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One comment: someone had said in a review that they didn't feel Harry's emotions were real. Well I'd just like to say that I understand where you are coming from. However I did Harry's emotions in the way I felt he would be. I mean can you imagine out of the blue one day you are told you have to bond with your enemy for a lot of people's lives. Your emotions wouldn't exactly be straight. I did Harry's emotions as I felt they would be. A part of him is like "okay, I'll do this for people" and another part of him is like "well hang on; this is my enemy, the one who has made fun of my friends since I met him. How can I forgive him?" and that's how I portray his emotions. In this chapter, he's beginning to understand what has to be done and that eventually it'll happen and that maybe good will come out of it.

One more thing. Forever Was Once Never is on hiatus until I finish this. Sorry. But now I can work on this a lot quicker. I also deleted my other story because basically, it was crap. Thanks for your attention. Onto the story:


He was running. Running so fast he didn't even have time to breathe. Something was wrong and no matter how hard he tried to think, he didn't know what it was. But then he was there, he knew this was the place. He didn't know why or how he knew, but he did. He was in a garden, filled with flowers in bloom. There was a path, decorated with golden stones. This place was perfect. And there he was. The one he was looking for. He was not but a little boy, at least four or five, with white golden hair. His eyes, a deep grey, were bright as he instantly started running towards him as fast as his little legs could take him. And then he reached him.

With an automatic response, Harry held out his arms, catching the small boy and raising him so he sat on the man's hip. The little boy giggled and slowly stretched himself to kiss Harry on the cheek like he would to a parent and Harry realised, he was this little boy's parent. Mathias. That was the boys name, Harry realised.

"Dada?" The grey eyes were looking at him and he knew he loved his son even if it was Malfoy's child too.

"I'm here" Harry responded, his quiet whisper almost dancing with the breeze but the little boy shook his head.

"No you weren't. You weren't here when it happened dada. Not at all. Where were you?" Somehow, his voice was not one of a four year old and Harry suddenly wondered what was happening. What was he not there for?

"What? What are you talking about?" But it happened before the Gryffindor could react. White hands, paler then Harry had ever seen had reached out, taking the little boy from him. And as he screamed, no sound came out. Mathias was crying and struggling yet the hands kept taking him. He sung out for Harry but the harder Harry tried to move, the more difficult it got. He couldn't move and was forced to watch Mathias being taken.

"MATHIAS!" Harry screamed, his throat raw as he jumped up from in lying position. But no one was in site. The other boys were still soundly asleep, their snores echoing throughout the room.

"And Roran too" Harry's eyes snapped to the end of Ron's bed, where a grinning Malfoy sat. He was sitting on the end of the bed frame almost gracefully while his legs bent to hold his feet flat against it below the rest of his body. It looked so easy for him to sit there but Harry knew for any normal person, it had to be painful. The questions of why he was there skipped Harry's brain as he processed Malfoy's statement.

"Roran?" Harry questioned, pulling the blanket to hide his bare chest. Malfoy laughed a little at that and shook his head.
"I'm guessing you had a conversation with Mathias, our son, right? Well, we also have an older child named Roran and two younger ones, a boy and a girl. I don't know their names yet though." Malfoy commented as he jumped off the bed frame. His feet were silent as he moved over towards Harry's bed, ignoring the self conscious boy who tensed. Harry was confused about what Malfoy was talking about.

"What do you mean 'had a conversation'?" Harry mumbled, moving back slightly as Malfoy sat cross legged on his bed.

"Don't be worried Harry, they are called 'Mythiens'. They are conversations with future human beings. It happens to vampires and their mates. Basically all that happens is…"

"Just conversations? Do they tell you the future?" Harry could tell his interruption had annoyed the blonde and the Gryffindor felt a little smug about it, however he had been more interested in hearing about Mythiens to care.

"No" Draco answered, his eyes narrowing a little "They might tell you about some other future beings, but no happenings in the future"

"That's a lie" Harry snarled, suddenly feeling angry "He told me. He told me I wasn't there. And then he was taken from me!"

Harry watched carefully as Malfoy frowned in confusion before once again shaking his head.

"That is wrong, I…" but once again, Harry had interrupted him.

"No it's not! It happened!" There was silence, not a sound as Malfoy stared at Harry before leaning forward a little.

"What happened in your Mythien Harry?" It was a whirlwind to Harry as he thought back on it. The memory was so fresh and it hadn't felt like a dream. He could still see Mathias crying for his dada so desperately.

"I was running and running until I finally came to the place I was looking for. A garden. A beautiful garden full of red and white flowers. They were all in bloom. And there was a path"

"What kind of path?" the Slytherin questioned, his eyes wide in wonder.

"A long winding one. It was full of golden stones. I don't know what it leads to. And then there was Mathias. He was running to me. So full of joy. I caught him and held him and I realised he was our son. I knew his name too. He told me that I wasn't there when it happened. He asked me where I was. I didn't know what he was talking about so I asked him. But then it happened" Harry was in tears by now, his eyes never leaving Draco's "White hands. They were so pale, took him from me. He was crying for me but I couldn't do anything. I couldn't scream and I couldn't move"

Once again there was silence as Harry slowly lowered his head, letting the tears fall out freely. He wasn't sure what Malfoy was doing but he felt the blonde beside him, taking him in his arms carefully.

"Harry, that wasn't a Mythien. A Mythien happens in a world of white. That's all you see. White. You talk to a person from the future, but they tell you nothing of what's going to happen. You saw something else. The future…I don't know. The same happened to me not long ago, it was wrong, not a Mythien at all. By the sounds of it, your dream was much stronger. Clearer. Which could mean that when I had my dream, it came through our soul connection and that also strange considering we were never bonded at that time"

Harry's wet eyes found their way to the vampire's face again. This time it was expressing a major frown; obviously not sure of what was happening.

"Then what was it? Why do I have these dreams and give them to you?" Harry questioned, hesitantly moving Draco's arm from around his shoulders. While he was slowly accepting this bond, he did not want to feel rushed, at least not yet.

"I would not know" Draco spoke softly, nearly being drowned out by Ron's loud snores. He was once again on his feet, pacing in a somewhat scared way. "I could not know, I am too young and I do not have the knowing of an elder. I must speak to someone of this and quickly, for you are giving birth in just less than two months and this could seriously affect our children" He stopped to a halt, his eyes glowing slightly as they peered at the terrified Gryffindor. "I will go now to speak to my mother, I will see you again when I find something"

Before Harry could say anything, Draco was gone. It was almost like he was not there in the first place. And with slowly movements, Harry got up as well, moving towards the arch window. As he looked at the starry sky, he wondered if maybe his life was never meant to be happy.


"These dreams…"

"No, not dreams Sauna, something more. It's terrifying, what if something happens to him and our children and I can't do anything to help them. What if I'm a failure of a father?"

"ENOUGH!" Draco spun around quickly, his eyes finding the figure of his father who stood almost proudly. The older man moved towards Draco, his eyes lighted with almost angry fire. "Draco, you will not speak of yourself as such, you will be a good father and bonded"

"Your father is right Draco" and once again both blondes turned to look at the portrait of Sauna and his mate. Nathaniel had moved elegantly into the picture, situating himself next to his bonded "These dreams are strange indeed. The future? Most likely the answer to that is yes. I knew Edward Potter a very long time ago, he was a smart man, but tortured. His wife, Valerie, was killed at such a young age. 23 years, she was. They had not had a child and Edward was lost. No wife in which he loved and no child to love more. He did the unthinkable in our time and village. He went to an old wizard that lived amongst the mountains. We called him Merlin. They say he was the best wizard that ever existed. Powerful and dangerous were the words whispered through the village and anyone were still scared to go near him. But Edward did. He wanted a child he told me and he would go there and beg it of Merlin. We never saw him for at least three full moons and then he was there, as though he had never left. But this time, a child was there with him. A child that looked exactly like Valerie. Whispers were once again spread and people started to go into the mountains to beg of Merlin for silly things. But Merlin was not there. We never saw him again. So as a friend, I went to Edward and asked of him to tell me what happened. And he told me"

Draco's eyes were wide as he never took his eyes off the brunette. The words were so quiet, that both he and Lucius had to lean forward to hear what was being said.
"What did he say?" Draco questioned, now moving the closest he could to the portrait. Nathaniel's own eyes were wide, as if remembering back to it almost hurt him.

"He said…" a pause "that his son, William, was in fact Merlin"


Harry tapped his foot, clearly getting impatient and he was. He had tried desperately to avoid Ron this morning who constantly wanted to know what he was doing and where he was going. He had been annoying, and when Draco had sent the Gryffindor an owl, Ron had questioned non stop. In a final attempt, Harry had told Ron bluntly to piss off in which the red head did in anger. And as he waited on the quidditch pitch for Draco, the blonde had decided to be late.

"Harry?" Harry spun around quickly, his eyes widening as they landed on the new Slytherin who was smiling tenderly.

"Arto!" Harry expressed in a shocked voice "How did you know my name?"

Harry watched Arto as the Slytherin smirked a little in a cheeky way and moved closer.

"You're Harry Potter, people speak about you a lot you know" The Slytherin stopped just in front of Harry, his lips quirked slightly in an almost adorable way. Harry rolled his eyes at the comment and took a step back, figuring that the other boy was too close.

"Oh of course" Harry muttered, smiling slightly at the taller boy. "So what are you doing here?"

"I could ask you the same thing" it was a quick response but Arto continued before Harry could comment "It's freezing out here this morning, you could catch a cold"

Harry nodded, agreeing that it was indeed a cold morning. It was after all, winter. But he stopped, sighing as he looked at his watch. Draco was late by thirty minutes.

"I'm waiting for someone, but they seem to be thirty minutes late" Harry finally explained, still looking towards the castle, hoping Draco would turn up.

"Well maybe their not coming. Maybe you should go back to the castle, I shall walk with you" knowing not how to say no, Harry nodded as he turned to start walking back with Arto. Little did they know, someone was watching them.