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I stepped out of the taxi, back onto the busy New York City streets. It has been five years since I've been in New York; it seems like a lifetime ago. Standing on the sidewalks gazing in amazement up at the skyscrapers, like this was a whole new experience for me. Five years seems so long; I wonder how all of my old friends are doing. I haven't seen or even talked to any of them in five years either. I left New York and left my old life behind me. Some of them tried to call me, but it hurt too bad, the pain was still too real, I couldn't deal with it. I never really have dealt with it; I just ignored it and moved on with my new life. Part of me hopes to run into some of them, to see how all of their lives have grown, but then part of me hopes that I don't see them. New York is a big place though, what are the chances that I will?

"Right this way," the doorman tells me as he grabs my luggage from the taxi driver, holding the front door open as I make my way into the hotel. It's a lavish hotel; my company set me up here. My company had business that needed to be handled in person here in New York; they figured since I once lived here, I was the perfect candidate to make the trip.

I politely thank the doorman as I make my way past him and up to the front desk. The man behind the desk is a tall, handsome man; decked out in some high fashion suit. Looking around I realized everyone is decked out in some high fashion suit, even the bellhops. I collected my keys and filled out the necessary paperwork and headed straight for my room. The flight was exhausting and I wanted to lie down before going out and finding some dinner.

My room was immaculate. A king size bed, a flat screen television, a whirlpool tub, and most importantly an open mini bar; my company really must of forked out the cash on this place. Seeing my room I had become slightly glad that they had sent me.

I pulled out my cell phone realizing that I still hadn't called my girlfriend back home; she'd kill me if I didn't call and let her know I had made it here safely. She always worried; it was rather cute.

"Hey honey," I answered as I heard her voice come over the phone.

"So I take it you made it just fine?" her sweet voice rang out.

"Yea. Oh and honey you should see this room. I can't wait until you get here; you're going to love it." I had to be in New York from Thursday to Tuesday; so my girlfriend was going to be joining me for the weekend.

"I can't wait," she softly replied. I missed her already and couldn't wait either for her arrival.

"Well honey, I better go. The flight wore me out and I wanted to lie down for a bit before going to get some dinner." I could have sat and talked to her forever on the phone, but knew I couldn't right now.

"Ok I understand. But call me later tonight. I miss you and I love you." She sounded somewhat disappointed, but I knew too that she had plenty of work she had to get done as well.

"Love you too, bye." I hung up the phone and crawled into this huge bed, snuggling deep into the covers.

I woke up about two hours later; feeling much better. I laid there for a while though, thinking about my life when I lived in New York. Memories flooded my head of all the great, and sometimes not so great, moments of living here. I miss all my friends; I think about them more than I thought I would when I first left here; I wonder if they ever think of me?

Finally, I forced myself out of the bed. Actually my growling stomach forced me out of bed. So I got up, freshened up, and headed in search of some food.

I found this little pizza shop around the corner and figured I'd stop in there. You can't really beat New York pizza. I had ordered my food and was enjoying watching all the people rushing along the sidewalk and in and out of the restaurant. Suddenly a familiar face entered through the door. I couldn't believe it; I hadn't been out of my hotel more than an hour and I'm running into one of my old friends.

"Mark is that you?" I yell towards the man.


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