It was 6:45 and the sun was rising over the little village of Konoha. Sakura was wide awake already and was walking down the road to Konoha High where her firstday of school started.

She had short bubblegum pink hair and beautiful emerald orbs. Sakura was wearing her new school uniform which was a white shirt, a green tie, a short green skirt, knee high socks, and a pair of peniloafers. She was about to enter the school gates when she heard someone call her from behind.

" Oi, Sakura-chan!" the loudmouth blonde yeled down the street, waving his hand at her. Sakura saw him and gently smiled back at Naruto. They had been best friends since they were liitle. He ran up to her slightly panting and said," So wanna go in now?" Sakura nodded and they both walked through the big green doors to Konoha High.

Sakura walked down the hall slowly and quietly. Then she saw something that caught her eye. It was a poster that read: Baseball tryouts will be held Monday, Tuesday, and Wednsday of next week. Anyone wishing to participate should meet in the gym on these spacific days.

Sakuras face immediatley lite up in excitment. Finally! Baseball tryouts! Everyone has been telling me I was born to play this! Nows my chance to play the sport Ive always wanted too! She thought excitedly, then continued to walk down the hall.

After ten minutes of roaming the hall, Sakura finally found her homeroom. She walked in silently and was shocked to see that Naruto wasnt there. Thats wierd, Narutos been in my homeroom since fifth grade. Oh well! she thought while walking to the nearest seat and sitting in it.


There was the bell singnaling the start of homeroom. Everyone took there seats while paitiently waiting for their sensei to arrive. It had been about fifteen minutes or so and there was still no sign of their sensei. Then suddenly a loud poof echoed throughout the classroom making everyone jump. Then a mans voice said," Sorry Im late everyone. I got lost on the path of life...again." This made everyone sweatdrop(anime style).

The man, who was obiously their sensei, had a mask covering his entire face except for one eye. He also had gray spicky hair and hanging out of his left pocket was a book.

Icha Icha Paradise, yup this is going to be some year, Sakura thought. Then the sensei said," As some of you may already know my name is Kakashi Sensei. Now shut up while I take attendance."

Sakura sat there and started to day-drem for a bit. Then her name was called," Haruno Sakura," Kakashi said. Sakura half raised her hand and said," Here."

Then what really caught her attention was the name Kakashi called next and who it belonged to. " Uchiha Sasuke," Kakashi said. The boy sitting right next to Sakura slighty raised his hand, but said nothing.

Sasuke, hes cute, wait, what am I saying? There is absolutly no time to think about boys. I have to concentrate on my grades! Sakura thought to herself as she stared at him.

Indeed he was charming though. Sasuke had black raven hair and deep onyx eyes that could capture anyone it their gaze. He was so handsome that all the girls in the class, except Sakura were drooling with throbbing heart eyes and mouths open wide.

Then suddenly Sasuke turned toward Sakura and their eyes locked immediatley. They stared at eachother for a while until Sasuke asked," Do you have a problem?"

Sakura shook her head and replied," Gomen." in a shy voice and quickley turned away trying to hide the blush daring to appear on her face.

For some reason Sasuke noticed that there was something different about this girl. This was the only girl he new that didnt stare at him or drool and fight over him. She actually seemed...normal around him, like she didnt care that he was the hottest guy in the whole school to girls. This is going to be an interesting year, Sasuke thought.

Why couldnt I look away. There was something about him that wouldnt let me. Sakura kept thinking over and over about that one moment. She couldnt get it out of her head.

Kakashi let them have a free period since it was their first day and continued to read his Icha Icha Paradise book. Sakura sat in her seat still pondering about what happened earlier.

About ten or fifteen minutes later the bell rang signaling that it was now time to head to first period.

Sakura sighed and grabbed her things. She took out her schedulal and briefly memorized it. Here goes nothin' she thought as she slowly made her way out the door, and to her first period class.