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In. Out. In. Out. Breathe.

His voice is shaky, it shakes from fatigue and emotion and crackles at first.

" Uh, Dammit I don't even know if you're getting this but…" There is a sigh, a deep trembling breath that catches in his throat and threatens to choke him.

" Dad, I uh…I lost… I lost Sammy." Now a shaky exhalation , a fight to regain control. Silence as the battle rages, until he can talk again.

" There was a poltergeist. " This time the voice stops, in the background there is a sniff a muffled cry.

" Dad, Sammy's dead." Then there is nothing but sobbing, a brother trying to regain control. Trying to find comfort in a lonely world.

" I'm sorry Dad. I'm so sorry. I tried. I tried…"

The phone falls to the carpet. Deanburies his face in his hands and tries to breathe.