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Chapter 10- Care

Jo watched as Zeus was led into the back of one of the Gotham City's Police Vans for transporting inmates. The formally zealous god must have been feeling quite humbled, since he had not muttered so much as a syllable after regaining consciousness. The criminal's eyes found Jo's and seemed to continue to plead with her. She looked determinately downward.

A cold breeze surrounded her, and she shivered, still wearing only the toga. She jumped slightly as she felt someone slip a jacket around her shoulders. She looked up to see the female, Hispanic detective, Montoya, smiling at her.

"Are you sure you're okay?" she asked.

Jo smiled bitterly. "For now, yes. I just want to enjoy my freedom."

Montoya shook her head. "I can't believe what that monstruo did to you, putting you through such tortures."

The smile on Jo's face become genuine. She loved to hear people who spoke a different language than she. The way the foreign words just slipped easily off their tongue, just like any English would slip off of hers. Hearing this simple joy made her feel a world of better…if only for a moment.

"Montoya," came the commissioner's voice from a short distance away.

The detective smiled at Jo then walked away, leaving her jacket with the young woman. Jo leaned against the nearest wall of a warehouse and sighed, looking skyward. Another breeze ruffled her toga's skirt and alerted her to the fluttering of another fabric. When she drew her eyes back to earth, she found that Batman stood before her.

"Are you all right? You should be checked out by a doctor…after being electrocuted that many times," he said in his even, deep voice.

Jo nodded. "I will…once I get home to Aunt Catherine." Then, with wide, worried eyes, she added, "Oh, God! Aunt Catherine must be worried sick! Did she even know I was kidnapped?"

Batman nodded. When Jo moved to spout more babblings of worry, he stopped her.

"But she knows we've recovered you, and that you're okay. She's meeting you at the Police Station. You'll be riding with Gordon."

Jo sighed, nodded, and turned to make her way towards the commissioner, who was clearly waiting on her. The felons had been loaded up and carted off just moments after he had called for Montoya. She stopped after moving only two steps. She turned her head slightly to the left.



"My fath—the Joker…he's escaped, hasn't he?" Jo asked.

"Yes. I'll get him before he tries for you again, not to worry."

"I'm not worried."

There was a moment where neither person spoke. Then, Jo sighed.

"I won't delude myself to him. I know that I'm nothing but a possession to him."

"That may not necessarily be true."

Jo whirled to Batman.


"Zeus sent us a disc of you being tortured. It truly bothered Joker to see you in pain. However, I don't think you should expect him to suddenly start acting like a father."

Jo smiled. She pulled the jacket close around herself, although she wasn't exactly cold anymore.

"He cares," she whispered. "In his own way…"

"In his own way," Batman repeated, confirming the statement.

Jo's smile stretched across her face. "Then it's enough. Thanks, Batman, for telling me that. And you know, rescuing me and stuff."

The Dark Knight gave a gruff chuckle.

"Two run-ins with trouble in my life. I wonder if that Wayne internship will want me?" she asked beginning to walk away.

However, just before she was out of earshot, she heard Batman remark, "I think you can count on that one."

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