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(Maureen POV)

July 4th was always a fun day for my family when I was little. My two older brothers would take me to breakfast then to a parade and to buy fireworks. I always loved it. Seeing all the horses and floats in the parades, and being allowed to pick out my own fireworks was so fun. My favorite part of the day, however, was getting to pile in the back of our truck and head to a park for the city's fireworks. We would load the bed of the truck full with blankets and pillows, and all pile in. That was when my family got along as a whole, and what my fondest memories are of. Now it's time to make some new memories.

Joanne and I were cuddling on our couch one evening watching some television show when I got the urge to chat, not an uncommon thing for me.

"Hey Pookie?" I said, sitting up and facing her.

"Hmm?" she hummed, more than said.

"When you were little, did your family ever do anything for the fourth of July?" She got the cutest confused look on her face. I do admit, my question came from out of nowhere as it was only the middle of June. But if it wasn't a big deal to her before, I want to surprise her and make it a big deal now.

"Um, well it was never really a huge deal for us. My parents were too busy to take me to parades or anything, and seeing as I am an only child, siblings couldn't either. It was pretty much just another day for us. Mom and Dad wouldn't go to the office, but they stayed home and worked. Why? Was it a big deal for you?" she asked me, still rather confused.

"Well, it was never huge in the independence aspect, but my family always spent the day together. We went to parades and fireworks with each other, sometimes just us, but sometimes with neighborhood friends." I didn't want this to sound like I was rubbing this in her face. I had to figure out how to turn this around. "Tell you what, Baby. How about we spend the day, just the two of us, doing what I did as a kid? Does that sound good?" I asked, hoping that she'd say yes. It would be fun, but I was going to make it romantic, too.

"Sure, Honeybear. I'd love to spend the day with you," she said smiling while leaning in to kiss me.

I moaned quietly into the kiss, wrapping my arms around her waist and pulling her closer. I lightly slid my hands under the back of her Harvard t-shirt, caressing the small of her back. She sucked my bottom lip into her mouth, and I whimpered as I felt her teeth graze the inside of my lip, gently yet firmly. My hands traveled her back before finding their way beneath the waistband of her very short shorts, and coming to rest on her firm ass. Joanne moaned lightly while moving her arms from around my neck to between us, so she could tease my breasts. I wasn't wearing a bra beneath my t-shirt, so I could feel every tantalizing movement of her slender fingers. I arched my back, pushing my breasts further into her hands, as my own hands began gently kneading her ass. She began rocking in my lap, forcing our most sensitive girly regions together. I nearly lost all self-control. I ravaged her mouth with my own as my hands slid up her back, removing her shirt. Instead of returning to her luscious lips, my mouth immediately found her perfect breasts, exploring them feverishly. She moaned and arched her breasts further into my wanting mouth, while continuing to tweak and tease my own. She took my shirt off slowly, her hands quickly making their way back to my chest. Joanne slid off my lap onto the floor in front of me, sliding her hands along my sides. Leaning forward, she began to kiss my stomach, quickly slipping my shorts off as well. Still kissing and licking my stomach, she began to stroke my thighs, spreading my legs apart. I laced my fingers through her short, dark hair as she leaned down and began kissing my inner thighs. She was still stroking my legs, rubbing her thumbs in light circles, working her way closer to my center with her mouth. Joanne licked, sucked, and probed with her tongue like she was never going to see me again. She was relentless making me come quickly. She stood up, replaced her shirt, kissed me fiercely, and headed to the bedroom.

I just sat there on the couch, completely naked, sweating and panting, trying to regain some form of thought process. Once I was breathing normal, I redressed, and walked to our room, wondering why Joanne left so quickly. What I saw was completely shocking. Joanne was lying on our bed, totally naked, sucking on her left index finger, while her right hand was pumping furiously between her gorgeous legs. Oh my God! Jo is masturbating. That's so hot! I knew she did, well, used to anyway. But I'd never seen her do it. A part of me was a bit huffy thinking I wasn't enough for her. But then again, I did it while she was at work, so I couldn't get too mad. Seeing her ride her fingers was a turn on like nothing I'd ever imagined, and believe me, I imagine a lot. She was so gorgeous how her back was arched and her hips were bucking wildly against the welcome intruders.

As I stood there watching Joanne, my hands began to stray to my own pleasure spots. Just as I began touching myself, Joanne came with a scream. I couldn't stand it anymore. She still had her eyes closed and her fingers inside her, so I approached her silently. I bent over her and kissed her gently, announcing my presence. She smiled, keeping her eyes closed as I crawled on top of her. I began kissing my way down her perfect body and soon had my face buried deeply between her legs.

(Joanne POV)

I awoke on the fourth of July as the sun's rays appeared through our bedroom window. I glanced at the clock noticing it was barely after seven. I rolled over reaching for Maureen, only to find her missing. I yawned crawling out of bed, and went searching for my love. I found her in the living room, fully dressed, reading a magazine and drinking coffee. I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her shoulders.

"Hey Baby," I said kissing her neck softly. "What are you doing up already?"

"I just wanted to make sure I'm prepared for today." She smiled and shifted on the couch so she could face me. "Now go get ready or we're going to be late."

"Late for what?" I asked, utterly confused.

"For breakfast, silly. Now go." She smiled and kissed me, shooing me back into our bedroom. I laughed and went to go get dressed.

Maureen and I ate breakfast in a park with about 200 other people. Soon after, we were sitting on a blanket on the side of a street watching a parade. I was having a blast spending the day with Maureen, watching her face light up with each new activity.

It was 9:30 that evening before we headed out to a park to watch the fireworks. We laid a huge blanket out in a secluded area of the park so we could have some privacy.

Just before the fireworks were set to begin, I began touching and kissing Maureen. I lifted her shirt and kissed her stomach, undoing her jeans. I had them down around her ankles before she said anything.

"Pookie, if you don't stop, you're gonna make me miss the fireworks," she half complained, half moaned.

"Baby, I have a feeling you're about to see fireworks like nothing you've ever witnessed," I said suggestively, smiling at her before lowering my head.

As we walked home that night, I noticed someone following us. He was behind us until we were within a couple blocks of our apartment. I caught a glimpse of his face once as he passed under a street light. He looked strangely familiar, but I couldn't place him for the life of me.

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