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Chapter One - A Cunning Plan

It had been two days since Eiri Yuki had left. Two days that Shuichi Shindou had spent laying on the couch thinking of what Yuki had said. Shuichi understood perfectly what Yuki meant, but what he didn't understand is why Yuki left the apartment instead of kicking Shuichi out. That's what he couldn't seem to get his head around. 'Maybe he's finally snapped' Shuichi thought.

He wasn't actually doing anything, he was just watching TV. Okay, maybe he did know what he was doing, he was laughing rather loudly. Yuki had been working non-stop on his latest novel, and he was probably annoying the hell out of him, which made Yuki snap at him.

Shuichi couldn't help but wonder if he meant what he'd said. 'He probably does because he's not here now.' Yuki and Shuichi had had their fair share of arguments in the five years that they'd been together, but what Yuki had said the other day was something he had never said to Shuichi before.

'If he really feels like that, then why the fuck did he put up with me for all this time? Did he just keep me around because I was an available fuck for him?' Shuichi thought.

He laughed loudly at that thought. Maybe he'd finally snapped, too.

Shuichi hadn't shed one tear since Yuki had been gone, which was unbelievable for Shuichi. He thought that he should have seen this coming. He knows he's annoying as hell. He's acted the way he does for so long that he can't seem to act normal.

But he knew that it's time to finally get his act together and grow up. He wasn't a child anymore. With that thought in mind he sat up, experiencing a wave of dizziness, which wasn't surprising. He hadn't eaten or drank anything for two days. Standing up slowly, he went into the kitchen and got a glass of water, drinking it all in one go. He re-filled the glass. He looked around the kitchen and felt a smirk cross his face.

Maybe he should set fire to his kitchen to pay the bastard back. Nah, couldn't do that. He'd probably end up setting himself on fire in the process. He took the glass of water, making his way back into the front room. His empty stomach growled, reminding him that he hadn't eaten, but just thinking about eating made him feel sick.

Once again he let his eyes roam the place he'd called home for the last five years. It really was depressing there. He sighed. 'This is ridiculous.' He'd finally had enough. Enough of Yuki's insults, his angry glares, and especially of him throwing him out and sleeping on the couch. With that thought in mind, Shuichi went into the bedroom, to pack all of his stuff into his suitcase.

He had a shower, and then changed into the clean clothes he'd left out. He left the apartment after calling a cab. He didn't bother to leave a note. He didn't see the point. It was what Yuki wanted, right? He wanted him out of his life, and that was what he'd get. Standing outside, the cab arrived after about five minutes. He got in and gave the driver his destination.

He was going to go to Hiro's, but that's what the old Shuichi used to do. He would crash his way into Hiro's house, calling Yuki a bastard and so forth, and then he would cry on Hiro's shoulder. After that his best friend would tell him to go back to Yuki, and that would be that… until the next time. It was like a never ending cycle.

Well, this was where the cycle ended. The new Shuichi was about to take the first step of his new life. The first step to taking care of himself. After paying the driver, he got out of the cab and entered the hotel.

Up in his room, he opened the mini-bar and proceeded to get drunk. His second step was to get drunk and forget about everything for a while. He drank something that tasted horrible, but he found that the taste didn't bother him after a while.

His poor stomach growled at him, but he ignored it. He wanted to be irresponsible for a change, or rather more irresponsible than usual, anyway. He began to laugh as the alcohol began to take effect. All too soon, he found himself lying face down on the floor, too tired to move.


Tatsuha Uesugi sat in a bar not far from the apartment he shared with his lover, Ryuichi Sakuma. He downed the glass of sake as he tried to drown his sorrows. He had an argument with Ryuichi, and then the singer had dumped him.

Tatsuha laughed as the sake began to take effect. He really loved Ryuichi, but lately they'd been arguing a lot. Mostly about age, and about how the singer was 14 years older than him. Personally he didn't give a shit how old he was, he was just happy being with the person he loved.

But Ryuichi thought it would be better if the younger man found someone his own age. Tatsuha felt tears sting the back of his eye lids, but he refused to let them fall. Maybe Ryuichi would feel differently tomorrow… but he did say he never wanted to see the younger man again.

He signalled for another drink, drank it in one go, and then left the bar and stumbled down the street. He walked towards his brothers apartment, where hopefully he could stay the night.

He managed to get there without incident, apart from tripping and falling face first in a pile of rubbish. He knocked on the door, but when there was no answer he used the spare key he had acquired a while ago.

Stepping through the front door, he kicked off his shoes and looked around. Finding no one home, he took a shower which helped clear his head a little. When he was rummaging through his brothers closet, he realised Shuichi's side was empty, and the suitcase that used to be on top of the closet was missing.

He frowned wondering if Shuichi was on tour… but he couldn't be, because he had bumped into Hiro earlier.

He made his way to the phone, and called Shuichi's cell.

"What?" He answered, his voice slightly muffled.

"Shuichi, it's Tatsuha."

"Hey, what's up?"

"Not much, I'm at Eiri's. Mostly just wondering why you're not here?"


Tatsuha frowned as he heard a thump, then a fit of giggles.

"Sorry Tat, I'm kinda drunk. The reason I'm not there is because Yuki and I are not together anymore. He got angry with me the other day and basically told me he wished he never met me…then he left. I don't actually know where he is, so I left, too" Shuichi started laughing again.

Tatsuha was starting to feel worried about him, he sounded a little hysterical. He heard another bump, followed by a crash, and then a pained noise.

"Shu, are you all right?"

"I'm fine Tat, but the room won't stop spinning."

"Where are you Shu? I'll come and keep you company."

He hung up after Shuichi had told him where he was. He left a note for his brother, and then left the apartment and caught a cab.

Fifteen minutes later, he knocked on the door at the hotel Shuichi was staying at. The singer answered the door, looking rather dishevelled. Tatsuha walked into the room, which looked rather cluttered, mostly with beer bottles and empty cigarette packets.

Shuichi took two beers from the fridge and Tatsuha accepted one. He looked at the older man, and realised he didn't look like he thought he would have, seeing as he had just broke up with Eiri. He had thought Shuichi would be heart-broken. Maybe that will come later when he was sober. Sitting on the bed beside him, he watched as Shuichi lit a cigarette and took a deep drag. He shook his head, guessing after inhaling Eiri's second hand smoke for so long that he would be craving nicotine now that he was away from him.

Tatsuha took the cigarette Shuichi offered him, and lit it. They sat in silence drinking and smoking for a while, each lost in their own thoughts. A few hours later they were sprawled on the bed together snoring loudly.


Shuichi woke up the next morning… well, afternoon. He groaned as the pounding in his head grew worse. Opening his eyes, he looked at the younger man sharing his bed. He sighed as he got out of bed, and went into the bathroom to have a shower.

It was Monday, and so he should have been at work, but he couldn't be fucked. He knew he would scream at everyone for asking him if he was all right. He hated everyone asking him that.

He stretched as the hot water soothed his body. He knew he had to start looking for an apartment. Maybe Tatsuha would help him. He frowned wondering why the younger man had come over last night, why wasn't he with Ryuichi?

After his shower he dried off, and then left the bathroom to get dressed. Tatsuha was asleep so he tried to be quiet. After he was dressed, he arranged some clothes for Tatsuha, and then he called room service for aspirin and a pot of coffee.

When it arrived, the younger man was just opening his eyes. Shuichi laughed as he heard him groan. He opened the door, and let the young women wheel the trolley in. Shuichi realised she was staring at him. He gave her his best smile and an autograph when she asked.

He then took two aspirin and poured two cups of coffee. He gave one to Tatsuha, along with the aspirin.

"Thanks." The younger man mumbled, sitting up.

"So, what's happened between you and Ryuichi?" Shuichi asked.

Tatsuha's face darkened like a thundercloud. He ran his hand through his already messed up and hair and sighed.

"He dumped me because he thinks he's too old for me."

Shuichi's eyes widened, before he frowned. "I'm sorry…but when I talked to Ryuichi the other he told me how much he loved you. Maybe when he's thought about it, it will be all right."

Tatsuha shrugged. "Maybe. What about you and Eiri? He also told me how much he loved you, are you going to give him another chance?"

Shuichi shook his head. "Not after what he said to me the other night. He wants me gone from his life, so for once I'm doing what he wants. It's over this time."

Tatsuha watched the younger man, and knew he was lying. He knew if Eiri came and apologised now, and asked him to come back, he would jump at the chance. As he drank his coffee, a smirk flashed across his face.

Shuichi watched him carefully. He knew that look. It meant he had an idea, and it was probably a stupid one. He waited patiently for the younger man to speak.

"If it's true that Ryuichi still loves me and Eiri still loves you, then maybe they need a wake up call. And even if it doesn't work, it should be fun."

"What are you planning Tat?"

"I think we should make them as jealous as possible. I think we should pretend we're lovers."

Shuichi groaned mentally at the gleam in Tatsuha's eyes. He closed his eyes for a moment. Maybe it wasn't a bad idea. He wanted to know if Yuki really meant what he had said, and it would be nice to get the bastard back for it.

If it all goes tits up, then at least he'd know for sure that it's over. And like Tat said, it might be a laugh. With that thought in mind, he opened his eyes and nodded his head.

"On one condition… do not call me Ryuichi."

Tatsuha laughed, but agreed. They sat down and began to talk about the their plan of action.


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