Sweet Dreams and Flying Machines

Author's Note: Okay, so I'm bringing this story back into action. No new content right now, really, just re-vamped and expanded a little bit. I plan on updating this regularly, but I haven't written anything more yet, so I'm sorry in advance if something comes up. Now, read and enjoy!

They are in his office, finishing up the paperwork from their latest case, when he looks up from his desk over her shoulder and sees his mother. She's standing in the doorway, clutching her ridiculous handbag to her chest, and he smiles and beckons her in. He introduces her to Bones, but he uses her real name instead of the nickname she hates because his mother would scold him for treating such a pretty lady like that.

"Mom, this is Temperance Brennan," he says.

Judy Booth is all straight lines and spotless attire, and Temperance shifts under her intense blue gaze. She stands a little closer than socially acceptable, and the soft flowery scent of her perfume wafts up Temperance's nose and makes her want to sneeze.

"Well, look at you," Judy turns to her son. "What a beautiful girl, isn't she Seeley?"

He just nods, attention fixed on the folder in his hands. Temperance opens her mouth to comment, but her words are cut short by Judy's arms around her shoulders in a gentle hug. She returns the gesture, strangely comforted by this motherly presence.

"I've read all of your books, Dr. Brennan," she says kindly. "My son has told me a lot about you," Judy smiles.

At this, Booth looks up, a wry smile on his face, and tosses the folder onto his desk. It lands with a soft 'thump', and he crosses the room to give his mother a kiss on the cheek. Temperance is touched by this display of affection, though she doesn't let it show, and the jealousy lingers on the surface of her expected smile.

"Yeah, Bones is pretty fantastic," he quips with a smirk in his partner's direction. "She's got an ego the size of Washington, too."

"Please, Mrs. Booth, call me Temperance," she sends daggers at Booth.

"Only if you call me Judy," she replies with a kind smile.

As if remembering for the first time the reason for her visit, Judy puts a hand to her chest and smiles widely at her son. Temperance takes this as a cue and backs away, towards the desk, and busies herself with the mindless organization of the file Booth dumped there earlier. She finishes quickly, stuffing the spilled papers into the folder, curiosity about Booth's mother overruling her usual need for alphabetical order. Wandering back over to the pair, she catches the end of their conversation.

"Happy Birthday," Judy says to her son, patting him on the hand. "Nice to meet you, Temperance."

And with that, she leaves the room as quickly as she had entered it five minutes before, not giving Temperance a chance to return the acknowledgment. Booth sighs, runs a hand through his hair, and stares after his mother with a strange expression on his face. Temperance watches him, discreetly, and she's surprised when he turns to her and speaks.

"Let's go, Bones," he sighs.

"Where?" she replies, caught off guard.

"My birthday dinner, it's at six. You're invited," he replies.

When she gives him a look, he shrugs and tosses his keys in the air, catching them in his fist when they fall.

"But… she didn't even ask me!" Temperance says, almost offended. "And I didn't know it was your birthday! Why didn't you tell me?" she asks, now truly offended and standing with her hands on her hips.

Booth just shrugs again and reaches for his jacket. He jerks his chin in the direction of the door and tosses her coat to her, looking back over his shoulder at her as he turns to leave his office.

"Come on, we can't be late for a Booth family function," he grimaces.

Author's Note: So, what did you think of that version? I need some suggestions about names for Booth's family members. On the show, I don't believe we know anything about his parents or siblings, so for the sake of this story, he has a brother and a sister. Here's what I have so far. Booth's mother – Judy. Booth's father – Jack, John, Noah. Booth's older sister – Lauren, Molly, Alex. Booth's younger brother – Jake, Josh, David. Any advice would be appreciated!