach won't let me eat because I had too many fill during breakfast…" So Yoshi walks off sadly. CF proceeds to clean his car.


After a while, the Blue Falcon is glittering brightly and beautifully. "Perfect!" CF says to himself. "This is how you should look like! Now let us go out and have a stroll together!" He hops into his car and drives out into the road.

As he is driving at a steady pace, he comes across Wario's house. Wario is cleaning his car, and when he sees CF, he calls out to him, "Hey Captain Falcon! Is that big fat Mario joining this race?"

"I don't know," replies CF. "Why don't you go ask him?

"Tell him that I'm gonna join this race and beat him real good! If he doesn't join, then he's a sissy coward who doesn't want to challenge me! Hahahahaha!"

"Tsk! That's your own business!" So CF drives away. Unknown to them both, a mysterious figure secretly watches them from atop a leafy tree.


That evening, CF parks his car next to Onett National Park to take a rest. He steps out and takes a drink of juice he bought some time ago. "Ahh… How refreshing! Nothing beats a cold drink after such a long drive!"

Suddenly, he hears a voice saying to him, "You who want to join the great sacred race. Do you have the power to do so?"

CF turns around and looks for the source of voice. "Who's there?"

Then a person drops down in front of him. He is a young man of about 20 and has fair shoulder-length hair. He wears a garment similar to that of a priest's.

"Who are you?"

"I am one of the many priests who test you racers," replies the man. "You can simply address me as Carlos. I am here for the purpose of testing your worth to enter the race."

"I am already worthy enough! I've been driving since I was 11!"

"You must not take this race too lightly. If you're too cocky, then death will be your result. This race is to be taken with great skills and not random driving around."

"Yeah, I know that. Now let's get on with this test and I'll show you how good I am!"

"You must drive to the front of Mayor Pirkle's house while avoiding all the attacks I throw at you," Carlos tells him. "If you can make it there without getting your car destroyed, then you have passed the test."

"Sounds easy enough! Let's do it!"

A pair of mechanical wings sprouts from Carlos's back and he flies into the air. "Watch your speed as you drive, for you may run into innocent people. You have 10 minutes to get there. You must avoid all my attacks. Do you get it?"

"I'm on it!" says CF.

"Good, and I will be flying at a speed where you can never catch up with me. Don't bother driving too fast, but it's important that you make it to there in time also. Now start!"

CF steps on the gas pedal and zoom off. Carlos flies backwards very fast and he points a large gun at the Blue Falcon. He pulls the trigger and fires an energy shot at it. CF quickly steers to the side to avoid it. Carlos fires another shot, and CF avoids it also. Next, Carlos fires multiple shots at once. CF pulls off his amazing driving skills and manages to avoid all of them safely. Then Carlos starts to get tougher; he fires a barrage of energy shots at a fast pace, but amazingly enough, CF avoided them all.

"You are showing great effort," says Carlos. "But you have only about 5 minutes left."

"Nah, don't worry! I'm sure the mayor's house is only about a few minutes drive starting from here!" CF tells him, but then he sees several cars in front. "Oh darn! Just what I needed! A traffic jam!" Sure enough, there are several cars in front, and they aren't really moving much either.

"Looks like you have a problem here," says Carlos, who is still flying in midair. "But time will not stop here; obstacles like this will be encountered in the actual race too. So this is also part of the test. You must find a way to get pass this traffic jam and get to the house before time is up. You do not have much time left, I'm afraid."

CF pounds the steering wheel angrily and curses, "Dang! I'm gonna lose my chance to enter the official race just because of this stupid traffic jam!" He looks around for some way out and sees a narrow alleyway, just big enough for a single car to go through. "Hey, if I'm not mistaken, that alleyway is a shortcut to the mayor's house!" So he steers the Blue Falcon towards the alleyway and drives into it.

"So you are taking that path? You are a smart one, but this does not mean I won't try to stop you." Carlos takes off higher into the sky and flies ahead of CF, landing on the other end of the alleyway. This time, he whips out a large high tech-looking bazooka. "I will take on you with my most powerful attack, the Vehicle Buster! One hit from this and it is surely the end of you. Can you avoid this in such a narrow space?" He pulls the trigger and the gun begins gathering energy for a powerful shot.

CF, who is still driving through the alleyway, sees the light from the gun's charge and says, "You think you can take me down and make me fail the test? You have not seen the coolest driving skill of mines yet!"

The gun finishes charging and it fires a powerful blast straight into the alleyway. The force of the gun also made Carlos fly back a few feet because of the recoil. Then to his surprise, he sees the Blue Falcon flying out of the alleyway above ground! "Incredible!"

The Blue Falcon lands with a thud and zooms to the front gate of Mayor Pirkle's house and stops there. CF steps out and says, "Ha! You didn't get me!"

"You are incredible, Captain Falcon," Carlos says to him. "It was an amazing skill for you to drive up along the wall to avoid it!"

"Oh, you saw it?"

"Amazing indeed. Without doubt, you are the son of Falcon the First."

"You know my father?"

"History of past racers is always recorded, so we priests know things like that. Your father was a great racer, but it's a shame he did not win the race. Surely you can accomplish what your father didn't accomplish."

"Don't underestimate me! I will be among the 3 who will win the race!"

"That is the kind of attitude I expect from someone who brought an end to the Darkling incident one month ago. And for passing my test, you are granted with this." Carlos takes out a small piece of card and hands it to CF. "This is the official pass for racers who have passed the test. Congratulations, you are now an official racer of the F-30 Grand Prix!"

CF jumps up with joy upon receiving the card. "YES! I WON! YAHOOO!"

"Now place your finger on the small gray box at the top-left corner of the card."

CF does as Carlos said, and after he placed his finger there, the card glows a bit and then the portrait of CF appears in that gray box. "Hey, it's got me on it!"

"The card has registered your name and data," explains Carlos. "See that small bar at the bottom of the card? It will inform you when a race will start and where the track is. You must be there on time, or else you may get disqualified."

"I am never late for anything!"

"Good, then I hope to see you at the race. Good luck!" With this, Carlos takes off into the sky via the mechanical wings.

CF does some stretches and goes back into his car. "Ahh… That was fun! Time to go back and show everyone!"


Back at the Smash Mansion…

CF slams into the living room happily and says, "Everyone look at this!" He holds up the pass so everyone can see it. "Guess what this is? The official certificate for the F-30 Grand Prix! I passed the test!"

"Big deal," says Falco.

"What is that supposed to mean? Aren't you surprised or anything?"

"Show him," Falco tells the others, and several other Smashers hold up the thing that surprises CF greatly—official F-30 certificates!

"Wha! You guys passed the test too!"

"Yes! Some priest dude came and tested my driving skills! It was so easy!" says Bowser. "I am an official racer too!"

"Me too!" says Mario. "I passed da test-a too!"

"Me too!" says Kirby, bouncing up and down happily. "Now I can make my wish come true!"

Yoshi is crying sadly. "I failed… No… I have to wait another 30 years… I don't even know if I can live that long…"

"Don't worry, I can share you my wish," Kirby tells him. "After all, we both wish for the same thing, right?" Yoshi felt better after hearing this.

"Some of us have team passes," says Fox. "Just look at Falco's certificate. If you look closely at the portrait, you can also see me; not to mention my data on it."

"Me too!" says Mario. "Luigi is teamed up-a with me!"

"I want to be in the race too," says Luigi. "But I lack faith that I can win, so I teamed up with Mario."

So almost all the Smashers are participating in the race, except for these people: Zelda, Peach, Young Link, the 4 Pokemon, Dr. Mario, Yoshi, Marth, and the Ice Climbers. Of course, Parry isn't entering, as he's just a normal little parrot.

Suddenly, they all hear a beeping sound. "Looks like the card is giving us some signal," says Fox. He looks at his card. "Nope, not mines."

CF looks at his and says, "There's some words at the bar on the bottom of the card."

The words read: First race. Saturn Valley. Tomorrow at 12 p.m.

"So the first race is announced," says Falco. "Looks likeFox and I arein it."

"Me too!" says Kirby.

"And me!" adds Mario.

"That would mean me too," adds Luigi.

"Look's like I'm in too," says Ness.

"So that make 5 of us," says CF. "And I tell you: I won't go easy on you guys as it's a real race."

"Don't worry; I wasn't planning to go easy on you either," Falco tells him. "We will race each other like enemies."

"Nobody can get in my way of my wishes!" says Kirby.

"I won't-a go easy too!" says Mario.

"I'm not afraid to beat you guys either!" says Ness.

Then Peach calls out to them all, "Everyone! Dinner time!"

"YAY!" So all the Smashers rush to have dinner.


So this was the story mentioned in the last chapter of my masterpiece Darkling. So how is it for a racing plot? I hope you look forward to it!


Carlos: So everyone is here.

Barney: Lalalala!

Falco: What's this freak doing here!

Pokey: Ness! I'm going to beat you!

Ness: I have no interest in you.

Carlos: Everyone, get ready for the first race at Saturn Valley!

CF: I'm gonna win!

Coming up next chapter: The First Race Begins! Saturn Valley