The Little Things

By: Trivette Lover Heather

AN: It's been a long while since I've written a Nash fic. I'm all of a sudden starting to write a little bit more. Let's see how this goes. Please review, it helps me, help you.


"Don't worry about it bubba."

His head turned quickly to the end of the grocery line. "Is there something I can help you with?"

Nash looked embarrassed. "No, I'm sorry; I thought I heard someone I knew."

It had been three months since his partner Joe had been killed and it was supposed to be getting easier. Simple things jarred Nash's memories and it wasn't the first time the word "bubba," caused him to do a double take.

He left the check out laughing to himself about what had just happened and made his way out to the Cuda. He was still shaking his head as he put the groceries in the trunk and got into the drivers seat. He glanced quickly at the empty seat next to him and couldn't help but smile. "You just keep making me make a fool of myself, even when you're not even here."


He was in the midst of renovating his apartment as well as doing some painting and refurnishing, he felt it was time for a change. He stepped around all the mess on the floor and set the groceries down in the kitchen.

"Nick, I'm back."

His father also stumbled around the mess and stood across from him. "How was work?"

Nash sighed. "I wasn't at work Nick, I just went to the grocery store….remember? You sent me out to get you some Cheez Its?"

"Oh yeah! Well did you get them?"

"Of course." He reached into the bag. "Here you go your majesty."

Nick smiled. "Great, now if I could only find the couch to watch some TV."

"Very funny…the guy told me he'd have all this stuff cleaned up by Thursday."

"Today is Thursday."

"Oh. Well crap. I'll have to give him a call then."

"Yeah, son, you do that, in the mean time, I'll be in your bedroom watching General Hospital."

"Oh sure go right ahead…I mean why would I have any use for my room while I'm home." He waved his hands up in the air and let them fall to his sides as he watched his Father slide his bedroom door shut.

"Geez, I get the guy some Cheez Its and before you know it he thinks he owns me."

Just then his cell phone rang. "Nash."

"Hey Nash, Its Harv…"

"Figures, you're the only one who ever calls me now a days anyway…"

"I love you too boss…there was a robbery homicide at Town Center Liquor store this afternoon. The store owner was killed and his son is in critical condition at Mercy General."

"And why is this an SIU problem?"

"Turns out the shooter used a 64 Glock…"

Nash then got interested. "Same gun used…"

"Yeah I thought that would interest you….its rare boss….I mean its worth following down the leads. You just never know."

"Alright Harv, do you're thing, I'll be down there in twenty."

It was unspoken that everyone wanted to find who had killed one of their detectives, and the only lead they had was that the bullets used came from a rare glock pistol, that the city had never seen before.

"What do we got?" Nash entered the SIU with the presence he always had.

"We got the video from the security camera…his photo is out to all the stations…they know he's suspect in Joes death…there's bound to be a hit somewhere soon."

Nash winced at the words, Joe and Death, being used in the same sentence; it had been a while since he had heard them.

"Alright…did we sweep the scene…any prints?"

"Nope, clean, but once we get a hit on where he is, we'll take him down and know more about him than his own mother does." Harvey replied.

"That's why I love you Harvey, never at a loss for a cliché. Keep this up, I'm gonna grab some coffee, I want to be first one scene when we spot him."

"As it should be." Harvey replied with a nod.

As Nash started to walk away, Harvey hollered. "Hey Nash, you know this may not even be who we're looking for."

Nash nodded. "I know, but its something…its something."

Nash headed up the stairs to grab his usual cup of coffee, as he sat at his desk, the picture frame staring back at him made his heart ache. He closed his eyes briefly and remembered getting the call that his partner had been killed when he walked into a robbery in progress downtown. He remembered that that night Joe was coming over to watch the Giants game on the new big screen TV Nash had just bought as part of his refurnishing kick. He smiled because Joe kept picking on him about this being a mid life crisis and that the project would never get finished.

He then spilled some of his coffee as his phone rang.

"We got em boss, a UNI spotted hi, ten miles south of Fresno Blvd."

He set down his coffee and headed down the steps. "Lets go."