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Chapter 1- Visitation Hours

Joanna Ker had missed two weeks of school, early into her senior year at Gotham High School. But it had been for good reason. Good reason that her classmates went for a long time without the knowledge of. For some time after she had come back, no one knew why the bright young girl had gone missing.

Then rumors started to leak out. At first, they were harmless and completely fabricated. The first of the rumors had been simply that she had had to have some sort of surgery. Jo--as most called her--had suspected that her teachers had had something to do with that rumor. But then, they began to get a bit more truthful. Apparently, only one newspaper had carried her story, and it had been on the back page. Somehow, the police had managed to keep her story out of circulation on T.V. and in other papers. But, eventually, someone at Gotham High found that article that stated that Joanna Ker had been kidnapped.

Her classmates were very sympathetic. It got to where she couldn't pass through a room without someone stopping to ask her if she was all right. This carried on for a month or two until someone decided to dig a little deeper into the story.

Then, whoever was doing the little investigation found that she had not only been kidnapped…but had been kidnapped by the Joker. This caused not only classroom displays of concern, but telephone calls to Jo's and her aunt's house as well. People begged for Jo's side of the story, of which she would never share, and suddenly became very polite and kind towards her.

And then the final step of revelation occurred. Somehow, someone found out that the Joker was not only her captor…but her father. Then, all the support stopped. People stared at her in the hallway. Even her closest friends, who had not abandoned her, still looked her as if she was a ticking time-bomb about to explode. Then, some typical high school style bullies appeared. Rousing as many people as they could, they gave a speech one day in the school cafeteria to anyone who'd listen.

The three burly boys in torn jeans and dirty shirts laughed as they said, "Well, if the Joker is the Clown Prince of Crime and his little hench-girl is the Clown Princess…then that must make his daughter the Clown Heir!"

And this nickname stuck. Joanna Ker was no longer "Joanna Ker," but rather, "The Clown Heir." But none of that mattered to her. She had developed a little chant, a mantra, to help her survive.

"Only a week until graduation…Only a week until graduation…"

That happy day could not come fast enough. Jo kept trying to pass the time by doing such small things as visiting her father in Arkham Asylum, but it seemed that the days just crept by. The poor girl, as much as she looked forward to Graduation Night, she dreaded it. All of her scholarship applications had been turned down. Jo somehow figured that they had found out her lineage and, although she couldn't prove it, knew that they wouldn't want "The Clown Heir" at their college.

Finally, however, the night arrived. Jo listened silently to the guest speakers speak and her teachers reminisce. Then, as the scholarships were being announced, she received a great shock.

"…And the internship to Wayne Enterprise, which pays in full to the college of the student's choice, is awarded to…Joanna Ker."

It took a few moments for Jo to register her own name. She could clearly hear her Aunt Catherine cheering for her. As soon as the certificate for the award hit her hand, the rest of the night flew by. Before Jo knew it, she had accepted her diploma, thrown her cap, and was now standing on the high school's front lawn.

Her Aunt Catherine had gone for more film, and Jo had taken the opportunity--since all her friends were with their families--to sneak off and just be by herself.

"Congratulations," said a deep voice from the shadows.

Jo didn't jump. This was a voice she recognized and would recognize until the end of her days. This was Batman's voice. The voice of the man who had saved her life.

"Thank you. Did you get to see the graduation?" she asked.

"Bits of it. Congratulations on your internship as well."


"Where's your aunt?"

"Getting more film from the car."

There was a moment of silence. For a second, Jo thought that Dark Knight had left, but that was quickly dismissed.

"Joker actually asked about tonight. I hope you don't mind, but I didn't give him any information about it," Batman said.

Jo laughed. "All for the better."

Through the darkness, she could've sworn she saw him smile. However, he said, "Your aunt is coming."

Jo turned and met her aunt halfway. She felt no guilt in leaving the Dark Knight behind. She knew he had already left.

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