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My Mistake

Faramir's house was lovely, lovelier than any house Kerry-Lynn had set foot in. Ever. The room she had been given had a vast bed, with animals carved into the dark wood. It was covered with soft velvet and furs and it looked out over the city from an enormous window.

And Kerry-Lynn hated it. Hated the fact that she had to mar this perfection with Eowyn's blood.

For Eowyn was fantastic. She wasn't beautiful, not like the Elven girls with their perfect hair and girlish laughs, nor was she clever and book-learned. She was like Kerry-Lynn, tomboyish, clumsy, and a little shy but with a heart of gold. The fact that Faramir, who was hot, had fallen madly in love with her gave Kerry-Lynn an inkling of hope that one day her prince would come. So Kerry-Lynn's heart broke a little every time she looked into Eowyn's trusting blue eyes and knew that she was about to put the lights in them out.

She could see what Krystal meant, Eowyn and Faramir weren't the perfect couple that fandom portrayed them as, but they were pretty damn close. Kerry-Lynn had thought about giving the whole thing up and leaving the academy and staying in Gondor forever, but ever since the messenger had arrived she knew she had to go through it.

The messenger had come late one evening after dinner and asked to speak to her in private. He was tall and lithe, and his black hair was soaked from that night's storm. In a deep, rasping voice he told her that Krystal was visiting soon and that she expected to be served Eowyn's head on a plate, literally, and that if Kerry-Lynn were to mess this up the consequences would be horrible, truly horrible.

He let himself out, leaving a stunned Kerry-Lynn sobbing quietly into her sleeves.

And now, four days after that fateful visit she was preparing to kill Eowyn. The dagger, with its handle inlaid with rubies, glinted evilly on her bed. She had handed one of the servants a note for Eowyn, asking her to meet Kerry-Lynn on the balcony.

Kerry-Lynn placed the dagger in her belt and whispered goodbye to her beautiful room. All she could hear as she ran through the halls to the balcony was her heartbeat pounding in her chest. Every thump seemed to say to her MURDERER...MURDERER...MUDERER

It was a twisted sort of relief to get out into the cool night air. The full moon bathed the balcony in an ethereal glow and made the dagger gleam white. Kerry-Lynn felt the cold fingers of fear squeeze around her heart when the door opened behind her and her victim's footsteps approach.

'Kerry-Lynn' said Eowyn softly, 'are you alright?'

Kerry-Lynn didn't want to look at her, she couldn't look at her, so she spun around, all the while looking to the ground, and plunged the dagger straight into Eowyn's heart.

Eowyn groaned, and the sound rang through Kerry-Lynn's head like a foghorn. Hands clutching at her heart she slumped to the floor, a curtain of blondish hair hanging over her face.

'Miss Kerry-Lynn?'

Kerry-Lynn's head snapped up, the servant she had given the note to earlier was standing in the doorway. 'Miss Eowyn wants me to inform you that she feels unwell and will see you in her rooms.'

'W...w...whuh?' choked Kerry-Lynn, feeling her heart sinking to the floor she dropped to her knees and cupped the twisted, bleeding figures face in her hands. Smoothing back the wave of hair she saw the light fade not from Eowyn's blue eyes, but Faramir's green ones.

The servant at the door smiled, not a nice smile, an evil clown smile, and Kerry-Lynn had the sudden realisation that she had seen that smile somewhere before.

And that it wasn't a good thing.