Satoshi Ash, Haruka May, Takeshi Brock, Masato Max. Enjoy :3

Satoshi stretched his arms above his head and fell back into the soft grass. With a happy sigh he looked at the sunset in the distance and relaxed for the first time in what felt like months, although he knew it had only been a few days. Pikachu came over and nuzzled Satoshi, demanding the young man's attention. With a laugh he sat up and let Pikachu jump into his lap then rubbed the yellow pokemon's ears, listening to the happy squeal Pikachu let out. "You know we're going back on the road tomorrow?" he told the content pokemon in a semi-warning voice. "We can't rest for too long."

Pikachu nodded and turned towards the sunset. He babbled something that Satoshi couldn't understand and jumped into the sweet smelling grass. He poked his head out of the grass and looked at Satoshi with big brown eyes. "Pikachu?" it asked.

Satoshi reached forward to pet his friend but Pikachu jumped just out of reach and bobbed playfully in the grass with a tiny grin on his face. "Pi-pikachu," it said again.

Satoshi chuckled and lunged forward to catch the wayward pokemon but he already knew that he was no match. Pikachu quickly jumped out of the way and Satoshi landed face first in the grass. He pushed himself up and rubbed his head, looking at the smirking pokemon. With a nod he turned his hat backwards to signify his seriousness and pounced again, trying to catch Pikachu,

Pikachu was by far much quicker then Satoshi and danced out of his grasp easily. Jumping this way and that, leading the boy in a tangled maze through the grass. Wild pokemon stopped and glanced over the waving grass to see the domestic pokemon and his human jump around like fools, laughing and playing together in the setting sun.

Pikachu finally jumped out onto a rock and looked down at Satoshi who was sitting in the grass, looking up at him. "Pikachu," he said with laughter in his eyes. Satoshi knew the look well, as Pikachu almost always adopted the look before he did something particularly mischievous.

"Well?" Satoshi asked, having an inkling of what might happen next.

Pikachu leapt from the rock and landed on Satoshi's head. Satoshi wobbled and fell backwards onto the grass where Pikachu stole his hat and dashed off. "Hey!" Satoshi protested with a laugh and took off after his friend.

Pikachu bounded through the tall grass, keeping just out of Satoshi's grasp but staying close enough that he wasn't out of view. Together they raced through the grass as the sun got lower and lower in the horizon, dipping below some distant mountains. Finally, the last rays vanished from sight and Satoshi looked up to see the first star of the night appear dimly in the vast velvet of space.

Pikachu jumped onto Satoshi's head and let go of the hat, letting it fall into Satoshi's hands. Satoshi looked up at Pikachu then out at the calm night. "It's pretty, isn't it?" he asked wistfully.

Pikachu nodded his agreement and looked around at the night time sky. A cool twilight breeze shifted the grass around them and Satoshi rubbed his arms in a small shiver. "Okay, I think we should go back to the pokemon center," he told Pikachu.

Pikachu expressed his disappointment but he knew that Satoshi was right. With one last peek at the horizon they both made their way through the tall grass, back to where Haruka, Takashi and Masato were waiting for them to continue on their long journey together.