Little Things – Final Chapter

By: Trivette Lover Heather

"Choices and Absolution"


"He's held up in that pawn shop on the corner…Unit's surrounded the place, SWAT is on call…"

As the two arrived on the scene, all eyes turned to Nash as it had gotten around quickly that this was a possible suspect who had killed his partner only three months ago.

"I'm gonna go in." Nash uttered hastily.

Harvey smirked and almost chuckled. "Yeah right boss…that's not get too crazy, we haven't even talked to him yet."

Nash looked over at Harvey. "Alright, get him on the phone. We gotta know."

"Negotiator is working on it…we'll find out."

Hours passed before the guy made contact with the negotiator.

"He's giving himself up." Was the call that went out on the radios.

Nash looked up intently as he saw the guy walk out and place his gun on the ground. Officers jumped on him quickly, searching him and cuffing him. Nash looked on, not making any moves.

"Take him to the SIU lock up." Were the only words that came out of Nash's mouth until they reached the SIU.

"He's upstairs boss."

"Yeah I know…lets go." Nash replied, starting for the stairs.

As he approached the table, he saw that the mans head was down and he was crying. Nash pulled up a chair.

"Daniel." Nash looked at the file then back up at the young man.

He looked back up and Nash. "I'm sorry." He replied immediately without even an accusation being made.

"I know why I'm here…they don't bring thieves to this place…I shot someone that worked here didn't I? I saw it on the news…I didn't know he was a cop….I swear I didn't…he just walked in…it freaked me out…so I just fired…I didn't know…please don't kill me…please…"

As Nash listened his eyes started to tear up himself. "That's not up to me…and I think you're lucky that it isn't…"

"Please…I'm sorry…I didn't mean to…all I wanted to do was rob the place…I wasn't planning on killing anybody…"

"Listen kid…when you commit a crime, you may not mean for it to escalate, but you made a bad choice…and it affected more lives that you could imagine…that cop you killed…" Nash stopped to compose himself. "He was a Father…a new Father to a baby girl…six months old…he was my friend…twenty six years….he was a good man and you're stupid choice…cost his daughter to grow up without a father…and that is something your tears and guilt wont be able to replace…so you can sit here and cry…but I am not the person you need to be asking forgiveness from…you're gonna have a long time to think about what you did kid…and I sure as hell aint gonna be the one to grant you absolution…"

He stood up and stared at the kid for a moment. "You took away from me, the best friend I ever had in this God forsaken world…so you look into my tear filled eyes…and put yourself in my shoes…would you be able to forgive you?"

It was silent for a few seconds but Nash wasn't finished. "Cuz I wouldn't. And the tears you're crying now, are nothing compared to the tears I had to watch fall from his wives eyes when I told her, her husband wasn't coming home again…and nothing compared to the heart ache I feel waking up every morning without him here…but I can tell you that those tears wont do you any good where you are headed…cuz I am not Christ bubba, but it is my suggestion to you that you get to know him real soon…"

With that last statement he turned and walked away. He headed straight downstairs to the Cuda and started it up. As he put his hand down to shift gears, he once again glanced at the empty seat beside him and fell into a bit of tears. His shoulders shook uncontrollably and Harvey watched from the SIU doors. He contemplated going out there to comfort him but knew Nash better than that. No one could ever talk with Nash like Joe could or be there for him they way Joe could. Now wasn't the time to try to replace that part in Nash's life and Harvey wasn't going to try.

As the sun started to set, Nash had gathered himself just in time to see the kid being escorted out of the SIU into a patrol car. The kid saw Nash in the Cuda on the way out…

"I'M SORRY!" He shouted before he was put into the car.

Nash just stared. "I know kid…so am I." He shifted the Cuda into gear and headed home.


"Hi Son, how was work?" Nick asked sitting in the kitchen as he watched Nash come in. As Nash got closer he could see his son's eyes looked tired. "What happened?"

Nash smiled. Nick always knew when something was up. Nash figured he'd be straight forward. "Caught Joe's killer today…some 19 year old kid…"

Nick sighed. "I see…well he's no kid Nash…he made his own choices…"

"Please Nick, I've talked enough today about his choices...I'd just rather get this place cleaned up…"

"Why the sudden urge to clean son? It's been like this for almost 3 months now."

"Well then…its way overdue….so you gonna help or what?"

Nick was amazed how his son could talk so seriously one minute and turn to work the next. "Yeah sure, but I'm gonna need to take some breaks."

Nash smiled. "Sure dad, whatever you need!"

The two worked half the night, until Nick headed for bed. Nash stayed up the rest of the night and into the morning finishing up. With the last trash bag tied up and set next to the door, he sat down on his new couch and put his feet up.

He sighed in accomplishment. "Wish you were here to see it partner."


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