Title: The Place

Date written: started 24/03/06 – finished /

Author: TanteCarla

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Takes place after 'The Lovers are Discovered' but before 'Reunited'. Stormy based fic. What really happened with Stormy's temper and what is 'The Place'? Find out 

Author's Notes: Don't sue :p ... Oh and if I made any spell or grammatical errors please let me know J

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Can you meet me at our room at Magix Hotel tonight at 9? Love B

I'll be there. Kisses

"Look at this... Looks like big sister is working overtimes..."

"Stormy, care to tell me what happened, who that was?"


"So what will we do?"

"That pixie... clearly needs to be taught a lesson!"

"Why are you doing this?" Bloom asked the two witches, carefully looking up.

"Because you stole our sister" Stormy kicked her hard in the face. After Bloom fell to the ground Stormy seated herself over the faerie dealing some more punches, but Darcy interfered.

"Stormy! That's enough!" She pulled her sister up "I think we made our point"

"You really went overboard back there, you know, I've been saying it for years but you REALLY have lost it."

And now the Conclusion...



After what happened yesterday in the hotel with Bloom, Darcy thought her youngest sister needed help. Very much against Stormy's will she was sent to one of those self-help groups to learn to control her aggression. The first session went quite OK but on the second session, the 'patients' had to learn to deal with critics, to bad for the psychiatrist Stormy was in his group... the poor dude lies now in the hospital with a broken arm and several fractured ribs...

Darcy went to see the man, trying to apologise for Stormy's behaviour, but he simply said her sister is a lost cause... but that there was maybe, just maybe one place where she could get 'better'

"Magix Mental Hospital'

Or simply MMH. Dr. Andrews who ran the hospital was well known for his work with the most extreme causes, if he couldn't cure Stormy, no one could.

Darcy didn't like the idea of sending the last sister she had away, but if this would help Stormy, she had to take that chance.

After discussing at the dinner table, Stormy refusing the idea, Darcy said she had to start packing right away; the sooner this was over with the better.

So now they stood before the doors of the hospital looking at the building for a moment, Stormy looked at Darcy pleadingly "Look... I'll change, but please don't leave me at this nuthouse..."

Darcy wrapped her arm around her youngest sister's shoulder and leaded her in. "It's for your own good... and everyone else's... It'll be all right."

They were greeted by a young nurse, who led Stormy to her room. Since it was quite late Stormy quickly changed and went to bed, after Darcy and the nurse left, softly crying in her pillow, cursing herself for what she had brought herself into.


Author's Notes: Don't sue me for putting Stormy in the MMH  the idea popped to me and I thought it might be fun to do. For the Icy/Bloom fans I have good news. I'll be putting up a story on when they're back online. But I have to put it there 'cause it's to Graphical for I'll inform you on one of the next updates. Please R&R.

Man, I've just watched War of the Worlds for the second time... that movie always gets me... I'm a believer you know...

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