Stormy was in a good mood. She didn't remember when it was the last time or if she ever had a good mood before. Her release was only a few days away. And therapy was going well.

She greeted the others and sat down next to Kimberly who leaned in and kissed her on the cheek, after that she quickly glanced over Stormy's shoulder in the direction of the faerie nurse.

Flora stood astonished.

"What the hell was that for?" Stormy said while she wiped her cheek with the back of her hand.

"Just a little joke" Kimberly smiled.

"Ok, well, don't do it again"

"Where's Caitlin" Sarah suddenly asked.

"Dunno she wasn't in the bathroom or her own room so…" Stormy said.

The doc stood next to Flora overlooking the cafeteria. He also noticed the absent patient at the first floor table. "I'll go check on her," he said to Flora "Think you can handle it?"

"Sure" she nodded.

When he had left she carefully looked around the cafeteria once more. She then noticed Caitlin… under the 2nd floor table. She started to move forward. "Caitlin? Get out off there" But before she got there a small flame was formed by the small girl and before Flora could think Jeff's pants were on fire.

The boy sprang up from his chair and wailed around panicky crying out for help. The fire spread quickly, nobody helped him. Most people ran around in panic while others were to confused and shocked to react. Flora ran around in the crowd to look for a fire extinguisher but she had a hard time making it. Someone knocked her over in their attempt to get out.

The doc came running back and pushed some off the patients towards the exit.

When Jeff came close to the curtains they also caught fire…

"I'm getting Caitlin you guys get out" Kimberly yelled over the screams and the sirens the twins were producing again.

"You heard her get out!" Stormy yelled to the twins and Sarah and they obeyed. She looked back at Kimberly who was trying to pull Caitlin with her. Stormy saw Kimberly's gaze trailed off before her friend turned to her "The Faerie!" She yelled. Stormy nodded her acknowledgement and started to move towards Flora, who had trouble getting up with the crowd going on.

Stormy punched her way through while she yelled, "Move you idiots! The exit is that way!" She pulled the faerie up. At that moment the still burning Jeff fell on his hands and knees right before them, he raised a hand at Stormy and gave her a last vicious look before he collapsed.

Stormy pulled Flora with her and they made their way out off the building where the sirens of the real fire trucks were already screaming…

Four had lost their life that day and the first floor off the building was a loss. The second and third floor had to serve as temporary until the patients were placed in other hospitals. Caitlin was moved to the fourth floor, which, Stormy learned, contained the solitary cells. Patients didn't get out off those…

Sarah had been transferred to another hospital for younger children, along with some others. The place was slowly emptying…

And the day came that Stormy could go home. She was packing her stuff when the twins came in. Jude handed her a piece of paper. "Here, so you can remember me" He said. Stormy recognised the same type of figures he had drawn before, she smirked "Thanks" she said and placed it into her suitcase.

Kimberly walked in and hugged her "I'm so gonna miss you"

"And your stuck with those two" Stormy smiled "Think you can handle it?"

"I'll try… and it's probably only for a short while longer" She said sadly. You know, come to think off it this place wasn't so bad"


The doc popped his head in telling Stormy that her cab was waiting.

"Ok, gotta go…you be sure to give me a call with your new address so I can stop by"


With one last hug Stormy made towards the exit together with the doc, Flora in tow.

"Ok now you take care off yourself, and if you need to talk about something you can always give a call," the doc said while he squeezed her shoulder. Stormy nodded. She turned to leave.

"I'll give you a hand with that" Flora said and took her bag.

Stormy wanted to protest but decided against it. Together they walked towards the cab in silence. Flora thought how this could be her last chance to say something but she couldn't muster the nerves to do so. When they got to the cab all she could say was "Well… take care now"

"I will" Stormy replied and held out her hand. Flora shook it and then quickly turned towards the building while Stormy left. Flora fought to hold back the tears that were forming, she blew it and would never have a chance to tell the witch how she felt. Why did she have to be such a coward? When she regained her posture she made her way back to the hospital.

The End.


Author's Notes: Well it's over sniff. Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed this little experiment. The story is actually 28 word pages long XD and I'm normally a person of little words, I find this a big accomplishment on my behalf :)

Poor Flora. Sorry for all you people who wanted them to get together but there will be a sequel. The first chapter will be posted Wednesday, August 2. Title: Revenge. The story will again be Stormy/Flora based and starts after 'Reunited.

Stormy was surprised. "That all?" Icy turned to look at her "No revenge? I thought I would get iced the moment I got out of…" She quickly swallowed her words. She almost blurted out the place. Icy kneeled down next to her and brought her face closer to Stormy's, a wicked smile playing her features. "Oh, I will have my revenge… It's all been taken care off… tomorrow…" She said no more to keep Stormy in suspense and went back upstairs.

Stay tuned and enjoy your summer holidays.