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"They will see us waving from such great heights,

'Come down now,' they'll say.

But everything looks perfect from far away,

'Come down now,' but we'll stay..."

The Postal Service

Even though the evil bastard was finally dead he was still wreaking havoc and killing innocent people.

The explosion that had occurred when his body was destroyed had shaken the very foundations of the Riddle House and the roof was now crashing down around me, Harry and Hermione while Aurors and Death Eaters fled and members of the Order yelled at us to run or stay perfectly still or whatever else it was they were all trying to advise us to do while they struggled to get to us before the rubble buried us completely.

Hermione, as ever, was the one with the best plan though.

"He's fixed it so nobody can disapparate, not even his own people and if we run we'll just make it more likely that we're hit by debris," she yelled as a large oak beam crashed to the ground, killing three Death eaters instantly and crushing Shaklebolt's leg, "We're going to have to make a portkey out of here!"

I nodded to let her know I understood, there was no point in yelling, the falling roof and the screams of dad, Bill and Charlie for me to run to them were too loud to drown out. Harry limped over to lump of rubble and pointed his wand at it, uttering the spell to create a portkey. Something that sounded like a tree falling caught my attention while a woman's scream that sounded like Tonks pierced my eardrums.

"Move!" she was hollering at us as the great chimneystack fell, almost in slow motion, towards us.

Harry dove for the portkey, seeming to think that Hermione and myself were going to do the same but bricks and soot were already falling between the two of us and him and the portkey on the floor just feet away. Our only option was to run. In our typical way we didn't share the same way of thinking about this and while Hermione ran sideways to escape I, fool that I am, tried to outrun the falling chimney and was already halfway across the room before the stupidity of that idea sunk in. I dove underneath a dining table and grabbed a fallen goblet in my left hand.

"Portus!" I shouted while more screams let me know that the chimney was about to flatten the dining table on top of me and I was instantaneously transported who knows where with that all too familiar tug behind the navel.

I hadn't even been thinking of a destination at the time I created the portkey, I just wanted out of that bloody house, and hoped that I was actually heading somewhere and not just stuck travelling for all eternity.

I heard something that sounded like a car horn as I slammed down onto something smooth and metallic before rolling off and hitting the rough, black surface that was the ground and heard another scream. Everything went black after that.

"He just came out of nowhere officer, I swear."

Somebody was speaking in a shaky voice and I felt a sharp pain shooting down my spine that made me groan and grimace as I forced my eyes open to squint in the brilliant sunlight.

"He's coming round!" a woman's voice was shouting way too loudly, "Don't move, the ambulance is on it's way okay?"

I felt a hand on shoulder and tried to lift my head to look around for anybody or anything familiar but a pair of strong hands gripped my skull and held it still.

"No don't move!" he said forcefully, "Just lie still until help gets here. It won't be too long now. Just don't try to move your head."

What the hell was going on? I was in the most uncomfortable position I had ever been in my life and now I was being told to hold it? A face lowered down in front of my eyes and a sandy haired woman smiled anxiously at me.

"You're going to be fine alright? The car barely even hit you, I don't know how you did it but you seemed to have fallen on top of it just as it stopped. You must have jumped up or something."

"I swear to you I was barely even moving and I looked on both sides of the road and he wasn't there I swear to you!" the man's shaking voice was desperately explaining to this officer person he had been speaking to before.

"I'm a witness," somebody was shouting from some way away, "he must have been running or something because one minute he wasn't there and the next he was, "hit the bonnet of the car flat on his back and just rolled off."

"Where..." I tried to ask the woman who was maintaining her strained smile and seeming to feel my head for bumps or something, "...Where is everybody?"

"Shhh," the woman said before turning to look up at someone.

A man in dark official looking clothing crouched down at looked at me with concern.

"Are you with somebody son?" the man didn't wait for a response before getting to his feet and shouting around himself, "Is anybody with this young man? Do any of you know this lad?"

My back suddenly went into an agonising spasm and I had to force my eyes shut and ride out the pain. Somebody took my hand and I heard the woman's voice again.

"Please try not to move, I know it must hurt but spinal injuries can be very tricky y'know?" she was saying while the officer bloke started talking to somebody I couldn't hear.

"Can we get an ETA on that ambulance, this kid's in a bad way?"

I opened my eyes again and blinked the woman's face back into focus again and gasped the breath I had been holding in during the spasm.

"Godric make it stop," I whimpered and the woman's grip on my hand tightened.

"Godric? Is that who you're looking for? Is that who you were with?" the woman said before glancing around herself and calling out, "Godric? Is there anybody called Godric around?"

"What's this?" the officer's voice was saying as he crouched again.

"He's asking for somebody called Godric," the woman was saying, "it sounds like an old guys name don't you think?"

The officer nodded and looked at me.

"The ambulance is almost here, don't panic alright? Now is Godric your dad, your granddad, your uncle? Where was he when you last saw him son?"

I forced my eyes closed and desperately wanted to move. I needed to kick out or curl up or just lay flat on my back rather than on my side like this. My back was killing me and I couldn't explain who bloody Godric was to this bunch of muggles. My back sent another shot of pain directly to my brain and I let out an involuntary yelp.

"Shit he is going to be alright isn't he?" the other man's voice was saying, it was shaking more than ever now, "I couldn't have been going more than five miles per hour, I'd only just pulled out. I barely hit him."

This poor guy was beating himself up over my falling out of nowhere and onto his car but I couldn't reassure him that he was in the clear. I couldn't tell any of them anything. Right then and there I couldn't speak at all as another exclamation of discomfort escaped my throat and I opened my eyes again.

"I'm so sorry," the man was saying weakly.

"Not your fault," I tried to say through gritted teeth.

"What was that son?" the officer was saying as he leaned in closer to me while a siren sounded somewhere.

"My fault, I fell..." I said before another spasm made me think 'sod it' and tried to roll over to get into a different position.

"No don't move!" the woman squealed while holding me firm.

"It kills!" I whimpered.

"I know but they're here now, they can lay you flat and make sure your neck's okay, just please don't try to move, please."

I then did something supremely stupid and nodded.

"Don't do that either!" the officer yelled.

"What did I just say?" the woman was exclaiming in a state of panic.

I apologised and tried to keep still for them.

"My neck doesn't hurt," I tried to explain but they were busy telling the men in bright yellow coats what they thought had happened.

One of the men, a friendly looking guy with bags under his eyes and thinning hair knelt before me and smiled reassuringly.

"I hear you just nodded, try not to do that okay?"

I really am a moron. I nodded again.

"Well that didn't seem to cause you any pain but please try to say yes in future," the man chuckled, "Now what's your name?"


"Ron what?"

"Ron Weasley."

The man looked up to see that the officer was writing something down.

"And were you looking for a Godric Weasley just now son?" the officer was asking from above me.

"No," I grimaced and somebody began to examine my back from behind me, "there is no Godric, I mean there is, there was..."

I was really digging myself a hole here.

"Ron," the yellow-jacketed man was saying as he rested his hand on my head and began to feel around in my hair with his fingers, "did you hit your head?"

"I think so," I said as I closed my eyes and tried to remember exactly how I had landed when I appeared in what I had to assume was a muggle road.

"And did you black out?"

"Yes he did," the woman was saying as she squatted beside me again and smiled worriedly down at me.

"Right, do you remember losing consciousness Ron?" the yellow jacketed man asked as he looked me in the eye and somebody tried to put something around my neck from behind.

"Yeah I think so. I mean I woke up so..." Something hard and flat was being pressed into me from behind and a strong hand settled upon my arm, "...What's that?"

"We're going to roll you over and lay you down flat in a second okay Ron?"

"Uh huh," I grimaced as I found myself unable to nod now that I had this weird thing around my neck.

"Ron how old are you?"

"Eighteen," I said, my eyes still closed and my back spasm threatening never to dull down again.

"Where do you live?"

"Devon," I said as I forced my eyes open.

The man in the yellow jacket smiled.

"Yeah well I guessed that, we're in Devon. What street? What house number?"

I was in Devon. I'd porkeyed home without even thinking about it. This relieved me a little bit until I heard somebody counting to three behind me and felt myself being rolled onto my back and gave an involuntary scream of pain.

"Sorry about that Ron but you'll be fine now, just lie still for us alright?" the other yellow-jacketed man was saying as his face hovered above me.

I was being strapped down onto something so I couldn't move even if I wanted to. My back had never hurt so much in all my life and I just wanted to be at St Mungo's now. I just wanted wands and potions and magic and anything but this long agonising muggle treatment.

"Ron, where is it you live?" the friendly man who was strapping down my other side was asking again.

"Ottery St Catchpole, I gasped and swallowed as my head began to spin.

"That's a fair way away, are you in Paignton on your own?"

I frowned and tried to focus on the faces that were all looming above me now.

"Paignton?" I winced.

The two men in yellow shared a glance and then looked back down at me.

"Ron what's your telephone number? We need to call your family."

"Don't...have a...fellytone," I said as my head seemed to spin away from the rest of me and the faces all blurred.

"We've got head trauma here, radio ahead and warn them," one of the yellow blurs said before the other disappeared from view, "Ron what's your mum and dad's names?"

"Molly and Arthur," I said and closed my eyes to try and stop the spinning.

"No Ron look at me!" the man said sharply and I felt him gripping my arm firmly, "Look at me Ron, don't fall asleep."

I blinked several times and tried to focus upon the pink smudge that was the man's face.

"What's your address?"

"Burrow," I said drowsily.

"Burrow," the man said, sounding confused and looking at the dark blur that I assumed was the officer guy, "you heard of a Burrow street or Burrow Lane or something?"

"No but I'll look into it right now and meet you at the hospital."

The dark figure went away as well.

"He's not brain damaged is he?" that shaky voice was back again, "I didn't...I barely hit him."

The woman's blur moved away and I heard her saying comforting words to him while the yellow blur moved around to my feet and another to my head. I felt myself being lifted.

"Any next of kin yet?" one asked the other.

"No he seems a little disorientated for the time being, we got names and a town though, shouldn't be too hard to track them down."

One of the yellow shapes moved over my face as I was carried inside something.

"We'll find your folks, don't worry, just stay awake for us until we get to the hospital okay?"

I hadn't realised my eyes were closing until he had said that and I tried to force my eyelids wide again but they wouldn't do what I told them to do.

"Ron?" the other voice was calling to me. He sounded as if he had his head in a big caldron, his voice echoing around my skull.

"Wand? Where's wand?" I realised that it wasn't in my hand.

"Wanda? Who's Wanda Ron?"

Stupid bloody muggles I thought to myself as the blurs darkened and my eyes fell closed again.

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