One Just Doesn't Quibble Ch.3


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Justin's POV

'OH…MY…GOD…' was the only thought that my dazed mind could come up with after that.

"But…You! You have a girlfriend, what about Sophie? And I'm a Prince! Royalty can't just go hopping into anyone bed, no matter how tempted he is…oh my god," I said finally realizing that my mouth had gotten away from me and that I had said something that I shouldn't have.

Howl just smiled at me and gestured, with a "come hither" look in his eyes. (A/N: I can't believe that I just used the phrase "Come Hither" Wince)

'Oh, what the hell. One just doesn't quibble about such trivial things as girlfriends and social status when there's a stark naked and fully aroused sorcerer Howl looking at you with desire lacing his eyes,' I thought to myself. I took his hand with a shy smile and he led me up the stairs.

Despite the fact that my mind seemed to have a large fluffy cloud hazing it, I still noticed that the hallway was spotless. Sophie's doing no doubt…

We were quickly at the door to Howl's room, a plain wooden door that, when opened led to a strange and slightly frightening room filled with all matter of oddities. In the first glance I think I saw a small dirty rag doll, a thickly jeweled serving spoon, and a stain glass window (not actually a window leading outside, it was leaning against a large chartreuse dresser) with a protective pentacle outlined in lead upon it.

'This has to be the strangest place I've ever been,' I thought, dazed. I looked down and now I was fully naked. Howl smiled deeper when he saw my confusion and began to draw small circles with his fingers on my chest. One of us moaned, I'm not sure which, and Howl opened his mouth to say something.

"You Highness…"

'What the hell! That's the voice of my personal valet!' all of a sudden I sat up in my bed, panting and dripping with sweat, with my valet standing over me; obviously trying to ignore my visible erection.

"A…Dream? It was all a dream," I said out loud, not bothering to hide my confusion.

"What was a dream, Your Highness," the valet said, with all his pomp, and stuffiness showing.

"Nothing Edvard…Nothing. What exactly did you want," I asked, sighing

"Her Majesty the Queen has requested your presence in the drawing room, Sire. She has told lowly me that the diplomats from Fanfarel are here, and that they have a lovely daughter that would make the perfect match," Edvard said, as he began to set out an outfit for me.

"Oy…Well I suppose I must. Thank you, Edvard," I dismissed him.

My only fleeting thought was to question that that was a dream, and that it had felt so real…

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