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Chapter 13: Fairytales Don't Exist....WRONG!

This was it, the final showdown, team Konoha against one of the toughest teams around...team Suna. This was gunna be intense but Sakura knew that they could do it. Sakura looked in the mirror as she finished putting her waist long hair into a high pony tail. The whole team had just gotten their new uniforms in for the championship game yesterday. Since Sakura was way smaller and couldn't fit into a guys baseball uniform, they had to special order hers, but the one thing she forgot was that baseball uniforms ran tight. She looked over herself in the mirror, running her hands down the sides of her curves. The baseball uniform wasn't small as in it didn't fit, it was small as in it hugged everyone of her curves. The pink haired girl didn't like the way it fit her but there was nothing she could do about it now.

"Ugh. Why do these uniforms have to run tight?" she asked herself. She felt strange in her new uniform.

Well, maybe you can use your body as a secret weapon, disctract the other team haha!

Oh yea that's a smart idea, and then I get murdered by Sasuke for flirting with the enemy.

Oh true, forgot about him...

Thr green eyed girl shook her head and looked over at her dresser, there was a newly, unused pencil of eyeliner sitting there.

Maybe I should try some, it wouldn't hurt, it is supposed to make your eyes shine and all...

Go for it!

She reached for the tube of eyeliner and carefully applied it. She opened her eyes and gasped.

DAMN, it really does make your eyes light up.

She smiled at her reflection and grabbed her baseball bag, and just as she was about to open the front door, she heard a knock. Slowly she opened the door to reveal her boyfriend in the same uniform that she was wearing, except his was much baggier, she blushed and covered herself with her giant baseball bag as he looked her over. He couldn't help but look at her eyes, there was just something different about them today.

"I put on eyeliner, figured I'd try it." she said shyly, blushing slightly. He nodded and smirked, damn did she look hot.

Amen brotha!!!!

Stop starring at my girlfriend!

Im you, which means she's my girl too! ha!


After Sasuke got done with his argument, he took Sakura's hand and they walked to the baseball field together. Every guy walking down the street starred and Sakura and she couldn't help but blush when a couple called out to her, that is until they almost died in the hands of the intense stare of the Uchiha prodigy.

"So, think were gunna kick ass today?" Sakura asked.

"Wouldn't count on in cutie," a voice said from behind them. they stopped abruptly and turned around to see 5 of Suna's baseball players. They looked at Sakura and smirked, Sasuke glared and put his arm around his frowning girlfriends shoulders. There smirks faded slowly as they took the hint, but obviously they didn't get it.

"We've been the champs for 3 years running," said the biggest one as he walked up to the couple,"Just because you got some good players and a hot babe doesn't mean anything, unless you wanna gimme a lil somethin somethin cutie," he grabbed Sakura's chin and made her look up at him. He smirked. Sasuke's glare intensified as he pulled her away from him immediately and stepped in front of her. His glare was enough to kill off an entire army. The boy backed up with his hands in the air.

"Well, I can clearly see that she's off limits. But if you guys are really so confident that you're going to win, why don't we make a little wager?" he said, smirking. Sasuke continued to glare, but nodded,Sakura just watched nervously.

"If you win, we'll quit the team for the rest of our highschool lives, but if we win, well, you know," he winked at Sakura and his friends all laughed. Sakura looked up at Sasuke.

Argh, what am I gunna do?

Take the damn challenge!

Oh yea, and what happens if we loose? I can't just go sacrifice my girlfriend! Who knows what they'll do to her!

Oh...true...but I have confidence that we'll win, don't look like a pussy.

...I don't know...

"You're on!" Sauske heard a voice say. He looked behind him. Sakura had fire in her eyes, obviously she understood him better than he thought. He never liked to turn down a challenge...but he wasn't about to sacrifice his girlfriend to a bunch of horndogs.

The boys smirked,"Alright cutie...at the game, it's on," he winked. Sakura stepped out to the side from behind her boyfriend and smirked evily.

"Oh, it is so on,"(A/N:i got that line from Bring it on lol i luv! luv! luv! that movie lol) the boy looked at her one last time before walking away with his friends. Once they were out of site, Sasuke whipped around to face his girlfriend.

"What in the world is wrong wit you!?" Sasuke yelled at her,"you have no clue what's gunna happen!" Sakura glared.

"We're gunna win! That's what's gunna happen, you are our captain Sasuke, you need to have confidence in your team, in me." He looked down at her and smirked, she smiled back. He put his arm around her and they continued on to the baseball field where the game of their life was about to begin.


The game was on, and when I say on, I mean it was on like donkey kong! Both the teams were doing exceptionally well. They were almost tied with Suna in the lead by 2. Konoha was up at bat now.

The boy who had made the wager with Sasuke and Sakura turned out to be the starting pitcher for Suna, and after one of Konoha's players struck out, it was time to switch it up. As Sakura put on her mit and ran out of the dugout, she was blocked by the star pitcher himself. He bent down and whispered into her ear.

"I can't wait to see what's under that baseball uniform," he smirked and jogged toward his teams dugout. Sakura glared and went to her spot in right field. Sasuke just watched as the encounter happened and went to the pitching mound, he knew of all people that she could handle herself.

After setting up, the first batter came up to the plate, it turned out that it was one of the star pitchers friends. He took position and waited for the pitch. Sasuke wound up and pitched a perfect curve ball.


And just like that the ball going, going, going and....caught? Nobody could understand how she had gotten all the way to left center before the left fielder did, but Sakura was laying on the ground, with the ball in question in her hands. She quickly got up and threw it in to second base, who then threw it in to Sasuke. He smirked at her and she blushed, running quickly back to her spot.


In the Mens Bathroom

"Yo Jeff, are you sure we should be doin this, if we get caught then were in deep shit bro," the star pitchers best friend Bill said. Jeff, the star player looked at him and shook his head, he took out a little baggie filled with a white powder and put it in the water bottle they had stolen from Sakura.

"Chill out Bill, its only a ground up sleeping pill, this should keep her asleep till the end of the game, and by the time that comes we'll have won the championships and a bonus," he smirked and dumped the powder into the water bottle and exited the Mens bathroom.


"STRIKE!!" Sasuke had just pitched the 3rd strike, and the teams began there switch. Sakura ran up to Sasuke at the pitching mound and jumped up. He caught her and pecked her on the lips, this put them in the lead, and they both ran inside the dugout. Sakura went over to her bag and took out her water bottle and drank what was left. She put it back in her bag, and waited for it to be her turn to bat. According to the list, she was up two people after Sasuke who was 6th up at bat. She sat down next to her boyfriend.

"We're gunna do this, I just know it!" Sakura said, she was pumped. Sasuke put his arm around her shoulders and leaned his head back against the fence. Honestly, he had a feeling that something bad was gunna happen. The raven haired boy picked his head back up to see Jeff staring at Sakura, an unkind smirk spread across his face. His attention then turned to Sasuke who narrowed his eyes. Jeff just turned back towards his friends.

I don't like the way he was looking at her, somethings wrong.

I agree...I just don't know what.

"Sasuke! You're up! Lets go!" The coach yelled. Sasuke removed his arm from around Sakura's shoulders and put on his helmet, walking up to the batters box. Sakura walked into the little practice cage. The pink haired girl put her helmet on and watched her boyfriend hit a double. She wanted to yell to him but something didn't feel right all of a sudden. Sakura leaned her head against the fence.

What's going on? Why do I feel so dizzy?

It's probably nothing, just pre-hitting jitters that's all.

Yea, you're probably right.


Sasuke took his lead at second base, ready to run to the open third base as soon as the ball was hit. He looked over at the practice cage and saw Sakura lean her head on the cage.

She doesn't look so good.

Sasuke shook his head and tried to pay attention to the game, taking a quick glance once in a while at his girlfriend. The ball was hit and Sasuke made a clean slide at third. Then the ball was hit one more time and he made his way to home plate. Sakura was on her way out to the batters box. Sasuke stopped in front of her and looked into her emerald eyes.

"Are you ok?" he asked her, concern written all over his face. Sakura just looked up at him and nodded, but as she went to step, everything went black. Sasuke caught the girl and everyone gasped. The first aid people came out to see what was going on, along with all of her team-mates

"Were going to run some quick tests in our truck because this is very unusual behavior, so for the others safety I would put the game on pause, it shouldn't take long at all." And with that said, they put Sakura on a strecher and took her into their medical truck. Sasuke stood up and looked towards Jeff, who in return, smirked.'

That son of a bitch. I knew he had something to do with this, I just knew it.

We'll show him! Lets kick his ass!

No we can't...we'll get kicked off the team and won't be able to play...then all this practice for now will be worth nothing. And think about it, if we take a chance of having our team disqualified, then they not only win the championships, but they also win Sakura.

Thats true.

15 minutes passed and one of the first aid people was finally getting out of the truck. Sasuke looked up immediately when he heard the door close and ran to meet the man halfway.

"Well, what's wrong with her? Is she gunna be ok?" He asked frantically. The first aid man smiled.

"She's gunna be fine, we did a blood test and it seems that she had a sleeping drug in her system. Did she ever tell you about using drugs or anything?" Sasuke just looked at the man like he was the one on drugs. Sakura, do drugs? Never. Sasuke heard the whole team come up behind them and start yelling about how Sakura would never do drugs. Sasuke smirked.

"No, she's my girlfriend, I would know if she did drugs." he said calmly and honestly. The man looked at him, and smiled nodding.

"I figured, plus the drug was fresh in her system which would mean she would of had to have done them recently. Has she gone to the bathroom or been out of anyones site during the last hour?"

"No. She's either been with me or on the field playing this whole time." Sasuke answered. Once again the first aid person nodded, but his face grew serious.

"Well, we might just be looking at a drugging case here," he looked up at the other coach and waved him over,"have your team line up starting at home plate with all there belongings." The coach told his team to line up with everything they had. Sasuke looked over at the line and saw Jeff's bestfriend Billy. From the looks off it, he looked quite scared, and Jeff didn't look so happy himself. When it got to Billy he was searched and home free,but that scared face was still there. It was finally time for Jeff to get inspected. They inspected his bags and they patted him down, but found nothing. Sasuke looked at Jeff who was smirking and holding his glove in an akward position.

"Hey Coach," The raven haired boy called out. His coach came over to him and whispered something to him. He nodded and walked over to the examiner and whispered something to him. Jeff picked up his bag, still smirking, and was about to walk away when the examiner called out his name again.

"Can I see your glove please?" Jeff's face fell and Sasuke smirked with victory.

Bingo we have a winner! Wait to go!

Ha. This dude is scum...to drug a girl to win a baseball game, that's fucked up.

Hell yea. But we got him now, haha!

The examiner shook Jeffs' glove and sure enough, the small package off ground up sleeping pills fell out. BUSTED! So the police were called and Jeff was arrested for the drugging of Sakura Haruno. Because of the drugging and the loss of their best player, Suna forfeited and Konoha high won the championship. Just as Jeff was being taken away Sakura woke up and was told about what had happened. Her and Sasuke left after they got their own personal trophies and medals to go get ready for the dance that was to take place in an hour. Sakura was very excited to wear her new dress abd Sasuke was excited to see what it looked like on her because he had yet to see the dress or her in it.

Sasuke waited on his couch downstairs while Sakura and his maid were upstairs getting her ready for the dance. It had been a half hour and they had another half hour before the dance started. He heard a cough come from the top of the stairs and he looked up to see his maid.

"Introducing Ms. Sakura Haruno," she said, moving to the side. In a stunning sea foam green dress was Sakura. The dress was a low-cut halter that drapped down to the floor elegantly and hugged everyone of her curves in the perfect way. She had on big diamond earrings and her eyes were decorated with a light application of eyeliner and seafoam green hair was pin straight with a couple pieces pulled back by an emerald hair piece. Sasuke stood up, and smirked as he met her at the bottom of the stairs.

"You look beautiful." he said, stunned. She blushed.

"And you look very handsom," she replied. They walked out the door and into the limo Sasuke had ordered for them. Moments later they arrived at the dance. Once they were inside they saw how crowded it was and decided to follow the litten pathway to a little empty gaziboo. Sakura sat down and looked up at the stars.

"It's so beautiful," she said in amazement,"the way they shine and no matter how gloomy it gets they stay so bright."

"They remind me of you," Sasuke said. He came and sat down next to her, taking out and opening up a jewerly box that revealed a gorgeous diamond necklace, with a giant onyx jewel in the middle. Sakura gasped and kissed her boyfriend passionately. He put the necklace on her and grabbed her hand as a slow song began to play inside and they danced outside under the stars for the rest of the night, promising eachother that they would be together forever.

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