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For me, remembering the days before the Neo Zenevas War is like remembering another person's life. I knew this person intimately, yet at the same time her life seemed totally foreign and somehow missing the very things I've come to treasure. It wasn't an empty or shallow life. I had friends and I thought I was fighting for a just cause; a cause that would help give meaning to all the loss I had endured in such a short period of time.

I wasn't alone in this feeling. All of Zi was with me in fighting the Backdraft and opposing the violence they propagated. How could I have known the truth? How could anyone have known?

Historians will look back at the raw facts and see the discrepancies. The Backdraft's new ruthless policies of terror and violence. The sudden political shift as Sen Vaez's greatest critics abruptly became his staunchest supporters. Helic and Guylos' ineffectiveness with countering bandits and Backdraft actions, and the civil unrest that grew from their poor leadership. Anyone who read about this time would scratch his or her head and wonder "What was wrong with those people? How could they not have seen it coming?" People always view history through hindsight. History appears predestined, inevitable. The signs are clear and only a fool would miss something so obvious. But in the present, we have the power to change. We are fluid, dynamic, able to change the future even though we don't know what tomorrow will bring.

Then the future hits us, sometimes pleasantly, most of the time it's a hard shock that shakes the whole world. These shocks become recorded in history and in turn are labeled inevitable. Everyone had the power to change the future. History is basically a record of how we reached this moment in time through the choices we made and the acts we did or did not perform. It's not a journal of inevitable events. No one ever sees the future coming. Not even Zoid Eve has that much power. The best we manage is a lucky guess.

What I relate to you in these pages is my perspective on those events leading up to the war and the rise of Zoid Lilith. These views are the truth as I see, but I've learned that truth can be just as subjective as history. I think Sen Vaez believed in his destiny. It was his truth, even if he did nothing but lie to achieve it.

As I type these words, it is hard for me to remember all that happened. It wasn't a neat, ten-step process in which I went from warrior to princess to monster to person. There were so many points where we could have averted the coming conflict, and so many chances where it all could have come crashing down around us. I can only see these points clearly in hindsight. At the time, they were blurred and obscured by the confusion of the present.

-From "The Houses of Zenevas and Arcadia"

The Autobiography of Leena Toros.